Monday, January 10, 2011

The Right, The Left, and The Arizona shooting

January 10, 2011

Wow! I’m out of it for a while….

I was down at Ft. Carson this weekend for drill and didn’t watch the whole Tucson Shooting as-it-unfolded, so I’m playing a bit of catch-up.

What I AM gleaning, however, is that the Leftwing Lame Stream Media did everything it could do to pin this on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party as quickly as possible. Without knowing the identity of the shooter, his background, or motives… they immediately started pinning the blame.

Reminds me of the rush to ERRONEOUSLY label the IRS suicide pilot as a rightwing extremist… even after his identity was ascertained. - Newsweek

Above all, read this on the pattern of jumping to blame the Tea Party - CentristNet
For some REAL investigative reporting, on who is Jared Lee Loughner check out this blog …..
DirectorBlue also does some good detective work - DirectorBlue

The facts are never so clear cut as “Palin did it” “The Tea Party is to blame”, &tc &tc… and many blogs and articles are tepidly ‘defending’ Palin and conservatives. So I will let them dissect the biases, the spin and hypocrisy.

What they are all missing is the longer-lasting and more meaningful effects of this knee-jerk ‘blame the right’ hysteria –
There are millions upon millions of Americans who consider themselves right-wing, Tea Partiers, or just conservatives. The more the left blames them (us) for things they (we) didn’t do, the more we will shut them out, ignore them and leather our skin to them. If they keep this up, we will write them off completely (instead of just viewing them with a wary eye.) They could be ringing the death knell for their own marginal influence (meager as it is.) The biggest result of this progressives practice of crying wolf could be their own irrelevancy. I can’t wait!

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