Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Methinks thou protest too much

The link is to just ONE poll, that happens to be Zogby. Overwhelmingly, however polls indicate that the warrantless tapping of suspected terrorists is NOT the huge deal the press is making out to be.
Granted, some are comparing it to Nixon, however the spying on terrorists wanting to do harm to you and me - and the spying on political opponents is VASTLY different!
If GW was spying on Michael Moore-on or George Soros, I would be as up in arms as anyone... but spying on known Al Queda members or associates?? C'MON!
In fact, the only ones seemingly bent out of shape over all this are the media, the Democrats, and the ACLU.... hmmmmmmm... perhaps they've been calling Afghanistan lately.... do THEY have something to hide??????

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