Friday, December 30, 2005

A true story of suburban violence and murder

A wealthy and influential man was walking down a suburban street. Passing one particular house he heard the sounds of an argument and bloodcurdling screams coming from within the house. Looking up, he noticed that this was the notorious house of Wild Billy. It was a fairly large house with a reputation for welcoming many of the seediest and undesirable individuals ever seen on the block. The revolving door of comings and goings was notorious and even included some well known felons.
Billy, the owner of the house had been forcibly removed from a neighbor's house a few years back. He had broken into the house uninvited, tried to steal things and attempted forgery on the deed of the house to claim it as his own. Police units were called from around the entire city to remove him.
You see, Billy had a history of violence and anti-social behavior. Often he had said openly that he wanted to blow up the neighborhood, and he had built pipe bombs and such in order to carry out his plans. He had unleashed a number of these pipe bombs on a different neighbor years before the breaking and entry incident, and had very publicly threatened even the wealthy man himself.
The police removed Billy from the neighbor's house and the City Council gave him little more than a slap on the wrist.
Numerous families in the community had told the wealthy man that Billy was coming after him next. Although the wealthy man had always had his suspicions, to have Billy's own neighbors warning him clearly ratified the man's own beliefs.
Now this man, knowing about Billy's violent past and having been warned by Billy's neighbors finds himself in a situation of decision.

Someone is screaming inside the house. Every time the police have been called on previous situations, Billy successfully covers up what he's been doing. He takes them into the basement to search, while the cops hear frantic footsteps upstairs. He takes them upstairs and the scuffling is now heard in the basement. The cops are never going to catch him red handed in what he's been doing, he's too smart and crafty.

So the question is....... does he go in to the house, save whomever is screaming, apprehend (or even kill) Billy... in short take action... or does he continue walking along?


Taking action would not only save the unseen victim, it would most likely remove Billy from the neighborhood and would certainly remove the threat of Billy against the wealthy man. There were a growing number of burglars and murderers in the neighborhood, some of who had attacked the man, himself not so long ago. There was a real possibility that by removing Billy, it would be a huge disruption to the seemingly steady path of ruffians coming in and out of Billy's house.


As it turns out, the man does take action. He knocks on the door, waits quite awhile and enters. Once inside, he finds a gruesome site! Evidence of murder, rape, and brutality are EVERYWHERE! Billy has killed a number of his own family, and their bodies lie around the house. There are pipebombs here and there, enough to do terrible damage to the neighborhood, but not in enormous quantities. He finds a number of thugs who he immediately incapacitates or kills.
Searching the house, he notices how horrid the living conditions are. Some rooms have electricity, most don't. Some have running water, others don't. Only Billy's bedroom is livable. In fact, it's incredibly ornate and tech'ed-out. The latest in everything, and the best of everything.
The wealthy man finds Billy, subdues him. The police come and Billy is now standing trial.

It's too late for the dead family members who lie in puddles of blood, or the female family members who have been clearly raped before being killed and mutilated.

But Billy is out of the house, and out of the neighborhood. The new occupants are rebuilding the house as we speak.

And how did the wealthy man turn out? The local homeowner's association is accusing him of entering the house without justifiable cause.

If you didn't catch the allusion, Billy = Saddam and The Man = George W. Bush

Happy New Year's all!

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