Monday, June 02, 2008

Here we go again (Democrats and Florida)

So it appears that although the Democrat election rules dictated that any state that held their primaries before February 5th would be punished by not having their delegates seated at the national convention... Suprise! Surprise! Michigan and Florida will be represented at the DNC. The rules have been challenged and rewritten in mid-election ... does this sound familiar?
So similar to the 2000 election when Al Gore (in the middle of the election) sued to have ballots that had NEVER been counted in the history of Florida counted. Don't Democrats get the idea that rules are rules, laws are laws, and can't be changed in mid-election just to suit a candidate's situation and personal interests? Rules and laws mean NOTHING to these folks!
Of course it explains their position on illegal aliens (Well, yeah... they broke the law but....), Teddy Kennedy (well, yeah... a girl died in the car he was driving, but.....), Bill Clinton (well, yeah he lied to a Federal Judge and a Grand Jury, but....), The Johnny Chung contributions (Well, yeah... Bill got campaign contributions from the Chinese... but...)
Sure, the GOP has a few skeletons in its closet, but the one MAJOR difference between the parties is that when a Republican is even SUSPECTED of impropriety they are cut loose and droped by the party like 3rd period French class. (Tom Delay - accusations later proven unfounded, Newt Gringrich - accusations later proven unfounded, Trent Lott - ludicrous accusations to begin with...)
The Democrats on the other hand, admit to the wrong doing, the law breaking, and then proceed to argue how even though the laws or rules were broken "It's okay, because......" They try to JUSTIFY the law breaking or rule violation. It's as though they are above all laws and rules because they are...well....special! Either that or laws and rules don't really matter that much to them.
Funny how they are the first ones to scream about Geneva Conventions, election laws, and "lies" when such things are so utterly meaningless to them. Especially when it's Teddy who should have been charged with manslaughter, Clinton charged with treason for allowing Chinese influence in the US Government, Gore charged with raising funds in a religious structure... and on and on....
So what does the current Florida/Michigan situtation teach us? Rules and laws are meaningless and fungible to the Democrats. Are we really suprised?;_ylc=X3oDMTE1MmI4N2IyBF9TAzIxMTU1MDAxMTgEc2VjA2Fuc19ub3QEc2xrA3N1YmplY3Q-;_ylv=3?qid=20080602030345AAN5oQH,2933,298169,00.html (Tom Delay case)

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