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Always the Bad Guys

October 16, 2007 - Tuesday

Always the bad guys......
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Okay, so when I was over at Tess' tonight, we watched The Core... I know ... released in 2003.... just now getting to see it. Oh! Well!

Anywho.... I am getting SOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo sick of this Dr. Strangelove/Wargames/Armageddon/Manhattan Project/Deep Imact/Day after Tomorrow...... hollywood portrayal of "The Military Establishment" as a buncha' heartless, mindless demogagues hell bent on inflicting the most damage and death regardless of the circumstances! NObody but NOBODY hates violence and death more than members of the military!!! That goes even more emphatically for those in the higher ranks! Listen to Colin Powell, Tommy Franks, Norman Schwarzkopf, General Pace and even William Tecumseh Sherman! No military man will inflict death and destruction if there is an alternative! And yet, in movie after movie, soldiers, Generals, Admirals and such are always portrayed as overgrown little boys looking for a Barbie Doll to rip it's head off.

Granted, Hollywierd's lack of experience with the military is legendary, and their idea of "fighting for a cause" doesn't extend beyond a poster or two, a tag-team "hunger strike" or making snide remarks on television shows -- they have no clue nor desire to offer so much as a toenail in defense of an ideal (much less putting their lives in harm's way!)

Maybe I'm being a bit oversensitive to the subject, but I was reading about the Milgram Experiment yesterday
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and was similarly angered by this comment:

This is the foundation of military respect for authority: soldiers will follow, obey, and execute orders and commands from superiors, understanding that responsibility for their actions rests with the commanding superior officers.

Again, Milgram never served in the military, yet he has the unmitigated balls to make a broad and erroneous assumption regarding why those in the military follow orders. Let me clue you in on something... soldiers DON'T follow orders because they can "pass the buck and get away with it"!!!!!!!!!

In the past, it was members of the military who released prisoners from Dachau, Bergen Belsan, the internment camps of Japan/Singapore and drew Vietnamese civilians off of the roof the American Embsassy. The Navy and Coast Guard were the ones who pulled nearly drowning Cubans out of the water as they fled from Castro's totaltarian regeim. It was American soldiers who rescued Berliners who shred their own flesh running through razor wire in order to escape communism. It was 600,000 members of the military who lay down their own lives in order that 7 million black slaves could be freed, and National Guard members risked life and limb to save New Orleaners from the aftermath of Katrina. Today, it is members of the United States military who are building Iraqi schools and hospitals, giving them the first reliable electricity they have ever had, and enforcing the rules and laws of the new Iraqi Government.

When we see a young child who is bald, we rightly assume the child is undergoing chemotherapy, and we wail and bemoan the fact that the youngster must indure the hellish torture of radiation therapy. The military and its role in Operations Iraqi Freedom, Enduring freedom, and the Global War On Terrorism is directly analogous to the chemotherapy. Islamo-facism is a cancer upon the earth, and if it is not faced and destroyed, it will bring all of Western Civilization to it's knees either through direct attacks (including nuclear)... or by making us so protective and paranoid that the concept of a "free society" will be a long-forgotten dream. Is chemotherapy brutal, unpleasant, and hellish? YES!!! Most assuredly YES!! But the alternative is even worse! Thak GOD we have advanced technology that can save a child from a slow agonizing death from Cancer, and thank GOD we have military men and women who KNOW that their form of chemotherapy will make the world a better and healthier place to live! We don't follow orders to absolve ourselves from guilt, we follow orders because we are doing what is RIGHT!

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