Wednesday, May 19, 2004

A Test of Charles' New Blog

Everyone has an opinion, no doubt.

Although there is really no true "qualification" required to share one's opinions, particularly in a society as free, opinionated, and filled-with-experts as the United States, I feel compelled to give a short description of who I am, and why my opinions merit a moment or two of your time.

I am a Colorado native who grew up in a political household. My father was a politician back in the days they were referred to as "statesmen." Discussions with my father about elections, foreign affairs, and world events were more common than baseball scores. He and I shared a love of history, particularly early American history and Empirical history (The rise of the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Babylonians, and so on...)

The same blood that ran through the veins of Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, Martha Washington, and other American founders runs through mine, by my relation to Lawrence Lewis (George Washington's adopted son and President Jefferson's Private Secretary).

My political beliefs are the result of a voracious love of the writings of the late 1700's and the growth of this "great experiment" called the United States of America.

I have been an entertainer for the great majority of my life. I began singing in musical comedies at the age of 4 in a production of George M! and have been on stage ever since. I wanted to be an astronaut, and actually got to be casual friends with Jack Swigert, the Command Module Pilot on Apollo 13 (Kevin Bacon played him in the movie.)

In 1985, I was given an appointment to the US Air Force Academy, but foolishly turned it down when I found out I would never be a pilot due to eyesight restriction. At the time, signing over 8 years of my life to school and service was too daunting if I wouldn’t get my wings.

Instead, I joined the US Navy Reserve as an Avation Structural Mechanic, fixing F-14 Tomcats and FA-18 Hornets.

I came back to Denver and got a full time job at a bar called “Packards” which essentially was a Studebakers or Fudruckers with alcohol, a dance floor and a complete 1950’s theme. Through working there, people saw a resemblance to Elvis in my face, eyes, and shape, and encouraged me to “do Elvis.” I never imagined it would become a full time profession, much less that I would perform for Presidents, CEO’s, rock stars, and travel around the world entertaining millions of Elvis fans.

Today I’m a divorced single father of two boys, ages 9 and 12.

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