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No Mas Espanol, No Mas Latinos

July 19, 2007 - Thursday
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Fourth of July: Fireworks have been going off for four or five days now. Damn Mexicans don't appreciate or know the slightest thing about this holiday but set off firecrackers at all hours of the day and night with no concern or respect for others. I'd love to ask them, "Who are Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston, Benjamin Franklin, John Adam, and Thomas Jefferson – and why is this THEIR day?" How can they grasp our history when they can't even attempt our language? The Irish never demanded that Gaelic be printed on ballots.
I've tried so hard to eliminate my prejudices, and condemnations in life, but it seems my dislike, distaste, and complete disdain for Latinos grows deeper with every passing day. They chatter in their damn "Mexicanese" and hold those psudeo-superior facial expressions that they are being "exclusive" and "You're not included – and there's nothing you can do about it" I love the change in expression when I roll off "Comprendo Espanol, pero no hablo Espanol – sono Americano" in their direction.
Unlike every single group of immigrants before them, they don't want to become Americans; they wish to milk the American cash cow without the slightest desire to care for it – much less buy it!!!!! Every other group in our history – Irish, Italian, Cuban, Vietnamese, Chinese, Dutch, German, Korean, Russian – have all wanted (and still want) to become a part of the greatest civilization to populate the planet. But the Latinos – they are the first group to abandon their own sinking ship of a country without the intelligence to acquiesce to the standards, traditions, and culture that have kept their chosen lift raft afloat for over two centuries. What they are too dense grasp (besides the English language) is that the attitudes they bring will only create another poor, corrupt version of Mexico north of the border.
Instead of adopting their new land, and rising to the levels – the standards of becoming an American, they are all too willing to drag us down into the mire so prevalent of their homeland. Unfortunately, enough Americans are complacent or blissfully ignorant enough to allow it to happen. The flawed concept of "one culture is equal to any other" is so pervasive in this self-depreciating culture, that true differences and inequalities are dismissed as "nationalism" and "bigotry."
For us Americans, true Americans, our ancestors either immigrated to these shores to become Americans or (for several million unfortunate souls) were brought to this country against their will. But once citizenship was granted, they all did their best to integrate into their new culture. They recognized this as the land of opportunity, of freedom, of liberty and multiculturalism. They embraced the mixing pot and became part of their new home. The Latinos, however, show no desire to mix or blend; they steadfastly and stubbornly adhere to only their language, only their music, as well as their tolerance for illegalities and gang culture. This last part alone should be excused inasmuch as we never held them to account for entering illegally, so why should they show respect for any of our OTHER laws? They don't want to become part of this land of "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness." They only want to use it, to sap it, and parasitically leach the best we have to offer. Then they take advantage of our kindhearted sympathies to distract us from the true crimes they are committing.
I, and millions with me, have no problem extending a hand to those who wish to join our family, yet when a group wants to invade our home, take our riches and hospitality with no idea of reciprocation – we call it what it is: burglary, breaking & entering, and larceny. These thieves and hooligans are unwanted, unwelcomed, and must be repelled and arrested. They must be sent back to the dirt-poor third world from which they came.
"It's impractical to deport 13 million individuals", many say. We don't need to deport them – take the translators out of the courtrooms, take Spanish off of our ballots (Ferchrissake! Even the Jews didn't insist the Nazi's write everything in Yiddish!), take the Spanish signs out of WalMart, Walgreens, and Target. Send employers who hire illegals to jail for a year. Do you know a single businessman who would risk it? And for good measure, put them on a chain gang that performs those intensive labor task that "Americans don't want to do." And most importantly, tax the living daylights out of money transfers originating from the United States. If for every 50 dollars sent from King Soopers, Safeway, or Western Union, only 25 dollars gets to Mexico, the desire to milk the cow will deteriorate rapidly.

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