Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Michael Moore up for Best Picture ?!?!?

Well, full page ads have been taken out by Michael Moron saying that his film doesn't qualify as a documentary, but is still eligible for a Best Picture vote. When is some slave girl gunna' do the Universe a favor and wrap her chain around his neck and do a Jabba The Hutt on this guy?? Just FYI... here is my review as posted on the Internet Movie Database (

The vulture strikes again, 15 October 2004 Author: Charles (charleskingep) from Denver, CO USA

Michael Moore is the quintessential vulture... He flew into Flint Michigan, made gobs of money off of the pain and suffering of its inhabitants and flew back to Hollywood, not giving a cent to the individuals who's suffering made him millions. He then flew into Columbine High School and picked a few million from the flesh of a dozen dead children and flew back to Hollywood, not giving a dime to the victims that fed his appetite for glory, money, and fame.

How could he not resist the 3,000 corpses at the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Pennsylvania? FAHRENHEIT 9/11 is his latest buffet of pain, suffering, and self-aggrandizing glory. As a documentary, it fails in its basic need to be truthful, accurate and honest (as clearly shown in the response film FahrenHYPE 9/11 and the upcoming Celsius 41.11). Fahrenheit 9/11 is inaccurate, dishonest, and intentionally misleading so a reviewer is left only to comment on the "artistic" merit.

As far as "documentary" feel, Mr. Moore has fallen a great distance from his much more intriguing "Roger and Me" and "Bowling for Columbine." Although all his films seem to have a message he is Hell-bent on shoving down your throat, this film flowed much less evenly than his previous films, and leaves the viewer with the feeling they have just sat through a college lecture rather than a seductive or persuading film. The audience is given absolutely NO room to form their own conclusions; the conclusions are spoon-fed and therefore lack the intrigue I value in documentaries.

With Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore has proudly stepped from the position of documentarian to that of propagandist, and if you are in search of a TRUE documentary, this film leaves you feeling dirty and cheated. I suggest "7 Days in September" for a TRUE documentary on the horrific events of September 11th, 2001

PS... Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, as with all singers and entertainers, November and December are hellaciously busy!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Secretary of State Dr. Condi Rice

YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As most, if not all of my friends know, I am an enormous supporter of Dr. Rice. In fact, last year I bought a bumper sticker for my car that said "Bush Rice '04"
There is no greater example of excellence and intelligence in Washington DC. Okay! Bad example. The standards for excellence and intelligence in DC are notoriously low, and when a person holding either trait actually shows up, everything is done by the guardians of the status quo gate to discredit and destroy them. This leaves Condi even more perfectly situated to be the default Presidential GOP Candidate in 2008. God does love the United States!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

It's finally over

Well, the ballots are counted, the people have voted (in greater numbers than ever before)... and IT'S FINALLY OVER!!
I can not recall a single election I so desperately wanted "to get over with" than this last one. From Michael Moore's hatred to George Soros' trying to buy an election for his buddies, this was the filthiest campaign I've witnessed.... and I've seen some doozies!
Not only did George W. Bush win the popular vote, AND the Electoral College... he not only beat John Freekin Kerry..........he beat, Dan Rather, Kitty Kelly, The Today Show, 26 MILLION dollars of the aforementioned Mr. Soros, and the double, triple, and 35-times-over registrations of so many Democrats. How many votes would good 'ol GW won by had the Democrats only voted ONCE, I wonder? Double voting couldn't even beat GW!
I am most thankful that the armies of hatred... TRULY EVIL hatred must retire to their camps and lick their wounds. As I have mentioned before, it's one thing to disagree with someone (as many of us did with Bill Clinton)... but this campaign brought out the ugliest form of HATRED imaginable. From my experience, 99% of it was aimed directly at the President. It was pure, undistilled evil from the blackest reaches of Satan's bowels.... I hope all you hate-mongerers out there are happy with your ugly souls!
For those who don't believe there is a ongoing war between the forces of good and evil, just remember that the two most influential movies of 2004 were Farenheit 911 and the Passion of The Christ..... you can't get much clearer than that.
Oh! and as far as the British rag Daily Mirror's headline "How can 59, 054, 087 people be so DUMB?" It shows a great lack of intelligence on the part of the Mirror's editorial staff. Evidently they are too ignorant to know that the word "dumb" indicates an inability to speak. I for one can attest that the United States does not have such an affliction of speechless individuals.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Elliminate absentee ballots NOW!

Tonight I escorted my mother to an Election Judge orientation meeting. First off, I was incredibly impressed by the tamper resistance of the touch screen method of voting, as well as the back-up, back-up and third back-up protections these touch screens have!!! Tampering would take a great amount of skill, specialized equipment, and at least 20 minutes of invested time JUST to remove the access panel.... so fraud with the machines themselves would be difficult in the extreme to say the least. furthermore, time-stamped vote tabulation (not allowing votes after the polls have closed-except for the provision of those waiting in line) and two hard copies of the vote totals and a locked hard drive for each polling place.... the measures are inclusive and dang near tamper proof in regards to the machines themselves.
What worries me now, is the chance of double- and triple-voting by unprincipled multi-registered voters (ala' Chicago's cemetary vote). The DEMS who seemed to have mastered voter fraud in the 1960 election have found new and more nefarious ways to circumvent the one-person one-vote laws! In the last Presidential election , TENS OF THOUSANDS of Democrats were registered in both New York and Florida.... how many of them voted? And by how many votes would President Bush have won if these duplicitous scoundrels had not chosen to "vote early and often"?
The solution as I see it is this:
1) Make election day a National Holiday! I would gladly give up Labor Day, Martin Luther King's Birthday.... Veterans OR Memorial Day (these can be combined into one easily - so not BOTH, by ANY means)... for the chance to give our vote the National Recognition it deserves.
2) A citizen MUST VOTE IN PERSON. "But what about folks traveling/students at college....?" you say. For this provision, ONE and ONLY one voting location would be open from the first Tuesday in October to the first Tuesday in November in each county. This one location would be HIGHLY supervised and treated as any other voting precinct. To vote at this location you must show a travel voucher or student enrollment papers proving that you will be out of town on election day. Those who can't make it home that month would still be allowed to cast a ballot within 6 months before the election , but only in person and AT the Secretary of State's office at the State Capitol.
3) Voter registration would be closed on October 1st of the election year. This gives the State a chance to cross-check names and birthdates between counties and purge all but the most recent registration of a person's name with a matching birthdate.
4) Provisional Ballots and Absentee ballots would be no longer used or permitted.

It is the DUTY of every American to vote, to be registered to vote, and to assure that their registration is made in such a timely manner that their registration will be processed BEFORE election day! We have opened a Pandora's Box of potentially rampant fraud with this early voting crap and the lid must be closed HARD and FAST!
Comments welcomed

Monday, October 25, 2004

CrystaL Nacht

When one thinks of the Nazi occupation of Poland, the Warsaw Ghetto, and the opression of Hitler's forces, one can not forget the Crystal Nacht, an evening of vandalism, terror, ,and supression. And now, in 2004, we have the Democrat party engagin in their own updated version of terrorizing their opponents through vandalism. Throughout the country, BUSH/CHENEY offices have been broken into , vandalized, and subjected to an ongoing environment of fear and anxiety by the Democrat Party. Now we find that even if GW Bush wins by a large majority, the army of attorneys hired by the KERRY/EDWARDS team will tie up the election for weeks or months with unfounded claims of voter intimidation and "equal protection" lawsuits.
Ironically, for all the liberals who try to draw parallels between Bush and Adolph Hitler, they ought to look at their own tactics and demeanors. The recent spat of vandalism is far more comperable to Chrystalnacht than ANYthing the GOP has ever done!

Charles is in the process of moving to North Denver, hense the lack of recent entries. He will return October 29th.

Friday, October 15, 2004


It's been awhile since I've posted... sorry ... I'm working on a new website, and that's been taking up some time.

FahrenHYPE 9/11
I saw the documentary Fahrenhype 9/11 last night (I've watched Michael Moore's "documentary" twice)... and I was amazed at the underhanded, misleading, biased, and outright dishonest method in which Fahrenheit 9/11 was put together. I was nausiated months ago when I learned how in BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE Michael Moron took two entirely different speeches by Charlton Heston and spliced them together to mislead the audience into thinking they were one and the same... but that was NOTHING compared to how he twisted facts and events in Fahrenheit 9/11 !!!
*The "Haves and Have Mores" speech in which President Bush referred to the wealthy as his "base" - IT WAS A JOKE at a fundraiser in New York for underprivileged children and Catholic charities! Much like the self-depreciating humor used at the National Press Club dinners, it was not a genuine comment, but an example of GW Bush using dry humor... Michael Moore twisted the charity event to make it look like a political fundraiser.
*The visit of the Taliban to Texas - was a visit arranged by the CLINTON administration and Gov. Bush never met with them.
*The so-called Unocal pipeline was an abandoned idea of the CLINTON administration that was abandoned before GW Bush ever began campaigning.
The lies of Fahrenheit 9/11 are exposed one after another, after another... these were not simply "slight bias" or "simple mistakes" or "points of view"... these were UNTRUE FACTS knowingly represented as the truth. Fahrenheit 9/11 is one intentional lie after another... as is exposed in the documentary FAHRENHYPE 9/11. Thank GOD we finally have it on celluloid (or DVD plastic, as the case may be) that BUSH WON FLORIDA.. that is the first lie exposed, and thoroughly exposed at that. Unfortunately, the majority of the people who NEED to see this film, and need to rid themselves of their rampant ignorance will be the last ones to put aside their viral HATRED of all things Bush to have an open enough mind to see the FACTS. For the rest... those that want to see the FACTS and the TRUTH, I could not commend a better movie to view!
God Bless America - liberal wienies and Right Wing Nut Jobs alike

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

10 Questions for liberals and Kerry Supporters:

1) Why are Michael Moore and Alec Baldwin considered experts in American politics when they have neither training nor experience in the field? Would you consider placing you life in the hands of a heart- or brain surgeon with no training or hands-on experience in their field?

2) If you had been President in 2002 (having just been informed that there was a scintilla of evidence-that perhaps, if put together in the right order might have prevented the September 11th attacks) and you were approached by MI6 (The British Intelligence agency), the Mukhabarat al-Aama (The Egyptian Intelligence Agency), Dairat al Mukhabarat (the Jordanian Intelligence Agency), the Russian Federal Security Service (The Russian Intelligence agency), and ha-Mossad le-Modiin ule-Tafkidim Meyuhadim (Mossad- the Israeli Intelligence Agency) ALL of whom stated that not only did Saddam Hussein currently possess WMD’s but was furthering their development AND was willing to assist various anti-American groups in delivering them to US soil… would you honestly NOT act on that information that far outweighed the “scintilla” of 9-11 information? What would you have said had the intelligence been correct, and the President NOT have acted?

3) At The al Taqqadum air field west of Baghdad in Iraq, US forces found in July 2003 a reported 30 to 40 planes, including several MiG-25 and Su-25 ground attack jets, buried more than 10 feet beneath tons of soil and covered with camouflage netting. American forces had been in and around the site for 10 or 12 weeks, never knowing what was hidden under the sand until a fortuitous wind bared the very tip of one of the aircraft’s tails. These “Foxbat” jets (pictures of which can be found at and at ) weigh 20 and 36 tons each and are nearly 80 feet long, 20 feet high. Are you honestly going to tell me that these aircraft (some equipped with post-1992 French and German technology I might add) could be effectively buried in the sand, but stockpiles of mustard gas, sarin, tabun, VX, anthrax, botulinum toxin, ricin, and aflatoxin could NOT be? The list above (from Anthrax onwards) includes agents Saddam was KNOWN to have before the invasion, and were unaccounted for by UN inspectors. Saddam was also known to be researching brucellosis, hemorrhagic conjunctivitis virus (Enterovirus 70), rotavirus, camel pox, plague and gas gangrene toxins. These chemical and biological agents can be stored in containers FAR smaller than 1, 2, or 40 MIG 25 aircraft. Can you honestly say, without a doubt, that there are NO WMD’s in the Iraqi sand?

4) If you have qualms about removing a dictator that posed no immediate threat to the United States, and who’s removal was not sanctioned by the full UN Security Council, do you also condemn the similar removal by the US and NATO of Slobodan Milosevic?

5) Do you realize that the majority of the economic hardship we have been through since 2000 has been the result of the internet bubble burst, the over inflated stock market of the 1990’s righting itself, the overvalued dollar of the 1990’s adjusting to its rightful levels, the blow to consumer confidence caused by the Enron and Delphia-style abuses of the 1990’s and the horrific economic blow the September 11th attacks dealt – NONE of which were caused or preventable by then-Governor Bush of Texas?

6) Did you know that after The Stock Market Crash of 1929 Wall Street was closed for only 3 days, yet after the September 11th attacks it was shut down for nearly a week? Did you realize that the airline industry, and therefore all travel, convention, and tourism industries were completely shut down for 3 days (totaling nearly one-fifth of our entire economy - completely shut down)? The travel and tourism industry is only now regaining pre-9-11 levels. These shut-downs lost America over 1 million jobs in the month following the attacks and their long-term effect should have thrown the United States (and thereby the world’s economy) into a financial depression of unprecedented and unimaginable proportions. Only through the actions of President Bush have we avoided such a dire result of the attacks.

7) Did you know that in the early 1930’s, as a response to the Great Depression, Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt raised taxes exclusively on “the rich”? The wealthy saw their tax burden increase from 26% to 74%. Rather than elevating the misery of the common man, it created a depression-within-a-depression and resulted in a deepening and lengthening of the Great Depression.

8) Did you know that the “Jim Crow” laws, the placing of the “stars and bars” confederate symbol on state flags, and the greatest resistance to civil rights legislation was/is consistently the product of DEMOCRAT legislators and congress people… or that the Democrats have never appointed as many women, African-American, Hispanic-Americans, or others of minority descent in HIGH, EFFECTIVE positions of government as the Republican Party?

9) Are you truly proud of supporting a “war veteran” in this election when in ’92 you chose an admitted draft dodger over a man who after being chosen as the youngest pilot ever to fly in the US NAVY had been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and three Air Medals…. And AGAIN you chose an admitted draft dodger over a man who received two purple hearts, a bronze star and left a good portion of his right arm on the battlefield? Do you truly expect others to believe that you value combat/war experience?

10) Can you name ONE subject on which John Kerry has taken a stand and unwaveringly stuck with it… or at least name ONE instance (sponsoring a successful bill, for example) where he has shown true leadership abilities and swayed others to his point of view and been a leader to them?

Possible 527 violations ?!?!

I just got off the phone with the FOX 31 assignment desk... hopefully they will run with this.
While browsing the internic whois site (this is the site where you can learn exactly who owns what websites, maintains them...etc...) I checked up on the website Now, for those of you who aren't in Colorado, this is the group responsible for the outrageous, crass, and disgusting ads against Marilyn Musgrave. One has a Musgrave lookalike stealing the watch from a corpse in a casket, another has her picking the pocket of a soldier in Iraq.
Well, on the information page at internic, I found that the Administrative and Technical contact for their website is one "Tim Knaus"
Now, I had no idea who this guy was, so I googled him.... turns out he is the former chariman of the State Democratic Party and headed the 2000 delegation at the national Democrat Convention. Hmmmmmmm
similarly you can ask about the Texans For Truth

Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Black and Blue sky

First off, I gotta' say, "WHOOO HOOOO!! I Got a comment!!" I wasn't sure if anyone was wandering into this rest area of the info super highway, so it's invigorating to see some feedback. After all, I'm not a James Carville or Rush Limbaugh who dictates his "pearls of wisdom" to the world, and expects total compliance with any listeners.... I PREFER and DESIRE opposing views, it's the only possible way to learn the values and views of others and see things from a different angle.
To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson ...'if you find yourself in the company of friends who always agree with you, get some new friends'

Okay, on to the post ..*

Is anyone else getting the idea that if President Bush said the sky was blue today, Kerry would immediately call a press conference to say it was in fact black? To see Senator Kerry ripping into Iraq's Prime Minister Allawi made me realize that this guy has REALLY been guzzling the Bush-haters' Kool aid and is developing his own recipie to boot. (BTW -speaking of Kool Aid- did you know that more people died at the hands of Jim Jones in one day than American soldiers have died in 2 years in Iraq?) Kerry has become one of those Cliff Clavin malcontents who will disagree with anything and everything "Bush"...... ta' Hell with facts or experience. If the Pope praised any action of President Bush, I have no doubt that "good Catholic" Kerry would immediately call the Holy Father a "papist" just to be disagreeable. Prime Minister Allawi has spent day after day after day IN Iraq... he KNOWS what's going on FIRST HAND.... unlike Kerry who hasn't been to Iraq and is obviously getting his information from CBS. He hasn't even spent time in the Intelligence Committee meetings of the Senate... so where is he getting his intel? As I said ...CBS.
To me, it's the equivilent of watching First Officer Murdoch ordering the covers removed from the lifeboats... the campaign is going down and going down fast... and Captain Carville on the DEM-Carpathia can't get there in time. So let's rearrange the deck chairs, polish the brass, and pretend there's nothing wrong... but all the while, shoot your revolver, scream, shout, and be discontent. After all, it shows that you are still in control. "Nearerrrrrr My Goooooooodd toooo theeeeeeeee"

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A Tale of two coalitions

Okay this redundant and hollow argument of the US "going it alone" regarding Iraq is getting WAYYYYYYY out of hand. At first it seemed to be just a cute, albeit innacurate, sound bite intended to be a cheap broadside from the liberals to President Bush. Unfortunately, it's gone beyond sound bite and is venturing towards its undeserved 15 minutes of Worholian fame. So, lets look at the list.....

Allies in BOTH the Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom

Czech Republic
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States

####### Gained allies - New allies not existing or not participating at the time of the Gulf War ##########

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Marshall Islands
Solomon Islands

###### Lost Allies - Allies in Gulf War, not participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom ######

New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
Sierra Leona
United Arab Emirates

Totals: Truly Loyal Friends-18 New Friends-30 Lost friends-21

Also, keep in mind that a number of the lost "friends" had serious and selfish financial reasons to maintain the Saddam Regiem -namely profits that they (Russia & France & Gremany) were making from the "Oil for food" bribes and kickbacks.

Monday, September 20, 2004

The New CBS Logos

CBS... In need for a complete revamp is currently considering 2 new logos
Janet Jackson CBS and CBS Black Eye



A Rather innacurate History...

As If Reality Wasn't Bad Enough
Dan Rather spread alarmist rumors on September 11

By Jim Naureckas
In a national emergency like the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the first thing required from the news media is accurate information. Unfortunately, TV journalists too often delivered misinformation instead. One who did so repeatedly was CBS News' Dan Rather.
"Let me pause and say that a car bomb has exploded outside the State Department in Washington," Rather told his audience on September 11. He repeated: "Now a car bomb has exploded outside the State Department in Washington. No further details available on that." He reported this car bomb explosion as fact at least three further times before finally adding a qualifier, referring to "a car bomb, which was reported to have exploded outside the State Department."
After these repeated claims of a State Department car-bombing, Rather backtracked: "From Washington, Federal Protective Services now says there was no car bomb at the State Department. We've been reporting, which was reported earlier, that there had been an apparent car bomb at the State Department. And I will repeat for emphasis, the Federal Protective Services says there was no—I repeat, no car bomb at the State Department."
He added this self-justification: "We've been saying straight through this morning that there's going to be those occasions when there are reports, rumors, speculation. We do the best we can to separate fact from reports. But it's inevitable that some first reports will be wrong."
The final word from Rather on the car-bombing in the Nexis database is ambiguous: "Then senior law enforcement officials said car bomb—and a car bomb had exploded outside the State Department in Washington, DC. That was senior law enforcement officials. But then later, Federal Protective Services denied any car bomb attack had occurred outside the State Department. So that remains unclear at the moment. Although the latest information is there was no car bomb."
In fact, there was no car bomb at the State Department—a fact Rather seems never to have flatly told his audience.
Buying the bridge
This gaffe did not prevent Rather from reporting a new "scoop" later that evening: "Now this just in from New York City. Marcia Kramer, former newspaper woman, now working at WCBS-TV, in New York, says that sources have told her that two people have been arrested with explosives under the George Washington Bridge. The George Washington Bridge, for those of you unfamiliar with the city, connects a part of New Jersey with Manhattan. So two people arrested on the GW Bridge in a truck with explosives. As this report—now, whether it was connected with the events of the day, we do not know. But an interesting report."
Rather repeatedly reported this as well: "Now WCBS-TV news in New York is reporting two people arrested by the FBI in a truck with explosives under the George Washington Bridge…. Whether this arrest by the FBI is connected with other events in the day, one can only question."
Later, he prefaced the story with "It may not be over yet," and added that "Authorities say there were enough explosives in the truck to bring down the bridge." Yet another repetition of the story stated as fact that "the FBI has two suspects in hand," and that "enough explosives were in the truck to do great damage to the George Washington Bridge."
As with the State Department car-bombing, Rather had to backtrack on this story as well: "Marcia Kramer of WCBS-TV, our CBS-owned and -operated station in New York, reported some time ago that the FBI had in custody two suspects caught with a pickup truck of explosives around the George Washington Bridge; now further checking on that story [reveals] that other law enforcement officials in New York said they knew nothing about it, and now Jim Stewart is saying that FBI headquarters in Washington knows nothing about it. We'll have to put that in a long line of things that's under the 'Well, we're skeptical now.' Maybe it's true and maybe it isn't." There is no record in the Nexis database of Rather telling his audience that it actually wasn't true.
Rather accompanied the backtracking with another self-justification: "I repeat for emphasis, we'd rather be last than be wrong, but in reporting of this kind, we're bound to make some mistakes." But is it really inevitable that anchors will pass on uncorroborated stories to the public—and portray them as fact, not rumor? For days, New Yorkers expressed surprise that the George Washington Bridge story was not true—victims of a needless panic that Dan Rather had helped to spread.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Name the Hypocrite

"This president failed so miserably in diplomacy that we are now forced to war." -- ______________ 2003 when President Bush, struck Iraq
"We have exhausted all of our diplomatic effort to get the Iraqis to comply with their own agreements and with international law. Given that . . . we have got to force them to comply, and we are doing so militarily." -- __________ in 1998, when President Clinton, struck Iraq

ANSWER : Tom Daschle

Thursday, September 09, 2004

What exactly is compassion?

In my "ripe old age" of 36 years, I have found one immutable consistant. One can tell the life experiences of an individual almost instantaniously by measuring their propensity for judgmentalism and intollerance. You see, when you've stood in that man's shoes (an allusion to an Elvis Presley song (a cover - originally written by Hank Williams) "Men with Broken Hearts" , you tend to take a moment before jumping to conclusions, and those conclusions tend to be far less vindictive and hatefilled than those from individuals who are unexperienced.

The fact is, if you have been in diverse and not-so-favorable situations, you have a level of empathy for those experiencing the same thing. Individuals who have never been accused of a crime are the first to show a lack of sympathy towards those who have been arrested, and they are the first to express that the Scott Petersons of the world are guilty until proven innocent. Many who have been falsly accused and arrested, on the other hand, understand that arrest does not mean conviction... and conviction does not necessarily mean guilt. Therefore, those individuals are more sympathetic and empathetic to persons going through the criminal system.

This is the very essence of compassion.... KNOWING that "there but for the grace of God" go you, and acting in accordance with that understanding.

People who knee jerk to opinions, however, (even when events may have taken place before their birth, or were far from their location) can be immediately tagged - and rightfully so- as individuals who have led blessed and unchallenged lives. In short, they are people who haven't proven their mettle on life's battleground and their resulting ignorance is painfully obvious. Personally, I dismiss their opinions as uninformed and intollerant. I choose to surround myself with individuals who have also seen the worst and the best of life, and who hold the same quiet consideration of facts before judgment that I do. Those who think answers are obvious and plain at first blush are merely judging the peak of a situational iceberg and are ignorant for not checking below the surface.

So choose your friends wisely, and favor those who have age, knowlege, and experience... chances are, they know their stuff. And you can tell who these individuals are because they tend to be quiet, considered, and even tempered. And above all, never judge someone before knowing all the facts... to not do so only shows your ignorance and lack of life experiences .... and lack of life in general.

"You've never walked in that man's shoes or saw things through his eyes Or stood
and watched with helpless hands while the heart inside you dies Some were
paupers, some were kings and some were masters of the arts But in their shame
they're all the same these men with broken hearts"


Hatred in degrees

Letter written to the editors of the Denver Post and Rocky MOuntain News Sept. 9, 2004

At what point is hatred acceptable?

I am Uncle Sam. Actually, I am a stilt walker with a 10-foot-tall version of the American icon. Recently, with the political season fully engaged, I have been seen at parades and events quite regularly. You may, in fact, have seen me in the local television reports this week, having been a part of the Louisville Labor Day Parade. One of the greatest pleasure of my job is to see the wonder and excitement in children’s eyes and the thrill they get as I hand them candy, stickers, or other “treasures.” In a parade, a child who gets anything from a parade participant feels special and happy at the fact that- out of the hundreds of kids on the parade route -they got something. On Monday, however, at the Louisville parade, I witnessed a heartbreaking experience. I approached four children (ages probably 3-8 years) and they absolutely glowed with excitement when I gave them stickers. Then an adult male reached around and violently snatched the stickers from their grasp. “You don’t want those!” he said viciously. The stickers, you see, had the “Bush Cheney 04” logo. The children were immediately brought to the point of tears, wondering what exactly THEY had done wrong. Now, these children were too young to be political and the stickers would obviously not have changed one mind in the household on whom to vote for on November 2nd. The stickers were completely harmless in and of themselves. At first glance, the only thing accomplished was an expression of the man’s hatred of the current administration. But what I saw was a group of children hurt and teary-eyed over losing a sticker that they felt special for having received. At their young ages, they don’t concern themselves with Presidential qualifications or ideological differences between candidates… and they shouldn’t! But what those children did learn that Labor Day morning was a taste of hatred and hurt. Hurt inflicted by someone they loved and trusted because of a logo on a sticker. There is little doubt that the anti-Bush crowd is not just opposed to this administration, but viciously hates it. It is sad that we are teaching our children this hatred at such a young age, and spoiling a child’s magical moments (such as a parade) in the process. It is a matter of degrees, but this hurting of children in the name of self-righteous opinion is no different than what we saw in Chechnya this last week. Hatred is hatred.

Charles King Byrne

Monday, September 06, 2004

Those 6 minutes

This is a question I've been asking for some time... the infamous "6 minutes" shown in Falacies 9-11 (Michael MOORe's psudo-mockumentary) Thanks Mr. Rogers and the Vail Daily for printing it....

This matter of minutes

Don Rogers
August 31, 2004

In the battle of the idle minutes that morning of Sept. 11, President Bush sat around, "doing nothing," for a far shorter time than Democractic rival John Kerry did, as it turns out.

Columnist Diana West, in a piece last week in the Rocky Mountain News, explored possibly the most inane insult ever of a sitting president, counted of course in minute detail by filmmaker Michael Moore in his mockumentary "Fahrenheit 911."

OK, Bush kept reading a book to young children in a Florida classroom for seven minutes after learning of airliners striking the World Trade Center. What was he supposed to do - wring his hands, get in the way of the professionals, hit his head against the nearest wall - we're not quite sure.

But as West pointed out, Kerry by his own admission on "Larry King Live," the senator "sat stunned, unable to think for more than 30 minutes in the Capitol until he and others were whisked out of the building to safety."

How did Michael miss that one? Or this: West notes that historian William Manchester chronicled Franklin D. Roosevelt's reaction to Peal Harbor this way: "the president did nothing for 18 minutes."

Eighteen minutes. Thirty minutes. Seven minutes. Puts a little different perspective on this particular indictment, doesn't it?

Besides more Kerry talk that goes completely against his action, the point is this: The presidency is a deliberative office. There is no shortage of skilled people to take the immediate action called for in time of such crisis. That's not the president's job.

This fact shouldn't require pointing out. But we Americans understood this better back in 1941. FDR's "inaction" didn't even merit a mention in his re-election campaign. It was irrelevant. Still is.

Vail Colorado

Friday, September 03, 2004

Watching President Bush's speech BOTH of them

Last night I had the pleasure of watching both of President Bush's acceptance speeches. Right after the 2004 Convention coverage, I found the 2000 acceptance speech from Philadelphia on CSPAN2

Wow! Talk about different times. I was waxing nostalgic.... not for the misuses, abuses, and immorality of the previous administration.... not for Al Gore's this-risky-scheme, and that-risky-scheme.... but for a world Pre 9-11

GW's 2000 oration was almost exclusively dedicated to domestic policies... one can certainly see why he was/is a moderate republican. He has never been a rabid fiscal conservative... and that's not a bad thing. His proposals then, and still today, are designed as programs to wean the American public off of the government rather than a permanent lifeline. It was the same then as it is today.

What REALLY struck me was the sheer number of proposals and programs itterated in the acceptance speach that are no0w accomplishments.... welfare refore, perscription drug med reform, tax relief, school accountability, no child left behind... on and on.

He was such a young, vibrant, optimistic, glowing man in 2000..... not the serious, considered, and cautious man we see now. Not that the growth is a bad thing... he's been through a great deal and has matured through the experience. The United States aged by years on one September morning, and the aging of the nation reflects on the face of a concerned and empathetic leader.

What I saw in the contrast between the 2000 and 2004 convention speaches was the nievete' , the innocence, the unbridled optimism dimmed, but certinly not lost... dented but not destroyed.... yellowed but not abandoned. GW is a strong man... much stronger than the smirks and grins and sparkling eyes 4 years ago would indicate. But the strength that comes from hardship also tends to come with silent resolve and a guarded soul. One can not face adversity, hardship, or pain, and not be unaffected..... I thank God that GW has changed... it shows maturity and growth. But his soul is still the optimistic, caring, compassionate, spiritual soul I grew to love 4 very, very long years ago.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Let's just settle this thing.....

As always, Ann Coulter can be counted on to raise issues in a unique and anti-conventional manner. The majority of the op-ed piece consists of the standard argument over who do you believe Kerry+14 or O' Neil+254 Swifties. What caught my eye and gave me a chuckle was the last paragraph:

"Why don't we just give both sides some Swift boats, a few machine guns and lots of ammo, put them on a river somewhere, and let them settle this whole thing like gentlemen once and for all? "

There's a distinct disadvantage for Kerry in this scenario (beyond the 15:1 ratio) ---- A number of the 254 Swift Boat Vets against Kerry are Admirals, Vice Admirals, and other high-ranking Naval Professionals .. the 14 in Kerry's camp aren't nearly a match for the expertise, experience, and military prowess. Hmmmm ... that in and of itself speaks volumns, doesn't it?

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Gary Hart Pt. 2

So, the controversy continues. It seems neither side really wants to walk on this carpet of broken glass, yet it refuses to go away.

As the rhetoric grows, it is difficult to avoid the memories of another recent Presidential campaign when Gary Hart dared reporters to delve into his character.

"Follow me around. I don't care. I'm serious. If anybody wants to put a tail on me, go ahead. They'd be very bored."-Gary Hart 1988

A few days later, reporters who had taken up the challenge - followed him to a love nest in Florida, Bimini, and aboard the yacht "Monkey Business"- spilled the beans about a lurid affair the then-Senator was having with a campaign worker (do we see a pattern here - Kopechne, Levy, Lewinski...) Donna Rice.

How can one not think that when Hart and Kerry illuminated certain parts of their lives as "exemplary"... that the media and other interested parties would look into the facts and ask questions? I'm not sure which reflects more poorly on their respective characters - that they may have misdeeds and missteps in their past, or that they invited scrutiny into those actions and now bemoan someone actually looking into said actions.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

8 words you rarely hear in the Senate

8 words you RARELY hear in the SENATE

"I'm John Kerry and I'm reporting for duty"

Hmmmm ..... His current job is in the United States Senate, and from what I hear, he has been a deserter, AWOL, and done anything BUT report for duty in his current job. So, now we are supposed to believe that he takes "reporting for duty" seriously????

All the hubbub you are hearing today is about the Viet Nam Vets who are campaigning AGAINST Kerry. My words on the subject? GREAT! These are not criticisms coming from GW...which would be a sticky situation... but from fellow swift boat officers and enlisted men, many of which, unlike KERRY served their full 12 moth tours, if not longer. They have a right to voice their opinions and relate their experiences. Once again, the as the Democrat National Convention clearly showed, the liberals are trying to shut up their opponents and quash the 1st Amendment rights of free-thinking individuals.

One thing I'd love to pass on to the Republican National Convention organizers.... VENT NOTHING !!!!!!!!! Let the speakers speak their minds, and show the diverse views and opinions of the GOP!!!! Let America see exactly WHICH political party believes in free expression and doesn't resort to censorship. And make a darn good point of it!

"We have no idea what Mayor Giuliani is going to say... we know he supports the President, and that he will give a great speech, but we don't believe in curtailing or censoring our party members."
"And if he says something that Bush or the party don't agree with, like on a mother's right..??"
"That's the wonderful thing about the GOP... we believe in talking about our differences of opinion, and not shutting up our opponents. The GOP will not play Big Brother with our party members, nor with Americans at all...we believe in free speech."

GW 04
Condi Rice 08
Rice again in 2012

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The irony continues

The last few days I've spent hopping in and out of Yahoo chat rooms... political chat rooms mostly. Now, going into these rooms you naturally expect the normal "I hate Bush, he's a poopy pants, brainless deserter.. yada, yada, yada" But what struck me as humorous last night was that I was told the United States should stop involving itself in "other peoples' matters" .... that the US has created worldwide distrust and dislike by affecting pro-American changes in El Salvador, Guatemala, and a laundry list of other "coups, overthrows, economic santions..." and further medling.

Then came the irony... the person telling me this was CANADIAN!

Was she not doing EXACTLY what she criticized the US for doing - trying to influence the events of a country that was NOT her own?? I guess it's okay for Al Queda to influence elections in Spain (or as has been rumored, they will try to dictate the elections here in the US) but when the US has influenced elections... that's Imperialism and Colonialism.. right.... more ironies to come, no doubt.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Okay ... gotta' lighten up here.......

For those that haven't seen the "This land is your land" flash cartoon featuring GW and Kerry
You GOTTA click the link and go see it!!!!!

Friday, July 30, 2004

Irony can be so ironic......

The above is Kerry's Testimony before Congress regarding "war crimes" during Viet Nam

Now, as I said earlier, I think Kerry has given this election gift-wrapped to President Bush. So there is really no point to Kerry-bash. However, I always find irony in history facinating and amusing. CASE IN POINT -

Kerry's Chicago based "investigation" involving 150 unnamed and undocumented veterans was called the "WINTER SOLDIER" investigation. In Kerry's words:
We call this investigation the "Winter Soldier Investigation." The term "Winter
Soldier" is a play on words of Thomas Paine in 1776 when he spoke of the
Sunshine Patriot and summertime soldiers who deserted at Valley Forge because
the going was rough.

Now, if the term "winter soldier" refers back to Thomas Paine's characterization of TRUE soldiers who stuck it out through the long hard winter at Valley Forge, and who against horrible pain, suffering, and ongoing challenges, stuck by General Washington and went on to win the War of Independence....... what would Thomas Paine think of a man who recieved 2 minor flesh wounds plus 1 injury that kept him out of service for one whole day?

The patriots at Valley Forge were LOSING TOES AND FINGERS to frostbite! Their footprints were reddened in the white snow due to the blood loss in their feet. They were starving, exhausted, frostbitten, and dying... yet stuck out their entire tour to fight for their country. IF ANY of the true "winter soldiers" at Valley Forge served only 4 months and 12 days...... it was because they died!

So *THAT'S* what you call torture...part 2

You may remember awhile back I wrote a post regarding the never ending flood of Abu Graib coverage. You can find the original post in the archives.

However, I wanted to pass on this web page.... WARNING THE PICTURES ARE NOT PLEASANT
This is what I was trying to say......

Those who talk about it........

Ever remember how in High School, the guys who talked the most about sex were the ones that weren't "gettin any"? The more you talked about it, the less of a chance you were physically involved with anyone.

A parallel could be drawn with those who have served in the military and in combat. My dad, who served and saw horrors at Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, Sipan, Guam, Phillipine Sea, the Solomans, and eventually sailed into Tokyo harbor, spoke painfully little about his experience. He was proud of his service, and proud of the job he did, but rarely ever talked about it. He reminded me of the Mel Gibson character in "The Patriot" who although his actions were in one light heroic, in the overall scheme of life, they were painful to recall.

He always held the belief that only through an infinate forgiveness of God could he ever enter Heaven, because he had taken lives and killed young men during the war.

He never even suggested that anything might have happened beyond the killing required by combat (no Mai Li - type abuses or Kerry Konfessionals seemingly common in Viet Nam 25 years later)... but he was pretty sure he would be sentenced to Hell for his actions in war. That's how he looked upon serving his duty, and fighting the Japanese in World War II.

To the man, my experience has been the same with every other veteran I've met. They don't talk. Even my brother-in-law who is serving in Iraq as we speak avoids conversations of the conflict and merely nods in appreciation and thanks when someone calls him a hero.

John Kerry, on the other hand, speaks at length of his performing his "duty to his country." He is not shy about discussing his involvement in Viet Nam, and identifies himself through his actions during that conflict. It made me wonder.... Why? Why, when most veterans are not ashamed, but hesitant to even discuss their years at war, why does Kerry speak about it as if it were just one more semester at Yale?

Then it struck me. Kerry's time in Viet Nam was LESS than a semester at school. My brother in law Brett has been in Iraq for nearly a year, my father spent over two years in the South Pacific, and even my other brother in law (who served on the Aircraft Carrier Enterprise in Viet Nam) was in the war for several tours. The veterans I have known were emeshed in the war for a prolonged period of time. They saw war day after day for many, many months, and have a true sense of what being a warrior was/is all about.

They didn't serve 4 months and run away.

Like Al Gore before him, John Kerry seems to have gotten a taste of war, and now claims he is a war hero.

I might remind you of two other war heros who haven't "sold out" their experiences or "capitalized" on their hero status - George Bush Senior and Bob Dole. Neither would allow those around them to make much of their war experiences. Mention it, yes... for they were not ashamed of the fact that they served and served admirably. But the most Bob Dole will make of his experience is to apologize that he can't shake your right hand.

With the exception of John Kerry and John McCain.... I have never met a veteran who wore his service on his sleave or cashed in his war experience for personal or political gain. For that I'm grateful.

If I were to meet Mr. Kerry, I would probably spit upon his medals and throw them back in his face. How dare he demean the memory of so many brave men and women who were FULL TIME soldiers and claim the same status as them. Even GW has never tried to place himself upon the level of our full time servicemen and women. He accepts the reservist status he chose, is proud of it... but never is so presumptious as to compare himself who spent years in combat!

One last thing to keep in mind. When Mr. Kerry volunteered for the Swift Boat command, the swift boats were being used outside the deltas and rivers and OUT OF COMBAT. Kerry, when he volunteered, never expected to see combat. It was only AFTER Operation SeaLords went into effect that (and Kerry's assignment) that the swift boats were placed in "hot spots."

When GW Bush volunteered to fly in the 147th, (May 27th 1968) the 147th squadron was actively participating in Viet Nam, and the chances of him being sent were HIGH. He knew that, and chose that fighter wing, knowing he would most likely serve in combat. Not for 2 years would the 147th be removed from active participation in Viet Nam. He later switched from the t-33A to the F-102A, another combat-ready aircraft often used in conflict.

IN SHORT ---- KERRY CHOSE A POSITON THAT WOULD KEEP HIM SAFE, and only through unforseeable circumstances, had to see combat...... BUSH CHOSE A POSITION THAT WOULD PUT HIM INTO COMBAT, and only through unforseeable circumstances, didn't

By the way ... about that band of brothers........ check THIS website out, to see how many are for Kerry, how many see him as unfit, and how many have no opinion.... according to the photo in the KERRY Campaign commercial

This post is dedicated to my father CHARLES DAVID BYRNE of LCS 112, which served valiantly in the South Pacific (and for a hell of a lot longer than 4 months and 12 days)during World War II. Rest in peace, Dad.

Check out for information about LCS 112

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Kerry gives election to Bush

With a lackluster acceptance speech driven more by statements of what he would not be as President of the United States, tonight John Kerry effectively handed the 2004 election gift-wrapped to incumbent President George W. Bush.

Once again, candidate Kerry only accentuated his role as a wishy-washy flip-flopper by both attacking Bush and asking president Bush to join him in a civil election.  He both praised his own service, while taking pride in  those who protested his service in Viet Nam.

Although the myth that claims the war in Iraq was based upon "lies" has been totally dismissed, he fed off of the Michael Moor(e) propaganda that somehow President Bush intentionally mislead the USA into war.  Kerry further claimed he would strengthen the military, although he voted against funding to protect our troops in Iraq. 

His faithful were not as duplicitious, however.  They (in the interviews following the speech) were unhesitant is showing their absolute hatred of George W. Bush.  I don't recall such evil hatred towards even Bill Clinton.  In 1996, Republicans wanted to oust the President, but one never got the impression that they wanted to kill him.  Tonight, it seems as if any Democrat with a rifle and a clear line of sight to GW Bush would not forgo the opportunity.  The hatred, the evil, the viciousness.... It truly saddens me that an entire party can be taken over by such deamons and minions of Satan.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Tuesday's Convention

A fine line up of Democrats... Teddy Kennedy, "Tahrayyyza" Heinz, and Ron Reagan... a trifecta - a murderer, a liar, and a betrayer - what a perfect group to represent the Democrats.  


According to Tahrayyyza, "No one will defend this nation better than (John Kerry)" 
Really?  Is that why he voted against body armor and Humvee protection?  Is that why he voted for military involvement but then voted against funding it?  Isn't that EXACTLY what Washington DC and the Congress did in regards to Viet Nam, hamstringing the military through budgetary oversight, causing us to LOSE the Viet Nam war?  Is that how he is going to protect America?
Or is he just going to turn the keys of sovereignty over to the UN and expect protection that way?


Teddy Kennedy's litany of "what have we DEMS dems done for you lately" was the single greatest definition of liberalism/socialism in recent times.  Thank God for Teddy!  He's  too old and doddering to be apologetic for his blatantly socialistic agenda. 

Time and again in America's history, we as Democrats have offered new hope of a stronger, fairer, more prosperous future for all our people, a society that feeds the hungry, shelters the homeless, and cares for the sick so that none must walk alone.

When the elderly faced poverty and sickness that threatened their golden years, we created Social Security (news - web sites) and Medicare. When the voices of many citizens went unheard and their lives were blighted by bigotry, we fought for equality and justice for civil rights and voting rights and the rights of women, for the cause of Americans with disabilities.

When higher education was beyond the reach of veterans returning home from war, we created the G.I. Bill of Rights and we have continued ever since to make college more affordable for millions more Americans. When men and women needed protection in the workplace, we demanded safe conditions for their jobs. We insisted on the right to higher pay for working overtime.

We guaranteed the right to form a union. We pledged a fair minimum wage, so that no one in America who works for a living should have to live in poverty.  

Unfortunately, to deride any of these programs makes one seem heartless and cruel, so it's an argument most choose not engage.  One can NOT get around the fact that ALL of these things are BIG GOVERNMENT helping out the little folk.  This country was based upon the ideals that the little folk do MUCH better when the Government gets out of their way. 

What happened to his brother's admonishing to "...ask what you can do for your country."?  The Democratic party has become a quasi-socialist fringe group forever having their hands out asking the government to fix everything from their screwed-up personal investments to their spilled hot coffee.  It's a wonderful, blissful idea... having someone acting like a Big Brother to look out for you and protect you.  But history has proven that governments are notoriously ineffective and inefficient.  The same shelters, protections, and opportunities can be better served in the private sector.

Case in point (and this dovetails with Traitor Reagan's speech)  Stem cell research - The restrictions placed upon embryonic Stem Cell Research do not, I repeat DO NOT limit private research, and in fact allow govn't research on 6 strains already being used.  Those 6 strains provide plenty of sources for any study desired.  But that's beyond the main point.  If stem cell research was TRULY the panacea that the pro-abortionists claim, wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that Geneva Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol Myers - Squib, and Merck would be clamoring to perform private studies in order to secure the patents to this "miracle cure"?  Of course they would!  But they know that embryonic Stem Cell Research is a mirage and a red herring.  There is much more potential in Coi blood and adult stem cells.

Test subjects that have had embryonic stem cells injected into their brains have had bone tissue grow right into their cortex.  Most, if not all, have had higher cases of tumors and cancer than if they had been just left alone.  Embryonic Stem Cell research is NO panacea, only a tool for the pro-abortion crowd to justify their continuing slaughter of unborn humans.

Many commentators have noted that the speakers so far at the convention have tried to play to the center, to give a moderate face, and refrain from Bush-bashing.  Fortunately, they have failed on both counts, showing their colors brightly and proudly, they just used softer language. 

Monday, July 26, 2004

And they're off!!!

Tonight (Monday) marked the begining of the Democrat National Convention in Boston.  Has anyone mused over the fact that Kerry is good friends with the French... The French have a very large and powerful Islamic movement, and the fact that most of the 9-11 Highjackers boarded their last fatefull flights at logan airport in Boston?

I'm not delving into any whacko conspiracy stuff (I'm not Michael Moore, after all)... only pointing out a haunting and telling coincidence.  What IS relevant, however, is that all I could think of during Bill Clinton's speech tonight was this -  he was standing only a few miles from where 10 Islamic hijackers - that HE allowed into the country and HE allowed to train on our own soil throughout most of his tenure as President - boarded flights UA 175 and AA11 which would fly into the World Trade Center.  This would be akin to O.J. Simpson giving a speech about domestic violence only blocks away from Rockingham.  In most cases I find liberal hypocricy laughable or silly, but this irony only turned my stomache.

Monday, June 21, 2004

One Small Step......

History was made today, yet for some it got lost in reports of Lacy Peterson, the South Korean hostage, and the new Clinton fictional tome "My Life."

It should be no surprise that a USA civilian was the first non-government individual to "slip the surly bonds of Earth, reach out... and touch the face of God."

Think about this for a moment. BEFORE TODAY, only governments (namely The US, USSR, and China) had the resources and ability to break the bonds of gravity and venture into the next great unknown. Even Christopher Columbus required government funding. Yet, in the USA - following in the footsteps of two bicycle builders so many decades ago- INDIVIDUAL ambition, dreams, and yes, financing, brought about what heretofore was only within the grasp of government. This is SO very American!

It's estimated the cost of the project was less than US$50 Million, which would suggest that (although research and development was undoubtedly built upon earlier govn't projects) private enterprise once again can complete a task more efficiently and expediently - Spaceship One conceptually began in April of '96 and developmentally began in May '01- than high priced, over-regulated and overly bureaucratic government programs.

No force is more powerful than the American dreamer and entrepreneur!

I have had a love affair with NASA since my earliest memories, and would never denigrate their integrity, bravery, heroism, or purpose.... now, however, the civilians behind Scaled Composites and Tier One equally hold my admiration and perhaps a tad more. They have ventured into an area that until now had large foreboding signs posted at the edge of our atmosphere that said "WARNING: GOVERNMENTAL PROPERTY. NO CIVILIAN ACCESS! DO NOT PASS!" Those signs now lay in heaps scorched by the flames of a small white bald eagle named Spaceship One.
~~ Charles

PS, Thanks, Valerie, for the "heads up" on this!

Monday, June 14, 2004

Say it ain't so Jo !!!!!

Memo to JK Rowling:

LOSE Al Cuaron !!!!!!! Okay, okay .. so Mike Newell is signed to do the next film (whew!!) So, you don't need to "lose" him as such .. you already have. Good Move!!

There were many things to enjoy about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban- but....

Okay, good news first.
Certain effects were much, much better than they were in the first two movies (Snape's "throbbing" lumos spell felt more "real." Hagrid finally had a noticeable height difference... effects all around were great) The whomping willow in general (not location- see below) was much more as I imagined it in the book, not just some club-like trunks banging around, but whipping branches and such.

It's always good to reunite with Ron, Harry, and Hermione.. so that's a plus right off the bat.


When did Hagrid (Hogwarts groundskeeper) dig up and re-plant the Whomping willow??? Not to mention tear down his hut, take it across to the other side of the school and reconstruct it there? In the books, Hagrid's hut is down a hill from Hogwarts... not down a crevice or mountain slope. It seemed as if Director Cuaron didn't give a hoot about what had gone before, or what was written in the books, he was going to put Hagrid's hut where HE wanted it and earlier movies be damned. Can you imagine The Homestead on Tattooine suddenly showing up in Jar Jar's swamp? Give me a break!
Did Cuaron even READ the books ????????

Trawlany's classroom is supposed to be DARK and smoky, and UP A LADDER! All of this was thrown out for the third movie! It's ironic, actually, much was made of the first movies' accuracy to the books, and yet the third didn't even follow basic settings or character development. That goes for this teenage angst- love interest between Ron and Hermione as well. In the books, we don't even feel that there is any intrest along those lines until at LEAST book 4 --- why bring this in early?
DUMBLEDORE - Richard Harris' death was a loss, and a change was to be expected, but I'm rethinking my past objections to bringing Ian McKellen (Gandalf) into the character. Michael Gabon (The actor that replaced Harris as Dumbledore) has got to lighten up, whiten and lengthen his beard and basically SOFTEN UP Dumbledore! He seems far too gruff, and not nearly the kind of loving, caring headmaster Albus Dumbledore was written to be.
I hate railing on something I love as much as the Harry Potter series, so I'll end here... let's cross our fingers that Mike Newell will being the movies back where they belong!

Sunday, June 06, 2004

In Memorium

Ronald Wilson Reagan

Those three words, when placed together stir memories, emotions, and contemplations probably more profound and meaningful than any three in our modern times. Millions loved him, millions hated him, and tens-of-millions feared him.

To listen to the commentary of the last couple of days, since President Reagan passed away, each reporter seems to be stumbling over the other to project a self image as "one of the few" who "really got it" in regards to Reagan's long term vision, his humor, and his controversal stands. It's Monday-morning quarterbacking at its best. Everyone seems to have known that Reagan's increased military spending would drive the USSR into bankruptcy. Everyone seems to have known that "Mr. Gorbachov, tear down this wall!" would be a statement for the ages. The Pershing missles in Europe? Well, of course that was the smart and wise move.

As I recall, not one of these expressions came to light in the 80's. Quite the contrary, Reagan was going to get us into a nuclear war with the Soviets, Reagan was a loose cannon, Reagan was a dunderhead with no plan, Reagan's administration was being scripted by others- not the President, Reagan was a gun-toting cowboy firing his six-shooters recklessly.

They say "as Aquarians think, so the world will in 50 years." In the meantime, they are usually viewed as crackpots, wierdos, impractical nincompoops. So it seems with Reagan. Today, everyone sees his "big plan", his "ideals", his "great convictions." At the time, he was the teflon President, the Great Communicator (which more often than not was a deriding comment, not a compliment but rather akin to "He can talk his way out of anything".)

It is such a relief to see that Reagan is finally being praised for the gutsy, innovative, loyal, couragous, committed man that he was! I, myself, felt his loss over the years and Saturday was a bit of a relief. As Mayor Gulianni said, "[Saturday has been] a sad, sad, day... but it's been a sad day for many years" Like 3 of the other Aquarian Presidents we have had (FDR, Wilson and Lincoln), he saw us through very trying times of war, and dreamt of a better future. Might I remind you at this point, that the Cold War was the longest, most expensive, expansive war ever fought by the US with the most horrific of possible outcomes.

His vision went years beyond his two terms in office, always looking to the future and the horizon. His love for the American individual was matched only by a passion of what makes this country the greatest in the world, our dedication to freedom, liberty, and self-determination. He was many things, an actor, a union leader, a lifeguard, a Governor, a horseman, a President... but more than anything else... He was the American.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Why the media is liberal...

It used to amaze me how the double-faced nature of the press was often so blatant and transparent.
A few quick examples ... Right now, we are in an economy that is not so different than the eight years of Clinton... Last year employment rose in 44 of the 50 states, and *unemployment* hovers at or below 5.6% (less than the national averages in the 70's 80's or 90's) There is no mention of this in the mainstream press, nor that the 9/11 attacks directly resulted in 1,000,000 lost jobs.... or that the internet bubble and corporate scandals (which have shaken consumer confidence) all took place *before* January 2001.
Saddam was a worse tyrant than Slobodan Milosevic, and was in fact a far greater threat to the US than Slobie, the UN didn't approve our actions in Kosovo... and yet none of the criticisms thrown at Bush were thrown at Clinton.
The bias is obvious!
But why? Why would the press so often lean left instead of the centrist "objective" path they are ethically supposed to take?

The liberal left and the media have two very "sympatico" traits about them that make them perfect bed fellows:

1) "We have more knowledge than you. We are enlightened. We can't explain to you simpletons in a short news report, a short newspaper column, or in a sound bite all the complexities of these issues, so we graciously give you the pieces we know you need. You need to trust us, and you should.... after all, we are so much smarter and better informed than you."

2)"It is our job to look after you... to take care of you... to baby you and spoon feed you. Knowledge is power, and aren't we the benevolent ones giving you the scraps of knowledge from our table.

With the liberals, it is a sense that power (in the form of entitlements, govn't programs, and "assistance") is bequeathed by them to the "people." They are great Lords sharing the jewels of the realm with the common folk. For the media, they are graciously sharing their infinite knowledge with us simple folk.

In both instances, the "giver" holds an image of a benevolent master giving to the underlings. Along with it comes great condescension, arrogance, and classism. What is given (be it knowledge or power) is limited to what is in the best interests of the giver.

Robert Byrd will be praised for this civil rights move or another, yet will not denounce his deep involvement with the Klu Klux Klan. Kennedy can call Bush a liar, yet has never been held accountable for the 15-minute-long drowning of a 28-year-old-girl in his car. The liberals, and press, shouted sex! sex! sex! when the issues of impeachment were lying to a federal grand jury, perjury, and obstruction of justice... the EXACT same actions that forced Richard Nixon from office!

The problems with "benevolent" givers like the liberals and the press are many. Most particularly that they can choose what to give and what to keep, that they have an innate power that is only deepened by their largesse (the more they give, the more we crave... thereby the more power they have over us). Most importantly, their "giving" creates an image of generosity while in fact they are only giving that which serves their own interests... thay are ANYTHING but generous! When the American citizen is so beholden to a group, he can not be independent, and this is the greatest crime of the media and the Democrats. They seep freedom from the individual while duping him/her into thinking they are actually giving him/her something. What they creat is an environment of dependancy, and that goes against the very nature of the American culture.

The press and the liberals strive to maintain control and power and influence over the simpleton masses, while claiming selfless benevolence. This is the very nature that holds these two groups so closely together.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Shrek 2, or why can't most sequels be this good?

Chaz, my eldest son, and I ventured off this weekend to the movie theatre and enjoyed hours of really, REALLY good fun. Really, Really!
Shrek 2 was clever, witty, held the best parts of Shrek 1 and did a pretty good job of dropping the most crass and sophomoric parts of the first movie that lessened my enthusiasm for it.

At first, I tried to direct Chaz in the direction of Van Helsing, or another movie - somewhat leery of the "let down" potential of a sequel. Honestly, I was concerned that the fart jokes and such would be MORE prevalent after the success of the first Shrek.

Quite to the contrary, Shrek 2 steps away from the "dumb and dumber" simpleton gags and goes for cleaner (I won't venture far enough to say "wholesome") visual/verbal humor. It was a perfect blend of childhood fun and not-so-childish laughs.

Chaz and I are already repeating our favorite lines in normal conversation (a very good sign for any movie.)

The plot: Shrek and Fiona are living happily in Shrek's swamp when they receive an invitation to the land of "Far Far Away" where Fiona's parents are King and Queen. Shrek is typically nonplussed at meeting the in-laws, and he doesn't even know the half of it! The King is set to have Shrek assassinated so Fiona can marry Prince Charming. Donkey tags along because he and his Purple Dragon beloved are "on the rocks." The hired assassin, Puss in Boots, becomes a member of the Shrek-Fiona-Donkey entourage, and adds an even greater dimension of fun to this worthy trio.

If you liked Shrek 1, you're gunna' feel like Shrek 1 was just an hors d`oeuvre to the tasty, filling, and glorious main course that is Shrek 2. If you didn't like Shrek 1, or (gasp!) haven't seen it, then you should still see the sequel... it's that good!

I must interject here; it was SO refreshing to see Eddie Murphy in a quality flick after (what I consider) such a fluff piece of caca that was "The Haunted Mansion." He sorely needed to reclaim his status as a talented movie actor and comedic master... thank heavens for Shrek 2!

Monday, May 24, 2004

The biggest mistake of Viet Nam

Iraq is on the verge of discovering something many countries have learned in the past... that being "defeated" by the United States is one of the best things that can happen to a nation. (A 1959 satirical movie called "The Mouse The Roared" was built entirely up on the premise of a small country declaring war on the United States just so they could reap the rewards of defeat.
link -

After we defeated Germany in 1945, we rebuilt the entire country AT OUR OWN EXPENSE. Nowadays, Germany can hardly be considered a "puppet" government of the USA, although many are suggesting that is what Iraq is being set up as.

After we defeated Vichy France in 1945, we rebuilt the country AT OUR OWN EXPENSE. Nowadays, France can hardly be considered a "puppet" government of the USA.

After we defeated Japan in 1945, we rebuilt the country AT OUR OWN EXPENSE. Nowadays, although friendly to the United States, Japan can hardly be considered a "puppet" government of the USA.

After the USSR fell in the 1990's, we sent billions of dollars to rebuild the country and stabilze the economy... our biggest nemesis for nearly 50 years, but their loss in the cold war didn't stop us from giving them a hand-up and help them into the modern economy. Nowadays, Russia can hardly be considered a "puppet" government of the USA.

After we wiped out the Taliban and defeated Afghanistan last year, we began rebuilding the entire country AT OUR OWN EXPENSE. Today, the Afghanis are already showing great independence and can hardly be considered a "puppet" government of the USA.

I'm sure you get the pattern here. The generosity of Americans (particular after we have faced an adversary in war) is legendary. We rebuild entire countries and do not demand some Roman tribute, which would be justified and fitting (to defray costs of building a better, more advanced country than the one we found.)

If North Vietnam had been smart, they would have allowed us to win that police action, and today they would be a prosperous, thriving contender in the world markets.

One can only assume Syria and Jordan are feeling tinges of jealousy that Iraq will be soon the most advanced country in the Middle East. Perhaps they are secretly hoping the US will go after them next and they too can reap the benefits of defeat.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

We all fear "running off"....

Today, while shopping at King Soopers (our local Kroger grocery store), the frantic and scolding voices of parents reprimanding their child caught my ear.

"You know better than to run off! You scared us to death! What were you thinking?"

As I rounded the corner, I noticed that the child in question was probably three or four years old - that special and fleeting age wherein everything and everybody is a new experience, a new adventure, and a wondrously fresh experience. That age where we dream of running barefoot over mountains just to see what lies beyond. Maybe a unicorn is just over the ridge... maybe waterfalls that glisten with every color of the rainbow and splash gold, green, and purple droplets on the surrounding flowers (which are made of bubble gum and sugar sweets of course.)

Now, it has long been a pet peeve of mine that Americans have lost our innate desire to "think outside the box." This manner of creativity and imagination is one of the many corporate catch-phrases for someone who is by nature unconfined by the status quo. Speakers are paid thousands upon thousands of dollars by major corporations to teach employees how to "think outside the box." Obviously, it was someone thinking outside the box who discovered that you didn't need vinyl in order to reproduce sounds... or that a sewing needle with the "eye" at the pointed end would make the sewing machine possible. (see this story for an interesting take on how this particular invention came about - ) All the greatest inventions and innovations have come from "thinking outside the box... ALL of them!

Our entire country was built by men like Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, and Monroe who (by the standards of the day) thought so far outside the box that they were labeled "idealists" "eccentric" or just outright "insane." Our culture, that unique amalgamation of freedom and tolerance, of ingenuity and non-conformist attitudes - created the most advanced civilization the world has ever known... however, we have lost that creative edge.

This brings us back to my encounter with the young family. Could it be through our over-protectiveness of our children that we stifle our natural instincts to go beyond? Do we give to our children (at the ripe age of 5 or so) a fear of the unknown? We warn them of the dangers of bicycle riding without a helmet... even though riding a bike is hardly the most dangerous thing they will do on a daily basis... we tell them not to talk to strangers, even though approaching and listening to those we are unfamiliar with is the ONLY way we can become truly empathetic to the beliefs and feelings of others... we tell them to stay close and not get lost, even though exploration and discovery is in our very nature.

It seems to me, that if the parents in the store had been as focused on their child as they were on which brand of toothpaste was on sale, that they could have watched her explore an entirely new world. They could have enjoyed the wonder and excitement in her eyes, and taught her a valuable lesson that exploring is okay... 'cause mom and dad will be there to watch and make sure you are okay until you can venture on your own. We are essentially teaching our children to look after themselves because it is too much of a hassle for us to do it. It was not the child's responsibility to "not wander off." It was the parent's job to keep a watchful eye on her. The parents failed that task, so what happens? They yell at the little girl. No wonder we need to unlearn what is drilled into our heads at so young an age... namely... stay within the box, 'cause I don't wanna' hafta' go looking for you.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Michael Moore, The big fat vulture

In 1989, a hitherto unknown "film maker" basking in well deserved anonymity and obscurity decided to create a "humorous look at how General Motors destroyed Flint Michigan." Michael Moore, the 35-year-old (at the time) eternally pubescent Jabba The Hutt and current reigning King of Hearts in Hollywierd, began his illustrious career by filming the misery, the hardships, and heartaches of workers in Flint Michigan who had lost jobs through downsizing.
Michael Moore boasts that he borrowed the $160,000 it took to film the "documentary." The film has grossed over $6,706,000.oo. How much of that money went to the downtrodden in Flint that made this movie the "success" it was?

In 2002, Moore came to Colorado to "document" the Columbine High School Tragedy and assail the gun industry. Like his earlier works, there was much self-serving, egotistical grandstanding and many saw this as a Moore-vehicle rather than anything of true substance. Many considered it little more than a 120-minute "disinfomercial" for the anti-gun lobby.
With a budget of 4 million dollars, "Bowling for Columbine" has received over 100 million dollars in DVD Sales alone. The Box office receipts are ponderous, and you can see them here
In short, HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of Dollars, and has one victim of the Columbine massacre seen one red cent of that money?

Now, Moore releases "Fahrenheit 911, The temperature at which freedom burns."

It is only now that the pattern becomes obvious. Like a drug addict who starts with the small stuff, and works up to heavy-duty narcotics, Michael Moore first fed off misery, now he feasts upon corpses. Like a vulture, he scours the United States for those in distress, injured, or killed, swoops in and makes millions upon millions of dollars off of their loss.
Ambulance chasing lawyers at least provide a service to their client, but Moore, gorges on the burnt, the shot, the bleeding, and the dead... fills his coffers and moves to the next group of victims. I doubt that any of the proceeds from this latest tripe will find its way to the firefighters, the policemen, the victims in New York, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, or their families!

Michael Moore will once again feast on the despair of others and await his next buffet of dead bodies. One can only assume a "documentary" about the Daniel Pearl and Nicholas Berg executions is in the works.

For more on the lies in "Bowling for Columbine" check out

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Okay.. so *thats* what you call torture??

So That’s what you call torture?

Okay, forgive me if I seem insensitive on this, but my big problem is that I watched the full video of the Nicholas Berg execution BEFORE looking at the pictures of the abuse at Abu Ghraib.

In that video I saw 4 minutes of dissertation in Arabic, while Mr. Berg knelt blindfolded and bound in front of his 5 assassins.

Side thought - I wish there were a less respectful term for the 5 butchers of Nicholas Berg, "assassins" conjures images of a slick James Bond-type working on behalf of King and Country, or even John Wilkes Booth, who-although cowardly and fanatical- had a conviction in his beliefs and was fully prepared to die defending those beliefs.... these scum didn't show their faces, never faced their victim like men, and are the most cowardly excuses of human beings ever laid onto videotape.

As the video proceeded, the collected butchers shifted their weight in a couldn't-care-less, let's-get-on-with-this attitude of impatience and casualness, as if slaughtering a human being was just one more thing on their list of chores for the afternoon. When the diminutive speaker had finished reading from his prepared speech, Nicholas Berg was kicked onto his side and wrestled to a prone position like a sheep to be sheared. Considering that Mr. Berg's hands and feet were bound, this showed incredible strength and ability on the behalf of the Arabs (/sarcasm.) I then expected to see some large machete, sword, or other sizable blade come forth for the execution. After all, even in brutality, some things like expedience are expected. Didn't you see the movie "Anna and the King" where Tip Tum and Lun Tha are disposed of?

Not in this case. The butchers took a small knife, no more than 8 inches long and cut repeatedly into the neck of their victim as he struggled under the scrum of murderers. The slaughter was time consuming, and anything but swift. The carving of flesh in this video makes the guillotine seem blissfully humane. Behind his mask, Nicholas Berg struggled for what must have seemed an eternity in the dark for his life, for freedom, for release... The very same freedom, he and other Americans and Brits had brought to millions of Iraqis. Now he was giving his life so that others would have a better one. In the video, his struggle is a morbid gyration of stretching, crawling, twisting to get away from his captors as they continue to puncture and carve at his throat. As he stretched his neck forward, in the classic move of struggle, the Arabs would once again slash at the open and vulnerable flesh beneath the chin. He was still alive while the massive puddle of blood amassed beneath him. I must honestly say that I am unaware if there was a "Perseus holding the head of Medusa" pose in the video (a-la the Daniel Pearl execution), I couldn't watch that far into the video. A man, bound and blindfolded, struggling and writhing in a pool of his own blood as his life was slipping away from him in the most brutal display of inhumanity was too much to take.

I imagine the description I have written has made your stomach turn, which was its intent. You see... I know many of you will never see the video, and will be blissfully unaware of the horrific images. Just as many have never seen, or have conveniently forgotten the images of individuals intentionally jumping out an 80th story window to escape being burned alive in a pool of aircraft fuel on September 11th.

Those images are just too much for us to comprehend and assimilate. So we ignore them.
But we can't ignore them!!!!!
Not when we think that some pictures from an Iraqi prison (that contain little more offensiveness than a fraternity hazing) are somehow worthy of the intense focus they have been given.

To look at Abu Ghraib in such light of condemnation while we forget the hell that Nicholas Berg went through, or Daniel Pearl, or the 4 contractors who were beaten and burned - their bodies hung from a traffic bridge... is uncalled for, illogical, and shameful.

Kerry's lovely offspring......

The Lovely Ms. Kerry

Did you guys catch this picture of Miss (or is it Mz.?) Alexandra Kerry, daughter of presumed democrat contender John Kerry? Once again, that good example of the immodesty of a liberal... or is it the Kerry family strict adherence to Catholic values?

The number one question I guess is, was the transparency of her dress intentional or just a "wardrobe malfunction"?

If it was intentional, then the flashes (no pun intended) of another Clintonesque era of and immodesty are alarming to someone who finds public displays of indecency...well.. indecent. If it was a fau pas, then what the blazes was she thinking ????? Does she not have the mental capacity to understand that certain materials are transparent under bright lights (such as camera flashes.) I've seen similar photos of Christina Ricci, Winnona Ryder, and a handful of other red-carpet walkers and always wondered if the translucency was by intent. In the Hollywood scene where shock and eye-catching is a well learned, rehearsed, and practiced art, I've usually assumed that they knew fully well what they were wearing... and the reaction it would get.

But this woman is the daughter of a Presidential candidate. Should she not get as much grief, ridicule, and exposure as the daughters and nieces of the President?

Biting the hand that saves your life.....

Biting the Hand That Saves you

Granted, the 9-11 Commission is mandated to find faults surrounding the greatest attack on American soil ever, and regarding Abu Ghraib one can hardly argue that the perpetrators of illegal treatment of Iraqi prisoners don’t warrant investigation and punishment. But the ferocity of the attacks from Congress and the Commission has the tenor of a pit bull salivating at the smell of blood.

When the Commission starts demeaning the first-responders of New York City (as they have this past week),they need to take an enormous step back and realize that they are attacking the men and women who prevented that tragic day from being even worse! Of course communication between police and firemen was flawed that day, no one (not even the NYPD or FDNY) was prepared for the enormity of the attacks, or the unparalleled extent of destruction. Here in Colorado, we ran into similar problems during the much smaller incident at Columbine High School.

Have American forgotten just how shocked and incredulous we all were that terrible morning? Today, the media, and our lawmakers are acting as if planes flying into our largest buildings and the Pentagon were to be as expected as Jay Leno being on the tonight show.

Yes, mistakes were made. If life were perfect, Bin Laden would have been put behind bars immediately after the first WTC bombing. If life were perfect, Saddam would never have gassed hundreds of thousands of his own people, and never would have pursued further developing his nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. If life were perfect, we wouldn't need to send troops half way across the globe to liberate the world of a loose cannon with genocidal and imperialistic tendencies.

Life isn't perfect, but what is the use in attacking those that did their best in a horrific and unforeseen day of calamity? My guess is that the rampant pointing of fingers on the hill serves one purpose alone... the furthering of individual and party political ends. If that be the case, every American should be as disgusted and revolted as they were by ANY picture released from Abu Ghraib.

A Test of Charles' New Blog

Everyone has an opinion, no doubt.

Although there is really no true "qualification" required to share one's opinions, particularly in a society as free, opinionated, and filled-with-experts as the United States, I feel compelled to give a short description of who I am, and why my opinions merit a moment or two of your time.

I am a Colorado native who grew up in a political household. My father was a politician back in the days they were referred to as "statesmen." Discussions with my father about elections, foreign affairs, and world events were more common than baseball scores. He and I shared a love of history, particularly early American history and Empirical history (The rise of the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Babylonians, and so on...)

The same blood that ran through the veins of Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, Martha Washington, and other American founders runs through mine, by my relation to Lawrence Lewis (George Washington's adopted son and President Jefferson's Private Secretary).

My political beliefs are the result of a voracious love of the writings of the late 1700's and the growth of this "great experiment" called the United States of America.

I have been an entertainer for the great majority of my life. I began singing in musical comedies at the age of 4 in a production of George M! and have been on stage ever since. I wanted to be an astronaut, and actually got to be casual friends with Jack Swigert, the Command Module Pilot on Apollo 13 (Kevin Bacon played him in the movie.)

In 1985, I was given an appointment to the US Air Force Academy, but foolishly turned it down when I found out I would never be a pilot due to eyesight restriction. At the time, signing over 8 years of my life to school and service was too daunting if I wouldn’t get my wings.

Instead, I joined the US Navy Reserve as an Avation Structural Mechanic, fixing F-14 Tomcats and FA-18 Hornets.

I came back to Denver and got a full time job at a bar called “Packards” which essentially was a Studebakers or Fudruckers with alcohol, a dance floor and a complete 1950’s theme. Through working there, people saw a resemblance to Elvis in my face, eyes, and shape, and encouraged me to “do Elvis.” I never imagined it would become a full time profession, much less that I would perform for Presidents, CEO’s, rock stars, and travel around the world entertaining millions of Elvis fans.

Today I’m a divorced single father of two boys, ages 9 and 12.

My professional webpage is