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Intense violation of the person

September 25, 2007 - Tuesday
UGH!!!! Can you belive some people?!?!?! Slander! Current mood: amused
I think all of us have encountered liars and drama queens in our lives... but sometimes... ::: shaking head in disgust::::::
Let me tell you a little story. Recently an aquaintaince of mine mentioned that her accountant knew my dad many years ago. The conversation started with her saying "I know where Chaz gets his stubborness and attitude... from your dad." Let's put aside the commentary on Chaz' behavior, which I feel is neither stubborn nor displaying "attitude".....
Now, I have heard MANY words used to describe Dad, but "having an attitude"?! THAT was a new one! During my lifetime, Dad was most like the John Wayne character in "The Quiet Man". He simmered and stewed at times, but never in my presence did he "cop an attitude" or act in any way other than a gentleman. He wouldn't even cuss! Well, this accountant used to work at Denver General Hospital... which when Dad was Denver City Auditor was the single most screwed-up and corrupt asset in Denver!!! Two outside independent audits couldn't make heads or tails of the double and triple books they kept! They (DGH) would give dad an unbelievable run-around, and Dad would get infuriated (quietly steaming) over how they were trying to play him (and the City of Denver) for a fool. The accountant mentioned one meeting where Dad "wasn't getting his way" so he just walked out of the meeting. It was said as to imply that Dad was acting like a spoiled child 'taking his ball and going home' in a pout.
Knowing Dad, what was more likely was this - he was fed up with Denver General not giving him the paperwork he as Auditor had requested time and again, fed up with their trying to "get one around" him, and fully realizing the meeting was going nowhere decided to end it then and there. He wasn't a man to tollerate fools or con artists, and wouldn't sit in a meeting just to be fed a buncha' B__SH__!
The point being..... Dad isn't here any more to give his side of the story or counter the argument. So this sleezy accountant has the freedom to drag Dad's name through the mud without consequence. My aquaintaince feels she "knows" something about Dad from this yahoo's twisted and erroneous description, yet she knows NOTHING about Dad! I guess that's why "Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness" made that top-ten list of Moses'! The fact is, lying about someone is not just impolite or sleezy, IT VIOLATES a person like few other things can. And yet to some, it is nothing but sport.. how sad, how pathetic, how evil, and how disgusting!
On other news... kind of.... take a gander at my new my space photo album. Chaz and Tess took some great pictures at my Guard unit's Family Day last month.

Perhaps now some of my "family" members can stop their vicious lies about ME... like I said, sad, pathetic, and disgusting, isn't it? I told you some of my (ugh!) blood relatives are seriously twisted.

:::: rolling eyes with pity and disgust at said "family" members::::::::::

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