Thursday, November 09, 2006

Instant Society

Well, the election is finished, thank GOD!
For someone as politically comfortable as I am, the vitriol and hatred was well past my tolerance level a LONG time ago!

I've concluded that this current societ/generation just has absolutly NO clue what it means to sacrifice or wait for ANYthing!
Don't feel well? Take a pill! (Don't give your body the nutrition and rest it needs!)
Too fat? Get liposuction! (Don't work out, run, or exercise... it takes too much time and effort!)
Don't have the money for what you want? Buy it on a credit card! (Don't work hard, and save until you can buy it.. that takes too much time and is a hassle!)
Today on the TODAY show, there was a doctor talking about "Anger illness" believe it or not! It's not a lack of self-control, manners, or any personal fault that a mom beats the hell outta' her kids... it's an ILLNESS! So, take a pill... you'll be alright. No need to learn patience, introspection, or work on your lack of self-control ... just get "treated". Give me a FREEKING flying break!!!!

No wonder we have no patience for the 35 Million Iraqis that are tying to form a strong, Democratic government FROM SCRATCH! It's not that we are reasonable, or even impatient... we have no clue what patience is!

And so, the Democrats rode in on a ripple of Iraqi dissent. (It can't be called a "wave" when it didn't even match the numbers of most historical 6th-year off-election gains) Well, the Americans are just too impatient. We haven't learned things worth attaining are worth fighting for, and worth finishing... not matter how long it takes.