Monday, July 28, 2008

Waiting For the WARNO

July 28, 2008 - Monday

Waiting for the WARNO
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WARNO - Warning Order

Me and my MI unit got the news last week that we are to expect a WARNO. Originally, we were scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan Feb of 2010. Nix that! It's a "done deal" that we are now deploying Feb 09 instead of '10. Yep! That gives us a whopping 6 months before I go over to the sandbox. As of now, it's 99% assured it will be Baghdad instead of Afghanistan. In the meantime, I still gotta' hit the schoolhouse to get MOS-q'd, gotta' get all my affairs in order here... write my will, arrange benefits for Chaz, finalize my security clearance...etc...etc...etc.

Anyway... between all the things I'm having to my career, making sure training won't conflict with gigs (read: "income").... I'm ALSO part of the Colorado National Guard's Democrat National Convention Security Detail! UGH! I'll keep the blog up to date as much as I can... but, time is getting rare and precious!

God Bless to all of you my friends!

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