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The Problem with Harvesting

Date: May 7, 2009

The Problem with Harvesting

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April 23, 2009

A group of environmentalists and animal rights activists are up in arms because a biofuel processing plant in San Francisco wants to use animal waste (animal fat, bones, body parts, butcher scraps etc…) in its mixture of sources for creating biofuel.

The argument presented includes the fear that “This is a slippery slope. If we are using animal parts now, what prevents the possibility that down the road we might be genetically designing animals and then harvesting them for use in conversion to biofuels.”

Okay… so wherein lies any difference between this argument and the protestations many of us hold over embryonic stem cell research? The circumstances, the current use of “surplus” embryos and “embryonic scraps” as well as the fear that someday human embryos might be genetically designed and cloned for use in scientific experimentation and implementation of stem cell research…. The fears, arguments, and “slippery slope” analogies are EXACTLY THE SAME.

So, in short, San Francisco liberals have NO problems with unborn humans being cloned, designed, and harvested for experimentation, but using animals in the same manner is abhorrent! Is it any mystery why many of us look at Pelosi and the other San Francisco freaks with complete incredulity and wonder?

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Random ADD Moments

Is it more than coincidence that Paris Hilton and Perez Hilton are both vacuous, self-absorbed media whores with the intellectual depth of an amoeba colony?

Is Perez Hilton a Heterophobe or what?

Why is it those who argue loudest for tolerance and acceptance are the least tolerant and accepting, themselves?

WOW! Janet Napolitano makes Dan Quyale look like a freaking genius!! First the “Right Wing Extremists” threats…

-those who have Ron Paul bumper stickers are a threat…

-those who support 3rd parties are a threat

-soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are a threat. When approached on these slanders of 3rd party supporters and troops she NEVER SAID she was mistaken… she just apologized for the wording… so, she still feels that normal folks and those who have defended this country are threats to National Security… she just thinks the “word smithing” was a little harsh.

Then she repeats the outrageously false statistic that “90% of weapons used in Mexican drug crimes come from the US.” That particular statistic comes from the amount of weapons that have serial numbers and have been turned over to the ATF for tracing. The overall number of American guns crossing the border southbound is around 17%…. Hmmm…17 percent compared to 90 percent that’s a reasonable mistake…lol.

And as if she isn’t already the gift that keeps on giving, yesterday it was reported that in an interview in Canada she said the 9/11 hijackers came across the US/Canadian border…. Uhhhhhh….. BUZZZZZ Wrong answer!!!

Then she tries covering her tracks by saying, ‘yeah… but the millennium bomber came across the US/Canadian border’…. Kind of like her justifying her attack on American vets by saying, ‘yeah, but Timothy McVeigh was a Marine.’ So, out of hundreds of truly threatening individuals out there particularly Al Qaeda and other Islamofascists, Ms. Napolitano finds the ONE that is former military… or the ONE that came over from Canada and bases her entire anti-terror campaign on those two folks. BEAUTIFUL!!!


For years we’ve seen the increasing hostility and leper-izing of smokers and conservatives. Any attack on those people is okay because they are such evil, stupid, selfish, unhealthy scum! Jeannie Goraphalo’s description of Tea Party attendees as nothing more than racist bigots is a prime example. But we’re used to that.

To a lesser extent, attacks on Catholics and deeply religious folks have been equally tolerated. (Although incidents of pedophilia is no more prevalent in the Catholic Church than any other organization… when a priest is caught it hits the national headlines) Actually, anyone who expresses morality or a religious conviction (such as Miss California) is viciously attacked and berated without mercy. ADD moment – if Don Imus made comments towards a gay person that Perez Hilton did towards Carrie Prejean would he still have a job?!?!? –

Now the intolerance has shifted to anyone who doesn’t buy into the Global Warming scam. Tell me, since the 1970’s has the Earth warmed or cooled? Answer: Cooled! Read Glenn Beck’s “An Inconvenient Book” – it gives the scientific, and well founded arguments that Global Warming is a hoax! But anyone who dares dispute the Almighty Government’s position on Global Warming they are marginalized, condescendingly dismissed and labeled an ignorant dolt. Compared to the Obamabots, McCarthy was an amateur! “Are you now, or have you ever been a debunker of Global Warming?” OMG!! You HERETIC! You blasphemer! You unclean infidel! How dare you spread such heresy!

Individualism and free thought is dying in the streets. Good luck with that, America!

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