Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Memorial ?!?!?!?! Service

Comparing Memorial Services

T-Shirts?? Really???

I've been mulling over in my head how to approach this... collecting pictures, article quotes and contentions....
Essentially, from Gore at Columbine to Paul Wellstone's Memorial to the Arizona Shooting Memorial it seems that when liberals gather "memorial services" become political pep rallies.
I will give proper credit to Bill Clinton's Oklahoma City memorial. (Notice how at the beginning of his speech President Clinton gives a "calm down" motion to keep the crowd appropriately solemn!)

BloodThirstyLiberal and Michelle Malkin have good takes on this, but let me add a few links.... for comparison.

Video - Ronald Reagan - Challenger Disaster Memorial

Video - George W Bush - Virginia Tech Memorial
Video - VP Al Gore at the Columbine High School Memorial (his speech starts at 1hr, whooping and hollering starts at 1:04) I'll forego his politicizing the tragedy for this blog

Video - The Paul Wellstone campaign rally...errr... "memorial service"

I'll let the videos literally speak for themselves!

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