Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just random ADD thoughts from the past week:

The current nominee for the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan, has stated that believes there is nothing wrong with holding and interrogating an American citizen without Miranda Rights, charges, or due process indefinitely if the citizen is suspected of funding a terrorist group.
Yet, she is part of the same political mob that feels it’s inappropriate to ask potential illegals in Arizona for their green cards.
Does this not mean that illegals are being treated even better than American citizens? Have we gotten to a point that illegals are more protected than Citizens?

Speaking of Arizona… Los Angeles has voted to boycott business with Arizona over the new illegals law. Since 24% of LA’s electricity comes from nuclear power plants in Arizona, certain members of Arizona’s state government have suggested LA get their electricity elsewhere. Since there are contracts involved, and Arizona (unlike the Californians) have the integrity to fulfill those contracts…they won’t just cut off the electricity. It would be up to California to have the strength of their convictions and choose to get their electricity elsewhere. In the meantime, shouldn’t Arizona pass a ‘hardship’ tax to offset the revenue lost by the boycotts? I’m not sure how effective it would be since California is bankrupt anyway. I mean, really, what are they going to do, withhold their IOU’s????

SEIU mobs ‘protesting’ Bank of America official - Glenn Beck mistakenly compared this action to the Sons of Liberty going to the house of Governor Hutchison in the days before the revolution… but the only thing I was thinking when I saw these videos was “where’s the burning cross?” This intimidation has a GREAT DEAL more in common with the (Progressives and liberals in the…) KKK than the assembling of the Founding Fathers. The Sons of Liberty were trying to get the attention of an uncaring and unresponsive government… SEIU was just intimidating and terrifying an individual and his family.

The teacher in Houston, Texas who wailed on the student. I was watching the video of the beating and I started listing the actions that would get an Army Interrogator prison time in Leavenworth. Starting with the backing of the student into the corner… that ALONE would have an interrogator in cuffs! So, the lesson to be learned? A teacher in Houston can treat a student worse (an have fewer repercussions) than an interrogator can treat a suicide bomber… an Al-qeada operative… a person sworn to murder American civilians by the thousands.

Conserve, Recycle, and the Smart Grid Years ago, before the Soviet Union fell, we Americans would watch with wonder, incredulity, and pity at the images of Soviets waiting in line to buy toilet paper or other essentials. The Soviets were told by their leaders in Moscow that ‘sacrificing for the common good’ was part of the Soviet lifestyle – the Soviet citizens should see sacrifice as something noble and admirable. We, on the other hand, saw it as a very American trait to overcome such shortages. We would invent, develop, invest, and produce whatever was needed to avoid such hardships. And yet, somewhere along the line, the Progressives told us we have to sacrifice for the common good. From pollution to consumption, to water… in fact, if I recall correctly, water was the first resource we were prompted to conserve.
What happened to American creativity and ingenuity? There was a time instead of saying “take a shorter shower” we would have been working to find a more economical and efficient way to desalinate sea water. We would have worked to advance technology instead of rationing. Now, with the development of the Smart Grid… which can (and probably will) be used to make sure we ration our electrical usage… we are taking a HUGE step towards that Soviet-style “you must sacrifice for the common good.”

The CCX. Have you ever heard of the CCX, the Chicago Climate Exchange? I am amazed at the number of seemingly well-informed friends I have talked with that have NO IDEA what the CCX is!! This is the infrastructure to make Cap-And-Trade work… it is a MASSIVE billion-dollar structure that, upon passage of Cap-And-Trade, will become a second Wall Street! Can you imagine not knowing that an entire Wall Street/NASDAC structure is being built and you didn’t even know about it? Then when you look at the influence peddling and kickbacks within the formation of the CCX, it gets really scary!!! And you probably no nothing about it!

NEWSWEEK - Reagan “not conservative enough” for the modern GOP Some are saying that if Ronald Reagan ran for office today he wouldn’t be conservative enough to get a nomination from the GOP. Although this is obviously a blatant attempt to divide the Reaganites and Reagan Democrats from the more conservative Republicans and Tea Partiers, I think the underlying argument is intriguing. The Tea Partiers aren’t really interested in the ‘D’ or ‘R’ behind someone’s name because they realize Progressives are in both parties. Teddy Roosevelt was just as Progressive and Lyndon Johnson… the party affiliations don’t really mean that much.

Imagine a line numbered from 0 to 10. On the zero end is the label “Anarchy” and at the ten level is “Totalitarian Government Control.” When the Articles of Confederation were passed in the late 1700’s we were somewhere around the 3 level. The Constitution took us to the 5 or so and the Bill of Rights took us back to a 4.

Since then, we’ve drifted towards the 10. Sometimes was took lunges (Reconstruction Era, The Age of the Progressives 1900-1920, FDR’s reign, the Great Society…)

Today we are hovering somewhere around the 8. Business have been taken over… financial institutions Nationalized… the influence of Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae…government dictates in Health Care… Nationalized auto manufacturers, and if Cap-And-Trade passes… OMFG!!! So, yes we have drifted so far away from the foundations of this nation and the will of the Founders, the Tea Partiers and conservative Republicans are looking for someone to take us back towards a level 4 or 5.

Reagan was probably a strong 6 which was good at the time (coming on the heals of Carter , Nixon, and Johnson.) But Obama is a 9 at LEAST and there is an understandable blowback coming in November. It’s not enough to elect a 6 (which will average us out to a high-7 or 8… the Tea Partiers are looking for a 3 or 4 so we can get somewhere around a 5 or 6.

Lastly... ever since Denver passed the "medical" marijuana law you can't go ANYWHERE in Denver without smelling it!! A few nights ago I was walking up the 16th Street Mall... enjoying the beautiful Denver night (not too hot or cold, just a slight breeze... I LOVE this weather!!) and of the three blocks I walked from Light Rail to the bus stop TWO WHOLE BLOCKS reeked of pot! I watched some conventioneers obviously in town visiting just about throw up at the stench... and I thought, "wow! this is gunna' do WONDERS for our reputation and convention business!"

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful, wonderful week ahead.


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