Thursday, May 20, 2004

Michael Moore, The big fat vulture

In 1989, a hitherto unknown "film maker" basking in well deserved anonymity and obscurity decided to create a "humorous look at how General Motors destroyed Flint Michigan." Michael Moore, the 35-year-old (at the time) eternally pubescent Jabba The Hutt and current reigning King of Hearts in Hollywierd, began his illustrious career by filming the misery, the hardships, and heartaches of workers in Flint Michigan who had lost jobs through downsizing.
Michael Moore boasts that he borrowed the $160,000 it took to film the "documentary." The film has grossed over $6,706,000.oo. How much of that money went to the downtrodden in Flint that made this movie the "success" it was?

In 2002, Moore came to Colorado to "document" the Columbine High School Tragedy and assail the gun industry. Like his earlier works, there was much self-serving, egotistical grandstanding and many saw this as a Moore-vehicle rather than anything of true substance. Many considered it little more than a 120-minute "disinfomercial" for the anti-gun lobby.
With a budget of 4 million dollars, "Bowling for Columbine" has received over 100 million dollars in DVD Sales alone. The Box office receipts are ponderous, and you can see them here
In short, HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of Dollars, and has one victim of the Columbine massacre seen one red cent of that money?

Now, Moore releases "Fahrenheit 911, The temperature at which freedom burns."

It is only now that the pattern becomes obvious. Like a drug addict who starts with the small stuff, and works up to heavy-duty narcotics, Michael Moore first fed off misery, now he feasts upon corpses. Like a vulture, he scours the United States for those in distress, injured, or killed, swoops in and makes millions upon millions of dollars off of their loss.
Ambulance chasing lawyers at least provide a service to their client, but Moore, gorges on the burnt, the shot, the bleeding, and the dead... fills his coffers and moves to the next group of victims. I doubt that any of the proceeds from this latest tripe will find its way to the firefighters, the policemen, the victims in New York, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, or their families!

Michael Moore will once again feast on the despair of others and await his next buffet of dead bodies. One can only assume a "documentary" about the Daniel Pearl and Nicholas Berg executions is in the works.

For more on the lies in "Bowling for Columbine" check out

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