Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Okay, so it's the 25th Anniversary of John Lennon's death.
Musically I love what John, George Paul and Ringo created, and I even love the music John created after the break up. Paul, too for that matter.

But John insisted on becoming a politico, a voice, and a outspoken public figure instead of staying purely a musician, and that opens him up for fair criticism in regards to his thought process and beliefs.

Now, I know there are many of you (particularly on the left) that feel ANY criticism of an individual with a pained or tragic story in their lives
is somehow callous, cold, heartless, and inhumanly brutal. In short, you feel that any liberal who has experienced tragedy - for instance the death of an estranged child with whom a "mother" has had little or no contact,
or a loving, caring musical peacenik who was brutally and coldly gunned down such as Mr. Lennon... ANY such liberal is above reproach or even criticism.

Well, TOUGH!

You who defend the freedom of speech so wholeheartedly can hear some speech you don't enjoy.... DEAL with it! I have the 1st amendment same as you!

JOHN LENNON was the PRIME example of what's wrong with every Cindy Sheehan loving, communist, socialist, American hating cowardly leftie out there! Had he not been a pacifist, he'd be alive today!
Turning his other cheek to Mark David Chapman didn't solve anything for John Lennon. It cut short a promising life, it cut short the time two young boys would have with their father, and ended a still productive musical career. What good was turning the other cheek?
I am not saying one should NEVER turn the other cheek... but in a matter of life and death... turning the other cheek or being a pacifist will only end up getting you killed! Pacifism is nice on paper. And if there weren't any Hitlers, Saddams, Idi Amins, Stalins or Chapmans out there, it would probably work outside of theory as well. In the meantime, the Lennons and appeasement happy Bubba Clintons out there will only get themselves or others (respectively) killed! It was the 8 years of Bubba's turning the other national cheek that allowed Al Queda to grow to massive proportions, advance technologically, and train (for 60+ months on American soil) for the 9-11 Attacks. And it was John Lennon's turning the other cheek that left Sean and Julian without a Dad and left the world without his angelic chord progressions.

In short, one might argue that John Lennon got what he deserved, no less than some Aryan Nation freektoid marching up Adam Clayton Jr. Blvd. yelling "All niggers should be enslaved again!" He practiced pacifism, and received EXACTLY what pacifism ALWAYS gives - death and subjugation.

Somebody marching through Harlem yelling vulgar racist epithets deserves what he gets, and ANYONE too naive, ignorant, or stupid to realize that pacifism HAS NEVER... DOESN'T... and NEVER WILL protect ANYONE from ANYTHING gets what he deserves.

And guess what? If you boomers in your cowardly peacenik ways get us to pull out of Iraq before the job is done... it will be YOU pacifist idiots who will have allowed Al Queda, the Islamic Jihad, and every other terrorist group to fill the void in Iraq and build a TRUE Al Queda (base of operations) in Baghdad.
And when they come after us again, with a home base in Iraq, and a willing neighbor in Iran, and proceed to rain horrors across this nation the like of which we've never before seen...

Like John Lennon crumpling under a hail of bullets incredulously saying "I've been shot".... so will the United States crumple as you yellow bellies ask "what happened?"

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