Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Case for "Small Government"

The Case for “Small Government”

The very structure of our system of government is bottom-up. The concept “of the people, by the people, and for the people” is not just a string of nice words muttered by Abe Lincoln on a civil war battlefield; the idea is the very foundation and structure of our system of government! When our founders designed our Republic, they wished to assure that the people were always involved in the decisions that would effect their lives. There were limitations at first, and those restrictions of race, color, property ownership, and gender have been remedied bit-by-bit until we now have the universal citizenship many of our founders dreamed of. But as always, the primary source of power rests in the hands of the citizens… or at least it should, that’s what this system was designed for. Today we have adjusted, tweaked, added-to and perverted our system so much that it runs like a Ford 500 engine that has so many modifications that it’s now plagued with wiring problems, leaks, and no longer has the pure horsepower it was built with. The engine was created extremely well with certain structures, restrictions, and physics and there were many good and wise reasons for this:

In part the bottom-up structure addresses a moral imperative – It ensures that an overgrown and overreaching Federal Government cannot impose its will, its dictate, and its force against a subjugated populace. A government at arm’s length cannot strike or injure the citizen.
Secondly, it addresses a spiritual aspect – I have said it many times before, and I will never tire in repeating it, our rights come to us from our creator, not the government. “Governments are instituted among me to protect those rights…” Those aren’t MY words; they are found in our own Declaration of Independence. So the rights, powers, and control come to us, the citizens, from God and we then LOAN whatever rights we wish to the government, keeping the lion’s share for ourselves.
Primarily, however, the bottom-up structure (which to this day is unique in all the world – we are the exception to the global rule of top-down governance) has a very practical and pragmatic characteristic – the larger any entity or organization grows, the more it tends to be fraught with corruption, misappropriations, avarice and greed. Ironic, that the government is the first to notice these vices in business, yet blind to its own abuses!

The cure to this is a limitation in the size of the Federal Government, to return it to the sleek powerhouse engine as it was designed… and to do so for the very same reasons government breaks up massive conglomerations and big businesses. An entire tangent could be followed at this time dealing with exactly HOW the Federal Government is in fact the single largest business in the world, or how its de facto mergers with General Electric, Chrysler, Student Loans, General Motors, AIG, Goldman Sacks, et all… is little more than one monopolistic entity gobbling up its competitors… but lets stick to the subject at hand.

Inasmuch as the citizen is the primary holder of rights in our system of government, it makes little sense to have the other major influence in our lives 3000 miles away in Washington DC. In many ways, this is precisely the resurrected argument of the 1770’s. At that time we, as English colonists, were doing quite well for ourselves. We were as self-sufficient as we could be under sometimes-unreasonable English restrictions. We had endless resources, a strong sense of community, prosperous trade and an advanced communication system that could fill the continent with news of events within a couple of weeks. Due to the advancements of printing and organized dissemination (thanks in large part to Dr. Benjamin Franklin) and the postal carriers (also under Franklin’s influence) Colonists in Charles Town South Carolina received news of the Boston Tea Party in less time than a World War Two soldier’s family would receive a letter from the front lines almost 200 years later! If we had one wish, it was that the King and Parliament would just leave us alone… to be allowed to grow the colonies as we saw fit. When the distant government started to impose taxes on us to pay off war debts and overspending by the Mother Country, most colonists weren’t as upset about the tax increases as they were insulted by the imposition without our consent – at least TALK to us about it before you levy your taxes! This is the same frustration that emerged last August during the much-reported “town hall meetings.”

So, we can settle on the fact that a distant and unengaged government can, and has tended to, act without our best interests in mind. In fact, as with any organization, the larger it grows the more evil, corrupt, and dictatorial it becomes! It can be dogmatic, draconian, and overbearing. At the same time the large infrastructure needed to support such a distant government lends itself to misappropriations, fraud, deceit, corruption, and waste. In short, a large, distant government is never EVER a good thing!

Now don’t think for a minute that we ‘smaller government’ folks want to starve children, endorse unsafe work places, or are Anarchists!! Far from it! We believe in the rule of law, and therefore know government is required to set and enforce those laws. Anarchists believe in no government at all… a bit of a fallacy in and of itself because even the wilds of the Serengeti have a type of government… the lions govern, the hyenas govern and if you are an antelope or wildebeest you are the governed. In truth, no matter where you go on this planet somebody governs someone else! The weak govern the strong; the smart govern the ignorant, and even in the “paradise” of communism, the Politburo governs the masses. What we as… I guess you would call us libertarians….desire is a balance between self-rule and government oversight. Some things we can do for ourselves…take care of our neighbors, our business, our faith, and our pursuit of happiness. We don’t need the government to tell us our coffee is hot, and if we burn ourselves… well, stuff happens! Deal with it and move on!

WE WANT A SMALLER, LESS INTRUSIVE, LESS NANNY-STATE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! For the ethical, practical, spiritual, and pragmatic reasons expressed above we want to drastically shrink the Federal Government until it is no longer involved in our everyday lives! If the federal government is so small that it doesn’t really effect our lives, then we don’t really care how ineffective or corrupt it is. Right now, unfortunately, this distant behemoth controls our incomes, our purchases, our raises, our churches, our food, or communications….EVERYTHING! Such control should never, ever, EVER be farther than a bicycle ride away! Such power should only be held by people we can personally talk to, campaign for, and address over coffee at Starbucks! Such power and control shouldn’t be in the hands of multimillionaires or huge corporations that can “buy” access and influence! The engine wasn’t made for that! We are installing that Ford 500 into a semi-trailer designed for a diesel. We are flipped on our head and attaching more wires and accessories hoping to cure the problems we’ve created. We need to flip everything back, un-capsize the boat, and totally remove all the accessories that are destroying the engine!

The question is HOW do we do it? With such a drastic strip-down required, such a resetting… how do we transform back to they system that made us the wonder of the world, the beacon of liberty to millions, and the vanguard of advancement and freedom? That will be in the next post…. Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just random ADD thoughts from the past week:

The current nominee for the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan, has stated that believes there is nothing wrong with holding and interrogating an American citizen without Miranda Rights, charges, or due process indefinitely if the citizen is suspected of funding a terrorist group.
Yet, she is part of the same political mob that feels it’s inappropriate to ask potential illegals in Arizona for their green cards.
Does this not mean that illegals are being treated even better than American citizens? Have we gotten to a point that illegals are more protected than Citizens?

Speaking of Arizona… Los Angeles has voted to boycott business with Arizona over the new illegals law. Since 24% of LA’s electricity comes from nuclear power plants in Arizona, certain members of Arizona’s state government have suggested LA get their electricity elsewhere. Since there are contracts involved, and Arizona (unlike the Californians) have the integrity to fulfill those contracts…they won’t just cut off the electricity. It would be up to California to have the strength of their convictions and choose to get their electricity elsewhere. In the meantime, shouldn’t Arizona pass a ‘hardship’ tax to offset the revenue lost by the boycotts? I’m not sure how effective it would be since California is bankrupt anyway. I mean, really, what are they going to do, withhold their IOU’s????

SEIU mobs ‘protesting’ Bank of America official - Glenn Beck mistakenly compared this action to the Sons of Liberty going to the house of Governor Hutchison in the days before the revolution… but the only thing I was thinking when I saw these videos was “where’s the burning cross?” This intimidation has a GREAT DEAL more in common with the (Progressives and liberals in the…) KKK than the assembling of the Founding Fathers. The Sons of Liberty were trying to get the attention of an uncaring and unresponsive government… SEIU was just intimidating and terrifying an individual and his family.

The teacher in Houston, Texas who wailed on the student. I was watching the video of the beating and I started listing the actions that would get an Army Interrogator prison time in Leavenworth. Starting with the backing of the student into the corner… that ALONE would have an interrogator in cuffs! So, the lesson to be learned? A teacher in Houston can treat a student worse (an have fewer repercussions) than an interrogator can treat a suicide bomber… an Al-qeada operative… a person sworn to murder American civilians by the thousands.

Conserve, Recycle, and the Smart Grid Years ago, before the Soviet Union fell, we Americans would watch with wonder, incredulity, and pity at the images of Soviets waiting in line to buy toilet paper or other essentials. The Soviets were told by their leaders in Moscow that ‘sacrificing for the common good’ was part of the Soviet lifestyle – the Soviet citizens should see sacrifice as something noble and admirable. We, on the other hand, saw it as a very American trait to overcome such shortages. We would invent, develop, invest, and produce whatever was needed to avoid such hardships. And yet, somewhere along the line, the Progressives told us we have to sacrifice for the common good. From pollution to consumption, to water… in fact, if I recall correctly, water was the first resource we were prompted to conserve.
What happened to American creativity and ingenuity? There was a time instead of saying “take a shorter shower” we would have been working to find a more economical and efficient way to desalinate sea water. We would have worked to advance technology instead of rationing. Now, with the development of the Smart Grid… which can (and probably will) be used to make sure we ration our electrical usage… we are taking a HUGE step towards that Soviet-style “you must sacrifice for the common good.”

The CCX. Have you ever heard of the CCX, the Chicago Climate Exchange? I am amazed at the number of seemingly well-informed friends I have talked with that have NO IDEA what the CCX is!! This is the infrastructure to make Cap-And-Trade work… it is a MASSIVE billion-dollar structure that, upon passage of Cap-And-Trade, will become a second Wall Street! Can you imagine not knowing that an entire Wall Street/NASDAC structure is being built and you didn’t even know about it? Then when you look at the influence peddling and kickbacks within the formation of the CCX, it gets really scary!!! And you probably no nothing about it!

NEWSWEEK - Reagan “not conservative enough” for the modern GOP Some are saying that if Ronald Reagan ran for office today he wouldn’t be conservative enough to get a nomination from the GOP. Although this is obviously a blatant attempt to divide the Reaganites and Reagan Democrats from the more conservative Republicans and Tea Partiers, I think the underlying argument is intriguing. The Tea Partiers aren’t really interested in the ‘D’ or ‘R’ behind someone’s name because they realize Progressives are in both parties. Teddy Roosevelt was just as Progressive and Lyndon Johnson… the party affiliations don’t really mean that much.

Imagine a line numbered from 0 to 10. On the zero end is the label “Anarchy” and at the ten level is “Totalitarian Government Control.” When the Articles of Confederation were passed in the late 1700’s we were somewhere around the 3 level. The Constitution took us to the 5 or so and the Bill of Rights took us back to a 4.

Since then, we’ve drifted towards the 10. Sometimes was took lunges (Reconstruction Era, The Age of the Progressives 1900-1920, FDR’s reign, the Great Society…)

Today we are hovering somewhere around the 8. Business have been taken over… financial institutions Nationalized… the influence of Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae…government dictates in Health Care… Nationalized auto manufacturers, and if Cap-And-Trade passes… OMFG!!! So, yes we have drifted so far away from the foundations of this nation and the will of the Founders, the Tea Partiers and conservative Republicans are looking for someone to take us back towards a level 4 or 5.

Reagan was probably a strong 6 which was good at the time (coming on the heals of Carter , Nixon, and Johnson.) But Obama is a 9 at LEAST and there is an understandable blowback coming in November. It’s not enough to elect a 6 (which will average us out to a high-7 or 8… the Tea Partiers are looking for a 3 or 4 so we can get somewhere around a 5 or 6.

Lastly... ever since Denver passed the "medical" marijuana law you can't go ANYWHERE in Denver without smelling it!! A few nights ago I was walking up the 16th Street Mall... enjoying the beautiful Denver night (not too hot or cold, just a slight breeze... I LOVE this weather!!) and of the three blocks I walked from Light Rail to the bus stop TWO WHOLE BLOCKS reeked of pot! I watched some conventioneers obviously in town visiting just about throw up at the stench... and I thought, "wow! this is gunna' do WONDERS for our reputation and convention business!"

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful, wonderful week ahead.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The meritocracy of mediocrity

May 16, 2010

Tonight BBC America showed V for Vendetta. When it first came out, the hype repulsed me from the movie. When anything seems to be artificially pushed into prominence (the rock group Blink, The Incredible Hulk movie…) I tend to avoid it like the plague. Often, I will find my reluctance justified... and other times I will revisit the object of my prejudice – after all the hype has died down – to find my biases were unfounded (as was the case with the Harry Potter series.) When I first saw V for Vendetta, I caught it halfway through and was put off by many of the political stereotypes. Since it was released during the Bush administration and portrayed the evil government with various well-worn accusations against ‘right wingers,’ I saw it as typical Bush-bashing left wing propaganda. I shrugged it off and figured I would revisit it later when I could watch the whole thing.

Since then, over the last year particularly, I have been reading voraciously about the rise and implementation of Fascistic states… Stalin, Mao, Hitler… Wilson and Roosevelt… and upon watching the movie tonight I was impressed with how well it
    replicated the government-fed fear...
    the totalitarian control...
    government created and induced ‘crises’...
    controlled media...(often through the media's laissez faire attitude rather than actually physical government oversight or cooersion!)...
    government stepping in to be the “savior” of said self-induced crises,...
    the ‘us vs. them’ framework of a draconian state…
    fanatical nationalism...
    …as well as the personalization of power and control by the inevitable ‘fuhrer.’
The connection they failed to make was that without exception, all fascist dictators have been leftists… against business and capitalism… against private ownership of guns… in favor of unrestricted abortion… pushing a government-mandated healthy lifestyle… in favor of environmentalism… in favor of ‘elites’ telling others how to live… But that’s to be expected from Hollywierd.

I realize this particular movie was pushed and produced by those who sincerely felt threatened by GW Bush… who honestly felt he led us into Iraq based upon lies, stole the 2000 election, was planning on using the Patriot Act to keep himself in power… or any of another mischaracterizations of the former President, but I can still appreciate certain aspects of the film. In fact, I can potentially see it becoming one of my favorite movies. It’s almost a 1984 or Brave New World with a happy ending. It is what the common man can do to defeat an overbearing, oppressive government. It is what the colonists did in the 1770’s and it’s what we all wish the Germans had done in the ‘30’s and ‘40’s.

Another aspect struck me, however…a small yet significant side issue brought up regarding the victimization of gays and lesbians. Granted, Hitler persecuted the GLBT community… as do the Islamofascist extremist governments today. (A.D.D. moment- GW Bush never treated the GLBT community as badly as the Taliban or Iraqi governments… why did’t they kiss GW’s feet for deposing those intolerant regimes?)

Anyway, back onto the track. I finally figured out WHY I have such a disdain for the activist wings of the GBLAT community as well as of the gender-based NOW group or any of a number of racially-based groups like the NAACP, La Raza,, Ku Klux Klan &ct. You see there are two types of people out there in America today. The first group is in line with the Founding Fathers; they believe in a meritocracy.
This group does not begrudge John Elway, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, or even George Soros for making and holding their millions or billions of dollars. If they earned that money through their talent, intelligence, and abilities… more power to them! If they earned it through treachery, deceit, underhanded backroom deals… then they should be shunned and despised. If they earned it illegally, they should be prosecuted. But all these actions rely on judging the merits by which the individuals gained their fortunes……… which should be the ONLY judgment we should place upon them.

The other group… the one currently in power and gaining acolytes by the day, base their values upon on things that require no hard work, no talent, no intelligence, wisdom or creativity.

Who you choose to sleep with, what the color of your skin is, whether you are a ‘protected class’ or how destitute you are. These are the new criteria for how well you are treated by the state and society at large.

    ---Violent or drug-addicted mothers get custody of children not based upon their qualifications as a parent, but their gender.
    ---Construction contracts aren’t awarded by the government based upon their quality of work, efficiency or experience, but by ‘preferred minority status.’
    ---Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton don’t judge a man by the content of his character but by the color of his skin. The same goes for the President’s assessment of the Cambridge Police and the Arizona state troopers.
    ---Colleges don’t admit the best and brightest, but are required by Federal mandates to accept the darkest and poorest – regardless of their study habits or hard work.

More and more we see any semblance of merit discarded while non-meritorious traits are used to judge, endorse, and assist segments of society. Personally, I don’t care who or what a soldier decides to sleep with, only how his/her presence helps the Army achieve its purpose of protecting the country and delivering whoopass upon our enemies. And if the Army believes that someone with polka-dot freckles is disruptive to the mission…well, so sorry polka-dotted friends, you have no place in the military. Join Blackwater or some other NonGovernment Agency… but the military is not the place for you. If the Army decides that guys who listen to Duran Duran aren’t helpful to the mission, I’ll gladly step aside and say “good luck, guys… go get Bin Laden without me!” Why? Because the military’s mission isn’t all about ME… it’s about protecting the country and keeping this country safe. If I can help the mission by serving, great! If I can’t, or if my presence would hinder the mission… then it’s better for the country that I’m not there.

[“Ah! But then aren’t you saying that a person should be disqualified based not upon merit, but upon something else?]

Good counter, but the military is a separate issue in that fairness isn’t the primary goal – the mission comes first, not the political correctness or even fairness… the military can be as unfair as it wishes as long as it gets the job done. In this sense, it is the ONLY organization that I feel it is right to place the ends over the means… the military PROTECTS democracy, it doesn’t PRACTICE it… it never has! I believe that if the military is defeated due to an abundance of political correctness, so-called fairness, or other distractions, nothing else will really matter… ‘cause at that point, fairness, political correctness, gay rights, women’s rights and waterboarding wont matter as much to Americans as the death of a million or more of our fellow citizens. And I, for one, will not sit back watching a mushroom cloud hover over Manhattan and think, “well, at least we didn’t torture anyone.” Tell me something, if there were a dirty bomb detonated a block away from your son or daughter would you be willing to accept the results of not using enhanced interrogations?

But we’re getting sidetracked again; the question is merit. I don’t want anything I didn’t earn! And if I have the choice of getting a house just because I’m of Irish descent or living in an apartment for the rest of my life, I’ll take my chances with the apartment thankyouverymuch!

But so many today, our children particularly, believe that just because they are breathing air, just because their mom’s popped them out in America they are OWED something! This is what the graduations-without-valedictorians, contests-without-winners, participation awards without first- or second-places, and lack of competitions (dare I say bailouts-without-failures?) have created! The meritocracy our Founding Fathers fought and died for is itself an archaic concept! And as is always to be expected when competition, challenge, success and failure are removed from the equation, the environment will inevitably settle to a level of mediocrity.

If you work hard, develop a new and improved mousetrap, and become fantastically successful you will be vilified, taxed and condemned. You will be called a ‘fat cat’ by the President and the majority of your income will be taxed to pay for the 49% of Americans who AREN’T paying any taxes at all.

But if you just go out and @#$%@#$% a person of your own gender, you will be protected, paraded, lionized and told you’re ever so brave and courageous for your…. mmmm…. habits of fornication.

Really?!?! Have we truly gotten to a place in our history where whom I sleep with says something, ANYTHING worthwhile about who I am as a person? Do I really want to hang my reputation, my worthiness as a member of society on who I have sex with? Sex! It’s not exactly an achievement to have sex with someone, or something. Animals do it. It doesn’t take intelligence, hard work, integrity, work ethics, devotion, honesty, or bravery. It’s just sex. And yet THIS is with what we value our own existence? I could say the same for skin color. Does the color of your skin have ANYTHING to do with what kind of person you are… if you’re kind, caring, compassionate, loyal, honest, truthful, tenacious, ethical… ANY of the things that really matter about a person?


Skin color and sexual behavior have NOTHING to do with ANY of that, so why do we even care about it? Much less why do we judge a person’s worthiness on something so unimportant and unevolved? Should we base our values of a person on whether they stand or squat in the restroom? It has just as much significance! I’ve often laughed at ‘taggers’ and graffiti artists… they take pride in doing something my dog does (marking its territory – of course he does it with urine and they do it with spray paint… but it’s essentially the same thing.) Do you really want to be remembered for doing something any schnauzer or dachshund does on a daily basis? Do you really want to be remembered for your sexual habits, something every animal does? Do you really want to be remembered for what color your skin was?

How far down this rabbit hole must we go before people realize there is merit to a meritocracy?

Monday, May 10, 2010

An overview of the Illegals situation

May 9, 2010 - Link =

The Illegal Situation

It amazes me how well the liberal machine works! By subtle nudges of the language of debate, they can obfuscate, confuse and complicate a very simple matter. They are such masters of the manipulation of discourse. In the same manner that they took the issues of perjury, undermining of one branch of government by another, unethical and corrupt maneuverings by public officials, lying, suborning perjury of others, and then tweaked them into the simplistic and puerile “It’s only about sex,” the progressives have now thrown such canards as “hard workers,” “just trying to better their lives,” “human rights,” “bigotry” and “breaking up families” in order to confuse a very well defined problem.

We get mired in how much money is spent by the government supporting each illegal, how much they contribute or take from our economy. We get pulled down in the figures; 11 million, 20 million or 30 million. We address or avoid the number of illegals in our jails, our hospitals, and our welfare offices. I wish instead to address the core principles and beliefs… those rarities that are the very substance of ethics and ideals. Beyond the dollar signs and census numbers; what is right or wrong about being an illegal living and working in the United States?

So many strawman arguments, obfuscations, and distractions have been thrown into the mix, that the core facts have been lost in the din.

If a criminal broke into your house, snuck into your attic and lived there without your permission, would you start introducing him as a member of your family? What if he started handing your silverware, your jewelry, and your cash out the windows to his friends outside the house, would you try to find him a path to family membership? To Mike Huckabee, Lindsey Graham, John McCain and other so-called conservatives I ask, “can I break into your house, eat your food, raid your medicine cabinet, read your books, and send your money to my friends out on the street? Would you recognize that I’m just trying to make a better life for me and my family? Would you allow, even excuse that? Or would you call the cops and have me arrested for trespassing?” I often dream of thousands of peaceful protesters doing just that - engaging in civil disobedience by camping out in the front lawns and back yards of prominent politicians. And when arrested asking, “why are the borders of your property so much more important than the borders of our country?”

Let’s get this straight from the start; illegals are not immigrants. They are trespassers. “Immigrant” implies a desire to relocate and become a member of another country. Illegals have no such desires or goals. They are here not to become Americans but to milk the cow of American wealth and prosperity. They are certainly not undocumented workers anymore than a drug dealer is an unlicensed pharmacist!

They have no respect for out laws.
They have no respect for our culture.
They have no respect for our customs.
They have no respect for our history.
They have no respect for our language.
How can any such individual be considered an American or even a prospective American? Again, THEY ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS!

The cold hard fact is that they are the first group of people in history who have voluntarily crossed our borders and yet have NO DESIRE to become Americans!

This brings up another of the side-arguments. What of the natural born American children of illegals – so-called ‘anchor babies?’ They are American citizens by birth, their parents are not… Do you really wish to break up those families? Do you want to deport the illegal parents and leave the helpless child here? Of course not! No one wants to tear parents from their kids! But let me ask you something. Can a five year old purchase a gun? Can a three year old be judged by a jury of his peers? Can a fifteen-year-old vote in an election? Can a ten year old get married? Of course not. But these are all rights guaranteed to American citizens by the Constitution. Just because there is a right enumerated in the Constitution, it does not mean that such a right can be exercised before an age of majority. Such could be (and should be) the legal case against anchor babies. They should be deported along with their parents. If they wish to return at 21 and exercise their rights as an American citizen, so be it. But the United States shouldn’t be blackmailed into housing, caring for, incarcerating, or supporting illegals just because they timed their illegal border crossing within the last few months of pregnancy! I do not deny little Manuel’s American citizenship, only his ability to exercise that right before he is of legal age… just like the rights to bear arms, drink liquor, vote, or any other right guaranteed by the Constitution.

The overall argument is neither complex not complicated. Illegals are not citizens; they are not bound by the guarantees of our Constitution any more than they are subject to defend that Constitution in event of a draft. They are not entitled to support anymore than they are bound by the taxes they don’t pay. They don’t contribute to the planting or the harvest, and cannot reap the rewards of seeds they haven’t sewn. They do not value our customs, our history, our laws or our language, and should therefore not be forced to express allegiance to a culture they obviously don’t respect. But similarly, they should not be the recipients of our treasure, our graciousness, our charity and our naïveté’.

They have allowed their own country to descend into a failed narco-state, why should we expect they will have any better influence here in America? Quite to the contrary, like locusts they have ruined a country replete with minerals, ores, warm water ports, oil, and manpower. Mexico has everything any country would desire to be prosperous! They were given every possible geographical and geological opportunity and all they have to show for it is poverty, corruption and a populace flooding the borders to get out! Lumber, gold, fishing, tourism, oil, mineral deposits, and ideal trade placement… if they can’t make a golden opportunity like that work, what do we expect them to make of our country?

We cannot accept this parasitic and destructive swarm to engulf our shining city on the hill! They cannot improve our lives or our country; if they could they would have done so in their own country first. In every way possible we must resist this invasion. We must push these malcontents, these illegals, and these parasites back across our southern border. If they can succeed in their own country, then maybe they can come to our shores… but only if they are willing to assimilate. They must have a desire to become part of this great family! They must show they wish to BECOME AMERICANS, not just use America.

Here I must make an appeal to a so-far silent group gravely affected by the influx of illegals. Legal Americans of Latino decent no matter how long you've been here... American Latinos, Mexican-Americans, Cuban-Americans, Puerto Ricans (who are indeed Americans from birth), as well as Immigrants and first-generation Americans of any background who spent countless hours studying for the entrance exams, who have spent thousands of dollars on attorneys, who waited months and years to enter this country legally… YOU MUST STAND UP!

You must separate yourselves from the criminals who are blackening your good name. You! You, the first generation Americans are everything that is good and great about America! You came here for freedom and for opportunity. If YOU do not stand up and distance yourselves from the illegals you will never be recognized for your hours upon hours of commitment, your investment in money and effort… your love, admiration, and loyalty to your new home! You know what is great about America. You said goodbye to the security of your homeland, the peace and familiarity of family and friends. You sacrificed so much just to become an American. But your voice is unheard! You have the biggest dog in this fight, and yet you remain silent! Do you really want your good name, your dreams, your commitment, your honor, your integrity and your character sullied, muddied, ruined, and blackened by these illegals? Do you really want to keep hearing that the problems with illegals are quote- an immigration – unquote problem? You are not illegals, and they are not immigrants! Why must you allow them to steal your good name and honor? Americans… true Americans love you! You are the very best of us! How can you stand shoulder to shoulder with these thugs, these usurpers, these criminals… these people who piss upon everything you stand for, everything you’ve sacrificed for, and everything you’ve worked for?

This problem is not complex, and the solutions are not confounding. They are simple. Any criminal must be punished and convinced to never commit the crime again. The penalties for being caught illegally in the United States must be so grievous that any attempt must be considered foolhardy at best, and terrifying at worst. The penalties for employing an illegal must be so sever that employers won’t even risk the possibility of being caught. At the very least, a company’s license to engage in commerce must be immediately and permanently revoked. Those who approved the hiring of illegals must be jailed.

As far as the illegals, themselves, they found their way to our doors, they can find their way out. If a criminal is caught, they must be treated not as a member of our American family, but as the trespasser he or she is. The Constitution is a legally binding contract between Americans and their government. Illegals are not a party to it, and are afforded no protections under it. That is not to say they have no rights as human beings; only they have no protections under our Constitution. If you wish to have your Miranda rights read to you, then you must pay the entry fee and declare your allegiance to that very document that protects such a right! You do that by immigrating and undergoing the naturalization process. You must show you wish to become a member of this family, as millions upon millions have over the last 600 years.

It takes more than crossing a border to become an American. You either become an American, or you will be treated… not as a second-class citizen… but recognized as being no citizen at all!

We who stand here today to defend our country and our culture are not the descendants of the Know Nothing Party, who were against immigrants of all stripes, but as Americans who embrace our legally and lovingly adopted brothers and sisters. We welcome immigrants with passion and a deep understanding that they remind us… an often jaded and ignorant populace of native-borns… of what is truly great about these United States. America, and being an American is something worth living for, sacrificing for, and even dying for. It is the immigrants that remind us this is a shining city on a hill, a beacon of freedom, liberty, and opportunity in a world sadly lacking in all those things. We stand with our immigrant brothers and sisters. And we condemn anyone who would shortcut the journey of naturalization, who would spit upon the very laws, history, culture and language that we cherish, anyone who would cheapen the title of American citizen! Illegals are neither our bothers nor our friends. They are criminals, thieves interested only in what they can take, not what they can give. They have no desire to contribute to this American family, only to take from it everything they can. If they wish to live here, within our American home, they must show a willingness to respect our rules, our history, and our language. Until then, they are trespassers and burglars who must be treated as all others of their illegal ilk. They must be arrested, detained, and removed from our home!

Charles King Byrne
Denver Colorado 80211