Saturday, January 15, 2011

Taking on the Mexican

Our Westword here in Denver has a column called "Ask the Mexican" that routinely excuses, explains, and justifies any and all things illegal. I finally got fed up with his constant "illegals can do no wrong" and wrote in. The following is the published letter -

How can Mexico piss away such potential?
By Gustavo Arellano Thursday, Oct 7 2010

Dear Mexican:
Mexico is truly an amazing, beautiful country! Huge oil reserves, mineral deposits second to none, tourist potential unparalleled! God gave Mexico every possible advantage. And yet the Mexicans, in all their wisdom and intellect, have turned it into a backwater, undeveloped, narco-ruled Third World cesspool of corruption and poverty. How were you able to achieve such an accomplishment? Are you and other Mexicans just that stupid? I mean, really! How could you take such potential and turn it into a steaming pile of dung? Mexico should have a GDP rivaling that of any civilized country, but it remains a shithole to a level rarely seen outside of impoverished Africa. It seems to me that, like locusts, you ruined your own country and are now moving on to our fertile ground with nothing more to offer than knocked-up teenagers, gangbangers, illiterate generations, drug warfare, killings and kidnappings, with a generous dose of arrogance. First, how can a people totally piss away such potential? Second, with that track record, why should Americans expect you to achieve anything greater here in the States?
Someone Who Sees You for What You Are — Failures!

And his response ---

Dear Gabacho:
Gracias for your amazing insights. You're a funny guy, and by "funny," I mean "drunk off your cabeza." Mexico a Third World country? I established last year that Mexico is firmly in the bottom rung of the First World, thank you very mucho. Mexico not possessing a high GDP? Ranked fourteenth last year, behind Australia but ahead of South Korea — and that's not including our narco profits. Mexico undeveloped? You obviously think Mexican skyscrapers are limited to saguaro cacti and Aztec pyramids. Mexicans piss away such potential? Sure, we can always improve, but I think Americans are hardly in a place to criticize, given our self-made Great Recession. Mexicans locusts? We're cockroaches, silly! And finally: Mexicans achieve anything greater in el Norte? Already doing that — and if you don't believe me, talk to all those undocumented college students who graduate every year from college, pinche puto pendejo baboso.

The dialogue continues HERE

Other issues I've commented on are here:
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Essentially, I'm standing my ground on these opinions. I am NOT judging people by their race but by THEIR ACTIONS! My frustration is not with a people, but with a small group of criminals (again... it's not the individual, but the individuals' actions.)

I am DONE with the illegals! I am done with those who are in America, but have no desire to assimilate in our melting pot. My Great Grandparents didn't expect the USA to cater to them and print voting guides in Gaelic. They wanted to BECOME AMERICANS. Learning and speaking English was something they were proud of... they wanted to be part of their new family. In fact, TODOS OTROS IMIGRANTES have learned to read, speak, and use English because they came to this country with the desire to BECOME Americans (the 7 million imported slaves obviously excepted.)

For the first time in American history we have an influx of immigrants who have no desire to become Americans. At some point I will have to flesh out a post I'm percolating... one that delves into how since the 1960's our own national self-depreciation and self-flagellation has brought this upon ourselves.

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