Friday, June 06, 2008

Donor Letter from The Democratic National Committee

Dear most honorable Veteran,

The National Committee is excited that Senator Barack Obama is the presumptive Presidential nominee of the Democrat Party this year. As you are aware, Senator Obama did not choose to serve in the Armed Forced, nor was he ever drafted. Furthermore, considering that Barack’s presumptive opponent is making the most of his own war history, we at the DNC would like to avoid sending conflicting messages regarding the backgrounds of the perspective Presidential candidates and therefore must respectfully decline your gracious offer to speak on Senator Obama’s behalf.

Don’t think for a moment that we have forgotten how you came to the forefront on behalf of John Kerry during the 2004 election! Your efforts on Senator Kerry’s behalf will never be forgotten! Unfortunately, we were not able to capitalize on your hard work because, quite honestly, we at the DNC were quite unaccustomed to having a war hero at the top of the ticket. Ever since the Kennedy Administration, our nominees have either not served or have served in observational/documentation/non-battlefield positions. And now with Senator Obama at the top of our ticket, we are a bit more at home.

We also feel that the decision to not focus on military issues will save you the uncomfortable inevitability of defending Senator Obama’s controversial votes to limit funding for the Iraq war, his promises to cut military funding by “ten’s of billions of dollars,” as well as other issues that could be volatile especially in this election cycle.

We have little doubt that after Senator Obama’s administration, we may very well have a Democrat nominee who may have served in the Gulf War, Iraq or Afghanistan and we will once again be in great need of your support as a veteran. So, please keep us in mind!

In the meantime, Senator Obama is actively seeking donations and volunteers. Please contact your local Democrat chapter as I’m sure your help and assistance would be greatly appreciated! Even a donation of only $100, $250, or $500 can help us in our crusade to see Barack Obama become the first African American President of the United States!

Thank you again for your offer

Howard Dean
Chairman Democrat National Committee

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