Friday, March 10, 2006

That was a short 45 days

So Chuck Shmuck in the Senate and his Democrat counterparts in the house decided (after they asked for and got a 45 day review period) to kill the Dubai port deal before the review was completed. These two faced bastards are TRULY pissing me off now!

The longer this situation played out and the more people learned about it, the more secure people were feeling about it. People were learning just HOW much the UAE has helped us in the war on terror, just HOW little first-hand control the Emerites would have on port seurity (namely - NONE), and they were learning that even Clinton gave ownership of California ports to the Chinese Communists. So the longer this played out, the better it looked for GW Bush.

NOW... JUST FOR POLITICAL GAIN, the Democrats want to short circuit the entire process.
What was the 45 day review process for, that they DEMANDED?
Did they finally realize that 45 days of review would make them look like the opportunistic, self-important, ignorant fools that they truly are? Of course they did. And so, in order to save their political butts (and I include the disenting Republicans here), they insult one of the FEW Arab friends we have in the region just to save their own political face.

Integrity, honor, and loyalty are now officially unwlecome in Washington DC, all that remains is the vitriolic hatred and CYOA attitude of demegogues who care NOTHING for ANYTHING except getting re-elected.

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