Monday, July 26, 2004

And they're off!!!

Tonight (Monday) marked the begining of the Democrat National Convention in Boston.  Has anyone mused over the fact that Kerry is good friends with the French... The French have a very large and powerful Islamic movement, and the fact that most of the 9-11 Highjackers boarded their last fatefull flights at logan airport in Boston?

I'm not delving into any whacko conspiracy stuff (I'm not Michael Moore, after all)... only pointing out a haunting and telling coincidence.  What IS relevant, however, is that all I could think of during Bill Clinton's speech tonight was this -  he was standing only a few miles from where 10 Islamic hijackers - that HE allowed into the country and HE allowed to train on our own soil throughout most of his tenure as President - boarded flights UA 175 and AA11 which would fly into the World Trade Center.  This would be akin to O.J. Simpson giving a speech about domestic violence only blocks away from Rockingham.  In most cases I find liberal hypocricy laughable or silly, but this irony only turned my stomache.

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