Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Shrek 2, or why can't most sequels be this good?

Chaz, my eldest son, and I ventured off this weekend to the movie theatre and enjoyed hours of really, REALLY good fun. Really, Really!
Shrek 2 was clever, witty, held the best parts of Shrek 1 and did a pretty good job of dropping the most crass and sophomoric parts of the first movie that lessened my enthusiasm for it.

At first, I tried to direct Chaz in the direction of Van Helsing, or another movie - somewhat leery of the "let down" potential of a sequel. Honestly, I was concerned that the fart jokes and such would be MORE prevalent after the success of the first Shrek.

Quite to the contrary, Shrek 2 steps away from the "dumb and dumber" simpleton gags and goes for cleaner (I won't venture far enough to say "wholesome") visual/verbal humor. It was a perfect blend of childhood fun and not-so-childish laughs.

Chaz and I are already repeating our favorite lines in normal conversation (a very good sign for any movie.)

The plot: Shrek and Fiona are living happily in Shrek's swamp when they receive an invitation to the land of "Far Far Away" where Fiona's parents are King and Queen. Shrek is typically nonplussed at meeting the in-laws, and he doesn't even know the half of it! The King is set to have Shrek assassinated so Fiona can marry Prince Charming. Donkey tags along because he and his Purple Dragon beloved are "on the rocks." The hired assassin, Puss in Boots, becomes a member of the Shrek-Fiona-Donkey entourage, and adds an even greater dimension of fun to this worthy trio.

If you liked Shrek 1, you're gunna' feel like Shrek 1 was just an hors d`oeuvre to the tasty, filling, and glorious main course that is Shrek 2. If you didn't like Shrek 1, or (gasp!) haven't seen it, then you should still see the sequel... it's that good!

I must interject here; it was SO refreshing to see Eddie Murphy in a quality flick after (what I consider) such a fluff piece of caca that was "The Haunted Mansion." He sorely needed to reclaim his status as a talented movie actor and comedic master... thank heavens for Shrek 2!

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