Sunday, June 06, 2004

In Memorium

Ronald Wilson Reagan

Those three words, when placed together stir memories, emotions, and contemplations probably more profound and meaningful than any three in our modern times. Millions loved him, millions hated him, and tens-of-millions feared him.

To listen to the commentary of the last couple of days, since President Reagan passed away, each reporter seems to be stumbling over the other to project a self image as "one of the few" who "really got it" in regards to Reagan's long term vision, his humor, and his controversal stands. It's Monday-morning quarterbacking at its best. Everyone seems to have known that Reagan's increased military spending would drive the USSR into bankruptcy. Everyone seems to have known that "Mr. Gorbachov, tear down this wall!" would be a statement for the ages. The Pershing missles in Europe? Well, of course that was the smart and wise move.

As I recall, not one of these expressions came to light in the 80's. Quite the contrary, Reagan was going to get us into a nuclear war with the Soviets, Reagan was a loose cannon, Reagan was a dunderhead with no plan, Reagan's administration was being scripted by others- not the President, Reagan was a gun-toting cowboy firing his six-shooters recklessly.

They say "as Aquarians think, so the world will in 50 years." In the meantime, they are usually viewed as crackpots, wierdos, impractical nincompoops. So it seems with Reagan. Today, everyone sees his "big plan", his "ideals", his "great convictions." At the time, he was the teflon President, the Great Communicator (which more often than not was a deriding comment, not a compliment but rather akin to "He can talk his way out of anything".)

It is such a relief to see that Reagan is finally being praised for the gutsy, innovative, loyal, couragous, committed man that he was! I, myself, felt his loss over the years and Saturday was a bit of a relief. As Mayor Gulianni said, "[Saturday has been] a sad, sad, day... but it's been a sad day for many years" Like 3 of the other Aquarian Presidents we have had (FDR, Wilson and Lincoln), he saw us through very trying times of war, and dreamt of a better future. Might I remind you at this point, that the Cold War was the longest, most expensive, expansive war ever fought by the US with the most horrific of possible outcomes.

His vision went years beyond his two terms in office, always looking to the future and the horizon. His love for the American individual was matched only by a passion of what makes this country the greatest in the world, our dedication to freedom, liberty, and self-determination. He was many things, an actor, a union leader, a lifeguard, a Governor, a horseman, a President... but more than anything else... He was the American.

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