Monday, April 19, 2010

The more liberals change.....

Feb 1st 2010

From the powerful Copperheads of the Democrat Party during the Civil War (1860’s), to the micromanagement of Vietnam by Democrats in Congress (1960’s and early 70’s)… from leaving embassy employees and military personnel unprepared to defend our embassy in Tehran (1978), to the second-guessing of Generals in the field during the “Black Hawk Down” disaster (1992) and the defeatist anti-surge policies of Harry Reid and then-Senator Obama during Operation Iraqi Freedom… there is a clear and undeniable pattern going back over 150 years. Are we just too ignorant of American history to realize that (with the exception of FDR), when Democrats control the military they consistently choose defeat over success, retreat over victory, and humility over --------? Once again, Democrats are second-guessing the advice of military leaders on the ground who have decades of experience and learning in tactics, techniques and strategies of war. Their audacity and arrogance is akin to telling Bill Gates how to run a successful computer business! General McCrystal knows how to fight and win a war, while the Democrats seem to have a history of only cowardice and defeat. When will we learn?

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