Thursday, July 29, 2004

Kerry gives election to Bush

With a lackluster acceptance speech driven more by statements of what he would not be as President of the United States, tonight John Kerry effectively handed the 2004 election gift-wrapped to incumbent President George W. Bush.

Once again, candidate Kerry only accentuated his role as a wishy-washy flip-flopper by both attacking Bush and asking president Bush to join him in a civil election.  He both praised his own service, while taking pride in  those who protested his service in Viet Nam.

Although the myth that claims the war in Iraq was based upon "lies" has been totally dismissed, he fed off of the Michael Moor(e) propaganda that somehow President Bush intentionally mislead the USA into war.  Kerry further claimed he would strengthen the military, although he voted against funding to protect our troops in Iraq. 

His faithful were not as duplicitious, however.  They (in the interviews following the speech) were unhesitant is showing their absolute hatred of George W. Bush.  I don't recall such evil hatred towards even Bill Clinton.  In 1996, Republicans wanted to oust the President, but one never got the impression that they wanted to kill him.  Tonight, it seems as if any Democrat with a rifle and a clear line of sight to GW Bush would not forgo the opportunity.  The hatred, the evil, the viciousness.... It truly saddens me that an entire party can be taken over by such deamons and minions of Satan.

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