Saturday, October 30, 2004

Elliminate absentee ballots NOW!

Tonight I escorted my mother to an Election Judge orientation meeting. First off, I was incredibly impressed by the tamper resistance of the touch screen method of voting, as well as the back-up, back-up and third back-up protections these touch screens have!!! Tampering would take a great amount of skill, specialized equipment, and at least 20 minutes of invested time JUST to remove the access panel.... so fraud with the machines themselves would be difficult in the extreme to say the least. furthermore, time-stamped vote tabulation (not allowing votes after the polls have closed-except for the provision of those waiting in line) and two hard copies of the vote totals and a locked hard drive for each polling place.... the measures are inclusive and dang near tamper proof in regards to the machines themselves.
What worries me now, is the chance of double- and triple-voting by unprincipled multi-registered voters (ala' Chicago's cemetary vote). The DEMS who seemed to have mastered voter fraud in the 1960 election have found new and more nefarious ways to circumvent the one-person one-vote laws! In the last Presidential election , TENS OF THOUSANDS of Democrats were registered in both New York and Florida.... how many of them voted? And by how many votes would President Bush have won if these duplicitous scoundrels had not chosen to "vote early and often"?
The solution as I see it is this:
1) Make election day a National Holiday! I would gladly give up Labor Day, Martin Luther King's Birthday.... Veterans OR Memorial Day (these can be combined into one easily - so not BOTH, by ANY means)... for the chance to give our vote the National Recognition it deserves.
2) A citizen MUST VOTE IN PERSON. "But what about folks traveling/students at college....?" you say. For this provision, ONE and ONLY one voting location would be open from the first Tuesday in October to the first Tuesday in November in each county. This one location would be HIGHLY supervised and treated as any other voting precinct. To vote at this location you must show a travel voucher or student enrollment papers proving that you will be out of town on election day. Those who can't make it home that month would still be allowed to cast a ballot within 6 months before the election , but only in person and AT the Secretary of State's office at the State Capitol.
3) Voter registration would be closed on October 1st of the election year. This gives the State a chance to cross-check names and birthdates between counties and purge all but the most recent registration of a person's name with a matching birthdate.
4) Provisional Ballots and Absentee ballots would be no longer used or permitted.

It is the DUTY of every American to vote, to be registered to vote, and to assure that their registration is made in such a timely manner that their registration will be processed BEFORE election day! We have opened a Pandora's Box of potentially rampant fraud with this early voting crap and the lid must be closed HARD and FAST!
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