Wednesday, November 10, 2004

It's finally over

Well, the ballots are counted, the people have voted (in greater numbers than ever before)... and IT'S FINALLY OVER!!
I can not recall a single election I so desperately wanted "to get over with" than this last one. From Michael Moore's hatred to George Soros' trying to buy an election for his buddies, this was the filthiest campaign I've witnessed.... and I've seen some doozies!
Not only did George W. Bush win the popular vote, AND the Electoral College... he not only beat John Freekin Kerry..........he beat, Dan Rather, Kitty Kelly, The Today Show, 26 MILLION dollars of the aforementioned Mr. Soros, and the double, triple, and 35-times-over registrations of so many Democrats. How many votes would good 'ol GW won by had the Democrats only voted ONCE, I wonder? Double voting couldn't even beat GW!
I am most thankful that the armies of hatred... TRULY EVIL hatred must retire to their camps and lick their wounds. As I have mentioned before, it's one thing to disagree with someone (as many of us did with Bill Clinton)... but this campaign brought out the ugliest form of HATRED imaginable. From my experience, 99% of it was aimed directly at the President. It was pure, undistilled evil from the blackest reaches of Satan's bowels.... I hope all you hate-mongerers out there are happy with your ugly souls!
For those who don't believe there is a ongoing war between the forces of good and evil, just remember that the two most influential movies of 2004 were Farenheit 911 and the Passion of The Christ..... you can't get much clearer than that.
Oh! and as far as the British rag Daily Mirror's headline "How can 59, 054, 087 people be so DUMB?" It shows a great lack of intelligence on the part of the Mirror's editorial staff. Evidently they are too ignorant to know that the word "dumb" indicates an inability to speak. I for one can attest that the United States does not have such an affliction of speechless individuals.

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