Friday, June 13, 2008

He's a freeeeeekin reporter!

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Today the news broke into programming to announce that Tim Russert had died.

Okay, I appreciated his work, he was a good "reporter"...errr... moderator....errr... news guy... what have you, and "Meet the Press" is a standard of informative programs... but REALLY? Interrupting programing? Like he was some Senator, statesman, or National leader? I think the break-into-programming was longer than the one they had to announce Pope John Paul II had died. Back then it was "The leader of the Catholic Church passed away today, more during the national news." But Tim freeking Russert dies and the announcers are acting like it was a Presidential Assassination.

I'm not even sure what program was on or "broken into", but that doesn't matter. I heard the "Special Report" music and thought "Oh ****! Some terrorist attack.... some politician or candidate has been shot.... another tsunami or killer earthquake somewhere.... something MAJOR that effects MILLIONS... and then ... Huh?!?!? Tim Russert?!?!?!
I there ANY group of people (outside Hollywierd) who is more self agrandizing than reporters?

Rest in peace, Mr. Russert.

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