Monday, April 10, 2006

Hate is Hate

So Bin Laden hates the United States

Some redneck in Arizona hates the illegal immigrants

A Klansman hates the blacks, Jews, and Catholics

Hitler hated the Jews

Malcom X hated whitie

You hate smokers

You Hate George W. Bush

Are you proud of the company you are keeping? Don't you realize that hatred - ANY hatred - is a self-destroying entity that like acid eats away at your happiness and joy in life?

Do you REALLY want to be in the same company as Hitler, Klansmen, and Facists?

Your point might be valid and certainly worth discussing, and I am utterly open to discussion and debating facts and opinions. But I see so many people consumed by the dark hatred that must sit like smoker's tar upon your hearts.

I might disagree with what you have to say, but will fight to the death your right to say it... and will never make myself the indentured slave of hatred and evil because of WHAT you might say.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ding Ding .... Law 1, Illegals 0

So the "Let's call it anything but amnesty" bill has hit a major road bump!


First off, let me explain that I understand President Bush's desire for a "guest worker" program... regardless of the rhetoric, I believe there is an unmentioned and unspoken reasoning behind this, essentially that it's better to have a documented alien within our borders than an undocumented one. Of course, the Administration can't say as much, because that would tip a homeland security hand (which unlike the timetable Democraps - Republicans believe in playing our security cards close to the vest.)

So President Bush wants to know exactly WHO is within our borders - legal or not. This is a fair enough concern. However, the libtards such as U-boat commander Teddy Kennedy have taken the guest worker idea and tried to make it a free for all amnesty for all illegals. (Teddy can't be blamed, afterall, the Kennedy family is notorious for thinking that laws are nothing more than obstructions to having a good time... inconvenient and best ignored)

The fact is, there are 11 million people within our borders who feel they don't need to play by the rules and don't need to obey the laws (And that's NOT including the Kennedy and Clinton families!) One can NOT become a productive and loyal American if their "citizenship" is the result of an initial illegal act. "I'm gunna' be a good American once I stop spitting in the eye of every legal emigrant that got here on the up-and-up." It's like a woman expecting a healthy marriage to a man with whom she had an extramarital affair - if the relationship was originally based upon lies and deciet, how does one expect truth and honesty to suddenly blossom? It just ain't gunna' happen!

Side note - Isn't ANYONE upset by the fact that there are 11 MILLION individuals in the United States that don't have to register for Selective Service? They get all our benefits, but face NO possiblity of having to defend our country?

The fact is, the United States Constitution was written for the benefit and protections of American CITIZENS... NOT every Tom, Jose, and Miguel in the world. ILLEGAL ALIENS are not protected by ANY of the documents so cherished by Americans... namely the Bill of Rights.
If an ILLEGAL alien is arrested we have NO OBLIGATION to afford them a trial by jury, a speedy trial, an attorney who speaks Spanish, a right to face their accuser, a right to non-self-incrimination. Even that clause against "cruel and unusual punishment" DOES NOT APPLY TO THEM!
If they want those protections, then by God, they will just have to wait in line and become an American like everybody else!

Another side note - How much money do we spend for courtroom translators and multilingual - strike that! - BI-lingual ballots, notices, signs etc.... Here in Denver there are more native-language Russians than Hispanics (linguistically speaking) - why no translators and ballots for THEM?

So, the solution? Make America what it once was - inviting to the entire world.... but NOT to those who would enter illegally!
You get caught in America without a visa or green card? Oh! So sorry, it might take a year, or 5, or 15 before the docket frees up enough to hear your case. An Attorney? Not unless you can afford one, bub!
No Habla Englais? Chupa mi pito

The ONLY way we will stop the flow of ILLEGALS into the US is to make the idea of getting caught so dreadful, that it's not worth the risk, and Yes! that will take care of the 11 million here as well.

Si usted puede leer esto, ¡Hogar de vuelta!