Thursday, November 01, 2007

One of my heros

This is a great demonstration of what makes Nicola Tesla the greatest inventor who ever lived!
Better than Edison or anyone else we heard of in school?! HELL yeah!

Why haven't we heard of this Tesla guy? I thought Tesla was just a rock band.

The fact that he invented the electricity we all use in our homes (AC current vs. Edison's Direct current - better known as... ahem! batteries!)... the fact that he revolutionized wireless communication and transmission of energy... the fact that he invented the AC motor (any and every motor you will ever use, from the big ones at Hoover Dam to the motors that run your windshield wipers)... the fact that he invented the first Radio Controlled vehicle ... radio, robotics, computer science (even in the EARLY 1900's).. the man was truly the genius of all geniuses.. but all that couldn't compensate for the fact that he was ecentric and a lousy PR man! Edison and Marconi got credit for inventions Tesla created and he (Tesla) was too involved with his studies and work to worry about who got credit. But here is a wonderful demonstration of the Tesla Coil!

Wikipedia page on Nicola Tesla

Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower on Long Island New York
More on Tesla
Yet one more Tesla Link

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