Wednesday, September 29, 2004

10 Questions for liberals and Kerry Supporters:

1) Why are Michael Moore and Alec Baldwin considered experts in American politics when they have neither training nor experience in the field? Would you consider placing you life in the hands of a heart- or brain surgeon with no training or hands-on experience in their field?

2) If you had been President in 2002 (having just been informed that there was a scintilla of evidence-that perhaps, if put together in the right order might have prevented the September 11th attacks) and you were approached by MI6 (The British Intelligence agency), the Mukhabarat al-Aama (The Egyptian Intelligence Agency), Dairat al Mukhabarat (the Jordanian Intelligence Agency), the Russian Federal Security Service (The Russian Intelligence agency), and ha-Mossad le-Modiin ule-Tafkidim Meyuhadim (Mossad- the Israeli Intelligence Agency) ALL of whom stated that not only did Saddam Hussein currently possess WMD’s but was furthering their development AND was willing to assist various anti-American groups in delivering them to US soil… would you honestly NOT act on that information that far outweighed the “scintilla” of 9-11 information? What would you have said had the intelligence been correct, and the President NOT have acted?

3) At The al Taqqadum air field west of Baghdad in Iraq, US forces found in July 2003 a reported 30 to 40 planes, including several MiG-25 and Su-25 ground attack jets, buried more than 10 feet beneath tons of soil and covered with camouflage netting. American forces had been in and around the site for 10 or 12 weeks, never knowing what was hidden under the sand until a fortuitous wind bared the very tip of one of the aircraft’s tails. These “Foxbat” jets (pictures of which can be found at and at ) weigh 20 and 36 tons each and are nearly 80 feet long, 20 feet high. Are you honestly going to tell me that these aircraft (some equipped with post-1992 French and German technology I might add) could be effectively buried in the sand, but stockpiles of mustard gas, sarin, tabun, VX, anthrax, botulinum toxin, ricin, and aflatoxin could NOT be? The list above (from Anthrax onwards) includes agents Saddam was KNOWN to have before the invasion, and were unaccounted for by UN inspectors. Saddam was also known to be researching brucellosis, hemorrhagic conjunctivitis virus (Enterovirus 70), rotavirus, camel pox, plague and gas gangrene toxins. These chemical and biological agents can be stored in containers FAR smaller than 1, 2, or 40 MIG 25 aircraft. Can you honestly say, without a doubt, that there are NO WMD’s in the Iraqi sand?

4) If you have qualms about removing a dictator that posed no immediate threat to the United States, and who’s removal was not sanctioned by the full UN Security Council, do you also condemn the similar removal by the US and NATO of Slobodan Milosevic?

5) Do you realize that the majority of the economic hardship we have been through since 2000 has been the result of the internet bubble burst, the over inflated stock market of the 1990’s righting itself, the overvalued dollar of the 1990’s adjusting to its rightful levels, the blow to consumer confidence caused by the Enron and Delphia-style abuses of the 1990’s and the horrific economic blow the September 11th attacks dealt – NONE of which were caused or preventable by then-Governor Bush of Texas?

6) Did you know that after The Stock Market Crash of 1929 Wall Street was closed for only 3 days, yet after the September 11th attacks it was shut down for nearly a week? Did you realize that the airline industry, and therefore all travel, convention, and tourism industries were completely shut down for 3 days (totaling nearly one-fifth of our entire economy - completely shut down)? The travel and tourism industry is only now regaining pre-9-11 levels. These shut-downs lost America over 1 million jobs in the month following the attacks and their long-term effect should have thrown the United States (and thereby the world’s economy) into a financial depression of unprecedented and unimaginable proportions. Only through the actions of President Bush have we avoided such a dire result of the attacks.

7) Did you know that in the early 1930’s, as a response to the Great Depression, Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt raised taxes exclusively on “the rich”? The wealthy saw their tax burden increase from 26% to 74%. Rather than elevating the misery of the common man, it created a depression-within-a-depression and resulted in a deepening and lengthening of the Great Depression.

8) Did you know that the “Jim Crow” laws, the placing of the “stars and bars” confederate symbol on state flags, and the greatest resistance to civil rights legislation was/is consistently the product of DEMOCRAT legislators and congress people… or that the Democrats have never appointed as many women, African-American, Hispanic-Americans, or others of minority descent in HIGH, EFFECTIVE positions of government as the Republican Party?

9) Are you truly proud of supporting a “war veteran” in this election when in ’92 you chose an admitted draft dodger over a man who after being chosen as the youngest pilot ever to fly in the US NAVY had been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and three Air Medals…. And AGAIN you chose an admitted draft dodger over a man who received two purple hearts, a bronze star and left a good portion of his right arm on the battlefield? Do you truly expect others to believe that you value combat/war experience?

10) Can you name ONE subject on which John Kerry has taken a stand and unwaveringly stuck with it… or at least name ONE instance (sponsoring a successful bill, for example) where he has shown true leadership abilities and swayed others to his point of view and been a leader to them?


  1. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Great list of talking points, I just loved it. But why no new posts? I was hoping to see some up to the second entries about the debate tonight! Oh well I guess, maybe later.

  2. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Democratic Silence

    Nearly four years ago, America experienced one of the most electrifying and controversial presidential races in our history.

    After a campaign full of last minute surprises, many accusations of voter disenfranchisement, accusations of poll discrimination, and court challenges by the Democratic Party, George Bush was sworn in as our nations President. Somehow, against all the odds, he was declared the election night winner.

    Four years later, Americans are now faced with another set of choices in an election that is looking more and more like a repeat of the year 2000 event. The campaigns of both parties, again, have been a unique testimony to our democracy and representative government. We see many twisting of truths on both sides, leaving many Americans confused and with only a handful of undecided; there are slim pickings to be had by either the Democrats or the Republicans.

    However, every American can agree it is healthy to debate issues and ideas.

    Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has already laid the groundwork for disputing any results that do not meet their expectations in key battle ground states.

    Thousands of lawyers have been dispatched around the country ready to take court action to dispute election results that they believe are wrong. This is all being done under the mantra of “Voter Disenfranchisement”, “Discrimination” and “Voter Fraud”. Implying, the leader of the free world does not know how to hold a Free Election?

    In many states, the Democratic Party is already hard at work in the courts fighting to remove Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader from ballets. The fear is, that voters may actually have a choice and vote for a third party candidate.

    It is apparent, through these court actions; Mr. Nader is “stealing” votes that rightfully belong to the Democratic Candidate. The Democratic Party, rightly so, are banking that without Nader on the ballet, Nader supporters will be left with no choice but to vote for John Kerry.

    In many key battle ground states, such as Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and New Mexico, voter fraud is a hug concern in such a close election. There are ongoing questions being raised as to; multi-state residents voting twice, illegal immigrant votes, illegal felon votes, and questionable third party voter registration, just to mention a few.

    This might explain why the Democratic Party is so intent on defending “every vote” in these key battle ground states under the guise of voter discrimination, since many potential unwitting participants in fraud would be minority groups.

    This discussion is not designed to accuse the Democratic Party of anything. It is designed to engage every American and the Media in an open conversation about our freedoms and the consequence to America as a result of those in power who may abuse them. This discussion lays out three very important facts that are undeniable:

    1) The Democratic Party is making a concerted effort, using our courts, to silence the vote of Millions of Americans across this country.
    2) The Democratic Party is prepared to file court action in Key States with the intent of challenging any election results, in which the Democratic Party feels voter disenfranchisement has occurred, and has cost them the election.
    3) There are ongoing questionable and fraudulent voter registration and illegal votes taking place across the country and in Key battle ground states.

    Every American should be out raged that in our Democracy, one party, any party, would attempt to Silence the voice of its opposition. This is a dangerous road, and if rewarded, will encourage only further abuse of our rights and freedoms.

    The actions by the Democratic Party against the independent Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader reek of voter manipulation and these actions are contrary to our democratic principals and beliefs. They are nothing less than Un-American and full of treachery.

    Congress and the Senate must take action to protect future third party candidates and individuals from such litigious actions by another more powerful party. In America, we all deserve a voice, not just the voice that one party believes is right.

    It is the principal upon which our democracy is founded. It is time to put an end to exclusion in our political debate and open the door and make it easier for new and fresh voices to be heard. Is it any wonder nearly half of eligable Americans don’t vote?

    Every state has laws to protect against voter fraud. These laws are designed to protect those who follow the rules as laid out under each states statutes. Though these rules vary by state to a small degree, they are pretty consistent.

    1) A voter must register to vote within the allotted time allowed by state law.
    2) A voter must present valid identification, in the polling facility, proving they are whom they say.
    3) A voter must vote in the precinct they are registered to vote in.
    4) A voter, who requests and receives an absentee ballet and then chooses to vote in person, must bring the absentee ballet to the polling precinct with them in order to vote.
    5) You may vote using the Absentee ballet. The ballet comes with complete instruction for properly casting your vote. If you do not mail your ballet in the time required, or you complete your ballet incorrectly, your vote will not be counted.
    6) In almost all states, Felons may not participate in elections.
    7) On the “honor System”, it is illegal to vote in two states. You may only vote in the state in which you maintain your primary residence.

    Pretty simple stuff, and each of these basic rules are in place to protect all participating voters from potential voter fraud. While the rules may prevent a few from voting, breaking these rules disenfranchises the millions of voters who followed them.

    However, every American must understand the easiest fraud can occur using absentee ballets. I sincerely hope that each state has adequate auditing functions in place to insure only legitimate votes are being counted. I believe this election; every absentee ballet should be fully audited prior to being counted. Especially with so many third parties now allowed to register voters and indeed, handle absentee ballets.

    From what I have read and heard in the media, many in the Democratic Party contend; if a voter shows up to vote and cannot provide proof of being a legally registered voter, that voter should still be allowed to vote; if a voter cannot present valid identification at the polling facility, that voter should still be allowed to vote; if a voter shows up at the wrong precinct, that voter should be allowed to cast a vote, regardless of the precinct requirement; if a voter requested an absentee ballet and fails to bring the ballet with them to the polling place, that they should still be allowed to vote; if a voter show up after the scheduled closing time for the polling place, that voter should still be allowed to vote.

    It gives me great concern that the preparation for lawsuits, months in advance, in order to challenge election results suggests complicity between the Democratic Party and unwitting participants in voter fraud.

    Again, given that most fraud will be committed using minority votes, it’s easy to stand up and say discrimination, that “vote” must be counted. This to is a dangerous road and risks disenfranchising millions of legitimate votes, cast by legitimate voters, who followed established laws, which protect their vote from potential voter fraud. With so many activists’ judges, many Americans now understand that just because a law exists, does not mean the law is enforced.

    Why would the Democratic Party take this position? They certainly can’t support the “count every vote” mantra given the legal action the party has taken in an attempt to disenfranchise millions of Nader Voters.

    Could it be, the Democratic Party is involved in a systematic attempt to commit the largest election fraud in American History? Could it be that Democratic Party, and its powerful members and allies, are so hungry for power that they would perpetrate such a fraud on the American People? Could it be, that the mainstream media, 80% of which are proven Democrats, are turning a blind eye to what may be taking place in the back rooms of our political parties?

    Three weeks before the most important election of our generation, the question begs to be asked is the Democratic Party attempting to silence the American Voter and steal an American election?

    Regardless of every Americans politics, Americans must look beyond what the politicians are saying and look to what the political parties and their surrogate groups are doing.

    We must ask ourselves, what do these potential and current court actions by the Democratic Party mean for the average voter in future elections? Who is involved in registering voters? Who is ordering absentee ballets vs the new voter registration pool established by these third parties? Who is handling or hand delivering absentee ballets to polling locations? We must ask questions and seek answers.

    How do we, as Americans, protect ourselves from powerful parties who control the very system we depend on for our freedoms? The very parties who control our courts, our laws, our rights and our very fundamental values?

    Every American should fear any party that would threaten or use a court to overturn an election result.
    Every American should fear any party that would choose to manipulate an election through a selective vote count system.
    Every American should fear any party that only believes the law applies when they are the beneficiaries of the law.
    Every American should fear a party who would openly attempt to silence any one, much less attempt to silence a political voice.
    Every American should fear a party that would use questionable tactics in an effort to manipulate an election.

    America, we should be very, very concerned.

    We need only look to our past and our founding fathers to see the danger they foresaw in a central government with excessive power controlled by those who would govern us.

    Article by: George Chaney
    Please pass this on

  3. I will never fail to amaze me the obvious two-faced double standard in our political system.... if the GOP were taking the actions that the DEMS are, we would be accused of trying to "stifle the vote"....... oh! Wiat! The GOP IS being accused of that, although it's the DEMS who are doing everything you stated above.... amazing.


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