Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Black and Blue sky

First off, I gotta' say, "WHOOO HOOOO!! I Got a comment!!" I wasn't sure if anyone was wandering into this rest area of the info super highway, so it's invigorating to see some feedback. After all, I'm not a James Carville or Rush Limbaugh who dictates his "pearls of wisdom" to the world, and expects total compliance with any listeners.... I PREFER and DESIRE opposing views, it's the only possible way to learn the values and views of others and see things from a different angle.
To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson ...'if you find yourself in the company of friends who always agree with you, get some new friends'

Okay, on to the post ..*

Is anyone else getting the idea that if President Bush said the sky was blue today, Kerry would immediately call a press conference to say it was in fact black? To see Senator Kerry ripping into Iraq's Prime Minister Allawi made me realize that this guy has REALLY been guzzling the Bush-haters' Kool aid and is developing his own recipie to boot. (BTW -speaking of Kool Aid- did you know that more people died at the hands of Jim Jones in one day than American soldiers have died in 2 years in Iraq?) Kerry has become one of those Cliff Clavin malcontents who will disagree with anything and everything "Bush"...... ta' Hell with facts or experience. If the Pope praised any action of President Bush, I have no doubt that "good Catholic" Kerry would immediately call the Holy Father a "papist" just to be disagreeable. Prime Minister Allawi has spent day after day after day IN Iraq... he KNOWS what's going on FIRST HAND.... unlike Kerry who hasn't been to Iraq and is obviously getting his information from CBS. He hasn't even spent time in the Intelligence Committee meetings of the Senate... so where is he getting his intel? As I said ...CBS.
To me, it's the equivilent of watching First Officer Murdoch ordering the covers removed from the lifeboats... the campaign is going down and going down fast... and Captain Carville on the DEM-Carpathia can't get there in time. So let's rearrange the deck chairs, polish the brass, and pretend there's nothing wrong... but all the while, shoot your revolver, scream, shout, and be discontent. After all, it shows that you are still in control. "Nearerrrrrr My Goooooooodd toooo theeeeeeeee"

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  1. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Well, I have to agree but Kerry has little choice but to offer a stark contrast in views with Bush. He would have no hope if he offered much of the same. I think this puts him in a disengenuous mode and, hopefully, the negativity turns many Americans off.


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