Friday, June 18, 2010

Oil, Arizona and Dads....

June 17, 2010

Arizona is taking the lead in telling the Federal Government to go suck lemons. The feds have failed miserably to respond to the murders, kidnappings, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and drug wars brought about by the porous border situation. As a result, Arizona is picking up this dropped ball and running with it.

Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana could be next… if we’re lucky! (Florida should be too… but who can trust Crist?!)Bobby Jindal (Governor of Louisiana) seems more and more at his wits’ end with the federal stupidity, inaction, and posturing. Jindal knows this disaster could have been avoided had the feds acted with urgency and purpose. But President Obama, Secretary Napolitano and the others from Washington were more interested in pressing through their pet projects, spending more billions of dollars, enslaving more Americans, and playing golf… or going to a Paul McCartney concert than tending to the threats against American citizens.

So I’m praying (literally) that Governors Jindal, Haley Barbour, and Bob Riley take a hint from Governor Brewer in Arizona and take matters into their own hands. Show exactly how inefficient and ineffective the federal government is! Make it clear once and for all that the STATES are better situated and equipped to handle the problems of American citizens.

These three states can combine with Arizona to create momentum of subtly separatist states. Not revolution so much as a strike of states. The states need to go on strike, collectively telling the federal government, “We can do this without you thankyouverymuch!”


This has to be the easiest of all holidays for me. Obviously (to those who know me) my Dad died the week I graduated from High School – makes it easy to remember what class reunion is coming up. My paternal grandfather (P. Harry Byrne) passed away 8 years before my birth and my maternal grandfather (Mason Avery Lewis) died five years before I was born. I had two uncles, Ed (passed in ’81) and Harry (died when I was 2 years old) who are no longer around.

So I have no ‘dads’ to wish Happy Father’s Day to… except my adopted Dad Jim… who will soon be my legal Dad-in-law. SOOOOOooooooooooo
I can wish a Happy Father’s Day to Eric, Derrik (my adopted brothers) and all my other friends – especially here on FB. So HAPPY FATHER’S DAY guys!!

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