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The Audacity Of Hubris

July 22, 2008 - Tuesday

The Audacity of Hubris
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hu·bris ..>play_w2("H0312100")..> .. (hybrs) also hy·bris (h-)

Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance:
The free online dictionary http://www.thefreedictionary.com/hubris

On the Today show on July 9th, Senator Barack Obama gave this quote in an interview with Matt Lauer
"We've got enormous burdens on our military families and we're spending 10 to $12 billion a month in Iraq that could be used to put people back to work here in the United States and to create an energy policy that frees ourselves from the dependence on foreign oil. So my job as commander and chief is to listen to the commanders, but to shape a strategy based on all the factors that go into American security." (My emphasis)

Okay, Washington Post Opinion Writer Charles Krauthammer has an excellent OPED piece on "who does Obama think he is?"
But allow me to add this bit of evidence... in his answer Barack doesn't even put in the qualifiers "When I'm in the White House....", "As President my job would be...", "If elected President, my job would be...." NO! He terms it in the PRESENT sense, "MY JOB AS COMMANDER AND CHIEF IS TO LISTEN......"

Now, I've been interviewed by scores of television reporters, radio hosts, etc... When one is being interviewed, it takes a GREAT amount of effort to "mask" true, gut feelings if one doesn't think they would be palatable to the audience. Unlike a prepared speech, a tv commercial, or even 4x5 notes for a presentation.... interviews allow gut feelings to come forth.

BARACK OBAMA THINKS HE IS ALREADY PRESIDENT and it's only a matter of the inconvenient voting and vote counts. This is known in some circles as "Albertgoreabetes." To him, he is ENTITLED to the Presidency, maybe 'cause he's black, maybe because everyone is already heroworshiping him, maybe 'cause he feels that it is ordained.

The fact is, however, he hasn't EARNED a damned thing! He hasn't taken the time to learn what leadership is. He hasn't had any hands on experience as a leader or an executive. If it weren't so serious, it would be the laughable moment in "Days of Thunder" when Cole Trickle (Tom Cruise) says he can race NASCAR because he's watched it on ESPN!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying a politician has to put his time in, kiss the right rings and "do his time" in order to earn the right to run. I'm saying that "Doing your time" "Paying your dues" and such is an invaluable lesson in "Learning the ropes." No one can effectively armchair quaterback because they haven't spent YEARS learning defense formations, linebacker shifts, and traits/abilities of the opposition as the PROFESSIONAL quaterback! No civilian should think they can out-general a US Army General because they (the civilian) hasn't spent years or DECADES studying tactics, strategies, weapons capacities, manpower abilities and such. The General has! Can George W. Bush rightfully expect to step into a Hollywood film and make the same amount of money, or perform as well as George Clooney? (Okay, skip that 2nd part... Clooney's a movie star, not an actor.)

Enough said, Barack is not only inexperienced, he's SO inexperienced that he has no clue what a neophyte he is!

IT'S THE INEXPERIENCE, STUPID! (T-shirts saying this can be bought at http://www.cafepress.com/mhbumpersticker )

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