Monday, June 21, 2004

One Small Step......

History was made today, yet for some it got lost in reports of Lacy Peterson, the South Korean hostage, and the new Clinton fictional tome "My Life."

It should be no surprise that a USA civilian was the first non-government individual to "slip the surly bonds of Earth, reach out... and touch the face of God."

Think about this for a moment. BEFORE TODAY, only governments (namely The US, USSR, and China) had the resources and ability to break the bonds of gravity and venture into the next great unknown. Even Christopher Columbus required government funding. Yet, in the USA - following in the footsteps of two bicycle builders so many decades ago- INDIVIDUAL ambition, dreams, and yes, financing, brought about what heretofore was only within the grasp of government. This is SO very American!

It's estimated the cost of the project was less than US$50 Million, which would suggest that (although research and development was undoubtedly built upon earlier govn't projects) private enterprise once again can complete a task more efficiently and expediently - Spaceship One conceptually began in April of '96 and developmentally began in May '01- than high priced, over-regulated and overly bureaucratic government programs.

No force is more powerful than the American dreamer and entrepreneur!

I have had a love affair with NASA since my earliest memories, and would never denigrate their integrity, bravery, heroism, or purpose.... now, however, the civilians behind Scaled Composites and Tier One equally hold my admiration and perhaps a tad more. They have ventured into an area that until now had large foreboding signs posted at the edge of our atmosphere that said "WARNING: GOVERNMENTAL PROPERTY. NO CIVILIAN ACCESS! DO NOT PASS!" Those signs now lay in heaps scorched by the flames of a small white bald eagle named Spaceship One.
~~ Charles

PS, Thanks, Valerie, for the "heads up" on this!

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