Monday, March 13, 2006

Wow! Fixed your nose, but now your face looks like shit!

So, the Dems and traitorous Pubs got the UAE to drop the whole port deal with the US. Congrats, guys! You've insulted and slapped in the face one of the few allies we have in the Middle East, and for what? Nothing! Nada! Nill! Zilch! Zippo! Our ports will be no more safe now than had it gone through. There won't be one more (or less) inspection, one more (or less) security guard, one more (or less) American patrolling the docks than had the deal gone through.
The only difference? We now have an ally that may think twice the next time they arrest an Al Queda suspect, an ally that might hesitate to permit our use of their airspace, an ally that might be a bit less vigilant when our ships are docked in Dubai.
Nice job! Well done! Bravo! With idiots like you protecting us, who needs Bin Laden?

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