Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The irony continues

The last few days I've spent hopping in and out of Yahoo chat rooms... political chat rooms mostly. Now, going into these rooms you naturally expect the normal "I hate Bush, he's a poopy pants, brainless deserter.. yada, yada, yada" But what struck me as humorous last night was that I was told the United States should stop involving itself in "other peoples' matters" .... that the US has created worldwide distrust and dislike by affecting pro-American changes in El Salvador, Guatemala, and a laundry list of other "coups, overthrows, economic santions..." and further medling.

Then came the irony... the person telling me this was CANADIAN!

Was she not doing EXACTLY what she criticized the US for doing - trying to influence the events of a country that was NOT her own?? I guess it's okay for Al Queda to influence elections in Spain (or as has been rumored, they will try to dictate the elections here in the US) but when the US has influenced elections... that's Imperialism and Colonialism.. right.... more ironies to come, no doubt.

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