Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Biting the hand that saves your life.....

Biting the Hand That Saves you

Granted, the 9-11 Commission is mandated to find faults surrounding the greatest attack on American soil ever, and regarding Abu Ghraib one can hardly argue that the perpetrators of illegal treatment of Iraqi prisoners don’t warrant investigation and punishment. But the ferocity of the attacks from Congress and the Commission has the tenor of a pit bull salivating at the smell of blood.

When the Commission starts demeaning the first-responders of New York City (as they have this past week),they need to take an enormous step back and realize that they are attacking the men and women who prevented that tragic day from being even worse! Of course communication between police and firemen was flawed that day, no one (not even the NYPD or FDNY) was prepared for the enormity of the attacks, or the unparalleled extent of destruction. Here in Colorado, we ran into similar problems during the much smaller incident at Columbine High School.

Have American forgotten just how shocked and incredulous we all were that terrible morning? Today, the media, and our lawmakers are acting as if planes flying into our largest buildings and the Pentagon were to be as expected as Jay Leno being on the tonight show.

Yes, mistakes were made. If life were perfect, Bin Laden would have been put behind bars immediately after the first WTC bombing. If life were perfect, Saddam would never have gassed hundreds of thousands of his own people, and never would have pursued further developing his nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. If life were perfect, we wouldn't need to send troops half way across the globe to liberate the world of a loose cannon with genocidal and imperialistic tendencies.

Life isn't perfect, but what is the use in attacking those that did their best in a horrific and unforeseen day of calamity? My guess is that the rampant pointing of fingers on the hill serves one purpose alone... the furthering of individual and party political ends. If that be the case, every American should be as disgusted and revolted as they were by ANY picture released from Abu Ghraib.

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