Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Kerry's lovely offspring......

The Lovely Ms. Kerry

Did you guys catch this picture of Miss (or is it Mz.?) Alexandra Kerry, daughter of presumed democrat contender John Kerry? Once again, that good example of the immodesty of a liberal... or is it the Kerry family strict adherence to Catholic values?

The number one question I guess is, was the transparency of her dress intentional or just a "wardrobe malfunction"?

If it was intentional, then the flashes (no pun intended) of another Clintonesque era of and immodesty are alarming to someone who finds public displays of indecency...well.. indecent. If it was a fau pas, then what the blazes was she thinking ????? Does she not have the mental capacity to understand that certain materials are transparent under bright lights (such as camera flashes.) I've seen similar photos of Christina Ricci, Winnona Ryder, and a handful of other red-carpet walkers and always wondered if the translucency was by intent. In the Hollywood scene where shock and eye-catching is a well learned, rehearsed, and practiced art, I've usually assumed that they knew fully well what they were wearing... and the reaction it would get.

But this woman is the daughter of a Presidential candidate. Should she not get as much grief, ridicule, and exposure as the daughters and nieces of the President?

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