Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Voter ID Proposed


Today as I was riding on the bus to the Buckley AFB BX, I read that "...Republican lawmakers are again looking to pass a bill that would require Coloradans to prove their citizenship when registering to vote."

Well, why the Hell NOT???
This seems to be a no-brainer! Who would it hurt? According to the article, opponents figure that it will somehow disenfranchise "...homeless citizens, senior citizens and some low-income voters who may not have proper identification but are still eligible to vote."

I'm not sure about the homeless, although I'm sure arrangements can be made so that they can get an ID with a shelter's address or some such thing... but I don't remember any signs at the Department of Revenue saying you couldn't get a photo ID if you were too poor or too old. That is such B!!(*#$%(*@#$%!!!

There is only ONE conceivable reason to be against such a bill - you want illegals to vote - and nothing could be more undermining of the fabric of our Constitutional Republic than having non-citizens, undocumented.... $%^#^# call them what they are - ILLEGALS!... voting for our representatives!

Ya' know... when the Constitution was originally ratified only property owners could vote. Was it because the rich land owners were just a buncha' big wigs hording the power all to themselves and trying to create a hidden oligarchy? No! (After all, if they wanted an oligarchy they could have created one! They were starting from scratch and could have made the new nation anything they wanted.)

They (the founders) felt no individual should have any say in the government without a VESTED INTEREST in the actions of that government. - For those of you in Boulder/San Francisco/the state of Oregon let me explain.... most people renting an apartment don't really care if property taxes rise because they don't own any property... see?
Okay so now we are going to allow (through lack of enforcement) illegals who have absolutely NO interest whatsoever - except the perpetuation of their leeching and parasitical bloodsucking the chance to voted unabated? What is wrong with a bill enforcing the law? Have we really gotten so far down this "illegals do no wrong" Politically Correct rabbit hole that we can no longer differentiate between citizens and non-citizens?

What's next? Allowing foreign nationals to contribute to elections through website bundling? Oh! Wait! Obama already did that. Nevermind.

This bill needs to be passed and passed NOW!
Contact your State Legislator at: The Colorado General Assembly
and if you need to, enter your address HERE to find out who your Legislator and Senator are.

The time has come to draw the line - Votes for Citizens ONLY!

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