Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mommy Party, Daddy Party

Today I happened to catch the House speeches on C-SPAN and they were discussing social security. One conservative Congressman referred to the Democrat band-aid fix as one more attempt to postpone real reform by "kicking the can down the street."

It was then that I thought of just HOW typical a liberal modus operandi "kicking the can" is!

During every conflict, from the civil war to WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, and now regarding the war on terror, the Dems put the unpleasant off... and off... and off.... until it reaches a crises stage and then blame the GOP for not doing anything sooner.

Islamofacism is a cancer of the earth, and GW Bush has begun serious, invasive surgery and started the process of eradicating the cancer wherever it festers or is enabled. This is how one handles a cancer. If you had lung or bone cancer would you honestly say "Well, that operation is risky, awful painful, expensive and inconvenient... I think I'll just up my pain meds for right now."? That will give me a good fix for the time being.

Although not necessarily cancerous, the problems with Social Security are also growing with time. The Dems see a 3 trillion bill for the fix and somehow think that by putting off the serious corrections needed that the bill will somehow decrease.

Why is it only in retrospect can we say "Ya' know, that ultimate hawk General Patton was right... we SHOULD have gone after Stalin in '45! It would have saved millions of lives and nearly 5 decades of Cold War in which billions were spent on weapons, bases, and troops that (thank God!) were never used."?
Stormin' Norman said in '91 we should have gone all the way to Baghdad. If we had, 600,000 Kurds would still be alive today, and the liberation of Iraq would have been much less bloody.

But it was the Mommy party of the Democrats that put off the inevitable because of their fear of the short term pain, anguish, and cost - not to mention their unending loyalty to the self-serving UN.

Now we are reaping the spoils of our cowardice.

Putting off unplesantry until later is NOT, however, a characteristic of a mature Mommy. It is the characteristic of a child; a child that doesn't understand that challenges only get worse if they are not confronted. The Dems time and again put off.... ending communism, reforming welfare, liberating Iraq, even the welfare reform of the '90s was put off until a GOP Congress brought Clinton screaming and kicking to the signing table.

The time has come to recognize that the Democrat party is NOT the mommy party... it is the immature, childish, dependent Child Party!

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