Wednesday, April 22, 2009

EARTH DAY and T.E.A. Parties

Date: Apr 22, 2009

EARTH DAY and Tea Parties

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April 22nd 2009

Today in commemoration of Earth Day I contemplated a way to cap all the active volcanoes in the world since they are the single greatest warmer of the planet! All those florocarbons and hydroflorocarbons and upper atmosphere particulates!!! They have done more to raise the temperature of the Earth that all the automobiles, cans of Aqua Net and cow herds in history COMBINED!! Those evil, EVIL volcanoes, how dare they! THEY MUST BE STOPPED!!!! Of course, truth be told, we've been below our global average for a good 1750 ... so we are just rising back up to "average"... psst .. but don't tell the Global Warmers that!! Try Googling "Maunder Solar Minimum"... interesting stuff!!!.... In short... low sunspots, low temps... rising sunspots, rising temps... simple. There's a much closer corelation to the number of solar sunspots and global warming/cooling than anything else... can't do much about the sunspots so I'll work on the volcanoes.

April 16, 2009

Party like it’s 1773!

I’m so proud of myself! J I just shoveled our walks for the second time. Being that we live on a corner lot, I am very very proud of myself. This morning it was a very slushy snow that had the consistency of a 7-11 Slurpie, but this afternoon it was more of a spring snow perfect for packing into snowmen, snowforts, and snowballs! I remembered longingly of when Chaz and Zach were kids and we’d go out in a snowfall like this and have fun!!

The Denver Tea Party

As you can imagine, I was down at the Capital steps with thousands of other peaceful, patriotic Americans – all ten-feet Uncle Sam of me! It’s interesting the various “take-aways” and reporting of the event(s) the mass media is giving. From my vantage point four feet above the majority of folks, I estimated 1500-2000 people. The media said it was around 1000 and thee Denver Police said the crowd was over 4000, so take the estimate that most suits you.

The other great distortion of the major media is the characterization of the attendees. They’ve tried to paint a picture of small extremist groups filled with right-wing, Timothy McVeigh militia fanatics who were basically sheep for Halliburton, big Oil, big business and hired by CEO’s to protect ‘tax cuts for the rich.’ They couldn’t be more off the mark! I didn’t see ANY six-figure types carrying signs, chanting with us, or dressing up as patriots, oversized pigs, Guy Fawkes, or (like me) Uncle Sam. Nor did I speak with anyone who had been contacted by millionaires through voicemail, email or texting saying, “Show up and save my tax cuts!” Quite to the contrary, there were as many people against corporate greed out there as there were folks who were outraged at a bloated, over-reaching, out-of-touch bureaucrats in Washington.

And if anyone tries to tell you the gatherings were filled with ignorant hicks, ask them if they can relate the history of the Federal Reserve Bank. These folks could. They could compare the administrations of Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt, the similarities between Wilson and Carter and the dissimilarities of Hoover and GW Bush. CAN YOU DO AS MUCH?? Can you compare the actions of the Obama administration to those of Hoover, FDR, and Carter (with references)?? I can’t begin to tell you how many folks at the tea party – just normal everyday citizens, not professors, political hacks, or politicians - knew exactly the legalities and illegalities, the foundations and unconstitutional aspects of the FED. They could tell you how Andrew Jackson treated the FED (most people can’t even tell you that Jackson is on the $20 bill!)

These people were well read and well informed. They are well versed in BOTH sides of the argument and were not shills or Dittoheads as the media is attempting to portray them! The diversity was HUGE! Folks of all colors, political parties, “agendas”, men and women, kids and elderly, vets and pacifists, you couldn’t find more diversity if you tried… even at a Star Wars cantina! There was one unifying factor – all felt the federal government was too big and too out-of-touch with the everyday citizen! Almost as to prove their point, President Obama’s press release about the Tea Parties said he was unaware of the Tea Parties. How perfect! Not sure which is worse, politician’s ignorance or their apathy –they don’t know about us and don’t care.

Also in contrast to the media caricature of the right-wing extremist militia types, I didn’t encounter a single mean, grump, angry, or violent individual. In fact in the nearly 1000 tea parties nationwide with somewhere between 200,000 and 400,000 in attendance I didn’t hear of a single arrest, fistfight, burned car or gunshot. There were no smashed windows, no bloody noses, no CS or tear gas deployment, no tazer shots… NOTHING like that! But we’re a buncha’ Tim McVeigh’s looking to gather our fully automatic weapons and overthrow the government??? Apparently not.

Although we were certainly squeezed in and were sardine’d in, the people we encountered were kind, friendly, accommodating and very pleasant. It was such a uplifting experience to find others that know their history… that know the founders wisely formed a country of LIMITED government… that know Socialism has NEVER worked… in Germany, The Soviet Union, North Korea, China, Cuba and countless thugocracies in Central and South America… they know that the more Socialist a country has drifted, the less productive it has become… again, they know their history. It was WONDERFUL!!

And I learned SO much about the Federal Reserve that I never knew before!! Check out

I also firmed up my support for a consumption tax (also known as a “fair tax” or national sales tax”) I would LOVE to see the IRS eliminated, and the other benefit is, with a fair tax the rich still get “soaked” but in a much fairer way. Obviously, a wealthy person will pay more taxes on a Ferrari than you will on your Geo Metro… so, the rich still pay more, but in a fairer way. And best of all, the government couldn’t play favorites with tax breaks, tax incentives, and tax credits… which is probably why the power hungry bureaucrats will never let it pass. “Green” companies would get any tax breaks, Labor Unions couldn’t get sweetheart tax deals, the Federal Government couldn’t punish tobacco companies or oil refiners. It would take a GREAT deal of power and leverage out of the hands of the Federal Government, and they won’t give up that power without a fight.

We are in historic times! The amazingly drastic restructuring of the Government/Market relationship that has just taken place over the last few weeks is mindblowing! The United States is not the same country it was just six months ago! The massive “borrow and spend” actions of the Congress are unprecedented. President Bush (“W”) pushed the limits of government intervention, spending, and growth as no President before, and in just 2 months, President Obama has blown those expansions out of the water. To compare the two Presidents would be to compare a Piper Cub to a supersonic jet, or comparing Harris and Kleybold to Jim Jones… there really is just no comparison!

I am fondly reminded of the 1770’s when the populace was reaching the end of (as Jefferson wrote) “the patient sufferance” of long usurpations. To continue with that incredible Jeffersonian creation…

“In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms; Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury.”

Hopefully our absentee Representatives and Senators won’t make the same egregious mistake of ignoring us the way the Parliament of the 1700’s did.

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