Monday, January 17, 2011

Movie Brothers and Sisters

I’ve always had a thing for seeing similarities in individuals, sometimes in looks, sometimes in voice or character… and I’ve always had an informal list of actors I would love to see play siblings. Some could play brothers or sister on looks alone (Jeremy Irons & Hank Azaria, Hans Matheson, Jerod Leto) while others just seem like they have a similar presence (Dennis Haysbert & William Clark Duncan)

So…. Purely for fun and “thoughts to ponder” I present my list of actors who should play brothers and sisters…..

William H Macy and David Caruso

Geoffrey Rush and James Woods

Jodie Foster and Helen Hunt

Melanie Griffith and Meg Ryan (Actually these two with Jodie Foster and Helen Hunt could ALL play sisters... maybe for an older version of "Little Women" lol)

Mel Gibson and Kurt Russell

Hilary Swank and Julia Roberts

Patrick Dempsey and Sean Penn

Craig Ferguson and Gabriel Byrne

Ben Kingsley and F. Murray Abraham

Billy Bob Thornton and John Malcovich

Tobin Bell and Malcolm McDowell

Bill Pullman and Jeff Daniels

Tom Sizemore and Colm Meaney

Jason Isaacs and Mandy Patinkin

Michael Madsen and Tom Sizemore

Michael Keaton and Howie Mandell

Pete Postlethwaite (R.I.P.) and Ian McKellen

Hank Azaria and Jeremy Irons

Kiera Knightingly and Natalie Portman

Laura Linney and Tia Leoni

Dennis Haysbert and William Clarke Duncan

Ed Begley Jr. and Bruce Davison

Ray Liotta and Kevin Bacon

Viggo Mortensen and Eric Bana

Helena Bonham Carter and Rachel McAdams

Hanz Matheson and Jerod Leto

Do you agree? Have any other suggestions? It's kinda' a fun mental exercize!

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  1. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Thats a pretty impressive list you've compiled Charles.
    In the late 80's and 90's I used to think Michelle Pfeiffer and Meg Ryan looked enough alike to play sisters and Kurt Russell and Mel Gibson who you paired as look alikes have done a movie together,Tequila Sunrise although they played best friends rather than brothers.
    Thanks for an enjoyable post.


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