Friday, September 03, 2004

Watching President Bush's speech BOTH of them

Last night I had the pleasure of watching both of President Bush's acceptance speeches. Right after the 2004 Convention coverage, I found the 2000 acceptance speech from Philadelphia on CSPAN2

Wow! Talk about different times. I was waxing nostalgic.... not for the misuses, abuses, and immorality of the previous administration.... not for Al Gore's this-risky-scheme, and that-risky-scheme.... but for a world Pre 9-11

GW's 2000 oration was almost exclusively dedicated to domestic policies... one can certainly see why he was/is a moderate republican. He has never been a rabid fiscal conservative... and that's not a bad thing. His proposals then, and still today, are designed as programs to wean the American public off of the government rather than a permanent lifeline. It was the same then as it is today.

What REALLY struck me was the sheer number of proposals and programs itterated in the acceptance speach that are no0w accomplishments.... welfare refore, perscription drug med reform, tax relief, school accountability, no child left behind... on and on.

He was such a young, vibrant, optimistic, glowing man in 2000..... not the serious, considered, and cautious man we see now. Not that the growth is a bad thing... he's been through a great deal and has matured through the experience. The United States aged by years on one September morning, and the aging of the nation reflects on the face of a concerned and empathetic leader.

What I saw in the contrast between the 2000 and 2004 convention speaches was the nievete' , the innocence, the unbridled optimism dimmed, but certinly not lost... dented but not destroyed.... yellowed but not abandoned. GW is a strong man... much stronger than the smirks and grins and sparkling eyes 4 years ago would indicate. But the strength that comes from hardship also tends to come with silent resolve and a guarded soul. One can not face adversity, hardship, or pain, and not be unaffected..... I thank God that GW has changed... it shows maturity and growth. But his soul is still the optimistic, caring, compassionate, spiritual soul I grew to love 4 very, very long years ago.

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