Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Jus' tellin it like it is

Today, Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference regarding the restructuring of the services and other timely subjects. At one point a reporter asked a speculative question regarding a future hypothetical situation and Rummy's response was:

"Why don't you just report the news instead of reporting possible news?"

BINGO! Even though I'm not the greatest fan of the Old Guard Rockefeller Republicans, this is the kinda' reaction that illustrates Sec. Rumsfeld is now firmly in the fold of the Reagan/GW Renaissance Republican wing.
I'll hafta' write a whole blog entry on the different definitions of "Old Guard", "NeoCons", and "Reagan Republicans" - or in my words a "Renaissance Republican."... .later
But I think it boils down to this... for those who think there is some great black cloak shadow government with this current administration, I present to you this fact:
***** The members of this administration (Particularly Sec. Rumsfeld) are often chastised for speaking their mind, as Rummy did today. An underhanded, nefarious government would be more smooth than that. If you are trying to "sneak something by" the American people, you would have to be very slick in order to "sucker" the people. This Administration is anything but slick. The mental gymnastics required to speak so passionately about freedom, patriotism, and altruistic motives while actually being an evil power-grabbing, dictatorial group of thugs is not in the realm of possibility with these folks. They are just not that crafty! It goes beyond just having two faces. In order to be successfully duplicitious, one needs to be in charge of their faculties to the extent of a professional actor. Heck! Even professional actors like George Cloony who spend 24 hours a day immersed in the craft of acting can't master it! And the Bush haters expect us to believe that Bush has all the acting ability of Laurence Oliver, Cheney is as adept as James Dean, Rumsfeld is the next Humphrey Bogart... Sorry, guys .... they are just not that talented in the field of legerdemain.
In this sense, Bushisms actually reassure me! They reassure me that GW and his administration aren't pulling the wool over my eyes. Perhaps it's because I, too, am from the west where a plain spoken gent is valued INFINATELY over some slick east coast salesman who has got all the patter down and the perfect words at their fingertips.
Ladies, if you are out on a first date and the guy your with is just sooooooooooo perfect.... perfect car, perfect hair, says just the right thing at the right time, wears the most stylish clothes.... and is just flawless. You may get temporarily caught up in the "perfectness" of it all .... but don't you start wondering ... and worrying.... when the other shoe is gunna' fall? Don't those questions about skeletons in the closet start rising? "Why is he trying so hard to be perfect?" "What he compensating for... and hiding.. beneath this perfect facade?"
Well, I think I can safely say that a "perfect facade" is not exactly an arrow in GW Bush's quiver.

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