Friday, August 27, 2004

Let's just settle this thing.....

As always, Ann Coulter can be counted on to raise issues in a unique and anti-conventional manner. The majority of the op-ed piece consists of the standard argument over who do you believe Kerry+14 or O' Neil+254 Swifties. What caught my eye and gave me a chuckle was the last paragraph:

"Why don't we just give both sides some Swift boats, a few machine guns and lots of ammo, put them on a river somewhere, and let them settle this whole thing like gentlemen once and for all? "

There's a distinct disadvantage for Kerry in this scenario (beyond the 15:1 ratio) ---- A number of the 254 Swift Boat Vets against Kerry are Admirals, Vice Admirals, and other high-ranking Naval Professionals .. the 14 in Kerry's camp aren't nearly a match for the expertise, experience, and military prowess. Hmmmm ... that in and of itself speaks volumns, doesn't it?

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