Thursday, May 07, 2009

Reichstag Fires – American Style

Date: May 7, 2009

Reichstag Fires – American Style


Lately we’ve been frustrated with increasing power outages here in the oh-so-rural (/sarcasm) Northwest-Central area of Denver Colorado. One of the recent outages was caused by a single car accident that I witnessed, but there are at least four others that I have no idea what caused them.

Now, I have never been a conspiracy theorist. I scoffed at Art Bell when he would go off on rants about the HARP project and whatnot… the 911 truthers still baffle me with their idiocy and complete disregard of the laws of physics…. BUT…..

…before the increased talk of the pending GE monster “Smart Grid”, we never had these frequent power outages. Hmmmmmmm


Then Congress started talking about regulating farms (both large and small), animal production facilities etc.. and surprise, surprise… WHAM! Suddenly we have a HUGE upsurge in tainted foods, spreading Hepatitis and the like. The latest was a scare at our local grocery store, Albertsons. Now, I fully realize the capriciousness of attention [after you’ve been in a car accident you are hypersensitive to noticing other car accidents… that kinda’ thing]… but really, doesn’t it seem that just as the government is talking about new Federal powers and oversights… BAMO! The heretofore unknown and unperceived “problem” to their solution presents itself. Perhaps these little annoyances that we are now noticing for the first time are a practical campaign not unlike the Reichstag Fire that brought about the rise of the National Socialists in Germany during the 1930’s.


While the mass media and many American citizens are blaming those evil rich white guys at the banks and big businesses like AIG, Merril Lynch, Citibank, and Bank of America for the financial debacle we are currently fighting. Of course Obama, Barney Frank, and Chris Todd are encouraging this virulent warfare of hatred towards the rich because if we (as citizens) were to dig further and discover the cause of the cause… if we were to discover such things as the “Community Reinvestment Act” we would then learn that the TRUE culprits and founders of this economic failure were the Federal Government and the Congress themselves. We would learn that the Democrats (with the complicity of feckless Republicans) and their liberal social engineering passed laws that demanded of the banks to engage in NINJA loans (No Income, No Job, No Assets). The government FORCED them to make loans to people who couldn’t afford to repay the loans!!!! If banks and lenders didn’t loan to minorities and “the underprivileged” they would be fined, taxed, and penalized into the ground. So ALL of this loan “house of cards” was created by government telling businesses what they should and shouldn’t do. It created a crisis of devastating proportions… now the government will fly in to the rescue. After all, Geithner himself said “never let a good crisis go to waste.”


NOW we have the histrionic scare of SWINE FLU… whoops H1N1 or whatever the Orwellian doublespeak is that we are using this week…. JUST IN TIME for Secretary Cibilus to get rushed through the confirmation hearings (just hear them shouting once again “This is too important to take with slow deliberation… she HAS to be confirmed NOW!!!!” Didn’t anyone ever learn that when someone says, “You have to act right now to get this deal” [speakers sold out of vans in parking lots, late-night infomercials…] IT’S NOT A GOOD DEAL!!! If it were a good deal, the deal would be good tomorrow, next week, or next year! Sellers only pressure you to “act now” when they are afraid further scrutiny will show it to be a lousy deal. This is how we got suckered into thinking Tim Geithner would be a great Treasury Secretary, that Janet Napolitano would be a great Secretary of Homeland Security. WHEN WILL AMERICANS WAKE UP????

This pattern of create-a-crisis then present the solution goes SO far beyond the conspiracy theorists’ accusations regarding Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld preplanning 9/11 and revealing their nefarious plans when they said, ‘it’s gunna’ take another Pearl Harbor before we get serious about the Islamic terrorist threat.” In that case the situation was parallel to someone standing on a street corner watching people flying through an intersection without caution and saying “It’s gunna’ take a major car accident before people wake up and put in a traffic light.” When that accident happens, it’s not the witnesses’ fault… they only had foresight and wisdom. But it becomes more and more apparent in this administration they are actually CREATING the threats and then offering Big Government solutions… not unlike the Nazi’s creation and manipulation of the Reichstag Fire.

By the way ... the 5000 Year Leap is probably the best book I've read EVER!!!! And that's saying something!!! (Well, besides the Bible of course) ANYONE who wants a true understanding of what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they created this Republic of the United States must must MUST read this book!!! It constantly refers back to the actual words of the founders and cross references like CRAZY! IT"S AWESOME!!!

Currently reading:
The 5000 Year Leap: A Miracle That Changed the World
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    how come there is always a new crisis that people want to worry about.
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