Thursday, August 05, 2004

8 words you rarely hear in the Senate

8 words you RARELY hear in the SENATE

"I'm John Kerry and I'm reporting for duty"

Hmmmm ..... His current job is in the United States Senate, and from what I hear, he has been a deserter, AWOL, and done anything BUT report for duty in his current job. So, now we are supposed to believe that he takes "reporting for duty" seriously????

All the hubbub you are hearing today is about the Viet Nam Vets who are campaigning AGAINST Kerry. My words on the subject? GREAT! These are not criticisms coming from GW...which would be a sticky situation... but from fellow swift boat officers and enlisted men, many of which, unlike KERRY served their full 12 moth tours, if not longer. They have a right to voice their opinions and relate their experiences. Once again, the as the Democrat National Convention clearly showed, the liberals are trying to shut up their opponents and quash the 1st Amendment rights of free-thinking individuals.

One thing I'd love to pass on to the Republican National Convention organizers.... VENT NOTHING !!!!!!!!! Let the speakers speak their minds, and show the diverse views and opinions of the GOP!!!! Let America see exactly WHICH political party believes in free expression and doesn't resort to censorship. And make a darn good point of it!

"We have no idea what Mayor Giuliani is going to say... we know he supports the President, and that he will give a great speech, but we don't believe in curtailing or censoring our party members."
"And if he says something that Bush or the party don't agree with, like on a mother's right..??"
"That's the wonderful thing about the GOP... we believe in talking about our differences of opinion, and not shutting up our opponents. The GOP will not play Big Brother with our party members, nor with Americans at all...we believe in free speech."

GW 04
Condi Rice 08
Rice again in 2012

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