Monday, October 25, 2004

CrystaL Nacht

When one thinks of the Nazi occupation of Poland, the Warsaw Ghetto, and the opression of Hitler's forces, one can not forget the Crystal Nacht, an evening of vandalism, terror, ,and supression. And now, in 2004, we have the Democrat party engagin in their own updated version of terrorizing their opponents through vandalism. Throughout the country, BUSH/CHENEY offices have been broken into , vandalized, and subjected to an ongoing environment of fear and anxiety by the Democrat Party. Now we find that even if GW Bush wins by a large majority, the army of attorneys hired by the KERRY/EDWARDS team will tie up the election for weeks or months with unfounded claims of voter intimidation and "equal protection" lawsuits.
Ironically, for all the liberals who try to draw parallels between Bush and Adolph Hitler, they ought to look at their own tactics and demeanors. The recent spat of vandalism is far more comperable to Chrystalnacht than ANYthing the GOP has ever done!

Charles is in the process of moving to North Denver, hense the lack of recent entries. He will return October 29th.

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  1. Anonymous8:49 AM

    No one thinks of the Nazi occupation of Poland, the Warsaw Ghetto or Hitler anymore. Kerry/Edwards are not National Socialists, and to compare them to Hitler is an insult to Hitler. Kerry/Edwards are without question two of the most modern day Lenin Bolsheviks ever seen in America since FDR. Hiltler hated the Bolsheviks. In fact the National Socialist party despised the communists. So the proper metaphor for Kerry/Edwards is International Bolshevism. Until Americans wake up to the Judeo-Bolsheviks in the Democrap party and the Lamestream media, then nothing will stop the slow slide into the most dastardly ideology conceived by man.


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