Thursday, December 15, 2005

Things are turning around for the USA and GWB

Just sit back and enjoy the show!
Iraq is going forward with its democratic elections - on schedule, with overwhelming participation and with limited interference! The Americans are standing back and all immediate security is being handled by (gasp!) the Iraqi security forces!
Ray Nagin (The New Orleans Mayor who has a problem using his noggin) took time away from his Dallas home to go to Washington and spent a good portion of the morning praising President Bush on television for actions the President and Congress are taking towards rebuilding New Orleans.
Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld spoke this morning With General Pace and made an unbelievably obvious, but heretofore unmentioned observation - (I'm paraphrasing, when I get the exact transcript, I will edit this post)
"If we pull out of Iraq, the enemy will focus their attacks on our troops in
Afghanistan. If we pull out of Afghanistan, they will attack our friends
in the region. If we pull out of the region, they will once again focus
their attacks here at home"

Why hadn't anyone thought of this? Or if they had, why haven't they explained it clearly to the American public? If I have one grievance with the Bush administration it has been this bigotry of high expectations (to put a spin on a GW phrase.) The Bush Administration expects the American public to be smart enough to put together the dots of some complex, multi-leveled situations. For many of us (particularly on the right side of the aisle) we can connect the dots easily once they are shown. For those on the left who spout unfounded cliche's like "Bush lied, kids died", they never look into history or present FACTS and therefore connect dots that don't exist. I just wish the administration would point out the true dots more often instead of expecting everyone to be ambitious enough to find them.... but I digress.....

No wonder the President's opinion poll numbers are going up... GREAT economy, Iraqi starting to stand on its own, Katrina relief moving forward, the cut-and-run Democrats being exposed for the yellow belly anti-Americans that they are (have you heard from Cindy Shitcan lately?).. the good news just keeps rollin' in!

Mark my words... by November of '06 when the mid-term elections roll around.......
Iraq will be nearly free-standing
Hundreds of thousands of American troops will either be home or out of harm's way
Gas prices will be around $2 a gallon or less
Reconstruction will have been well started in New Orleans... along with a huge growth in additional jobs
Unemployment will be in the 4%'s
We STILL will have had no terrorist attacks on American soil
Seniors will have been enjoying their prescription drug benefits for 11 months...
And GW's approval ratings will be in the mid- to high-50's (excellent for any 2nd-term president)

No wonder the Democrats are in such a delirium of panic!

Just a quick note to the DNC from Agent GW~
"You hear that? That is the sound of inevitability. It is the sound of your doom"

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